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Sony’s New Sandbox Game H1Z1 Gets Detailed Info About the “Huge” Map and Microtransactions

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley has been very generous with details about H1Z1 and with holding an open dialogue with the game’s budding community, and today he gave further information on what you can expect. (H1Z1, PC, PS4)

ritsuka666  +   372d ago
Microtransactions confirmed.. Pay to win confirmed..Absolute lack of interest because of crap like this.
NihonjinChick  +   372d ago
Isn't this free to play? How do you expect them to make money?
cmazza  +   372d ago
Theyd make plenty of money selling a complete game for a good price.
jhoward585  +   372d ago
Microtransactions are bad. I noticed other player were progressing much faster then me. as time went on,I grew more frustrated. I couldn't complete with other players unless I spend my money on stuff that would bring me up to other players level. I kept on doing that over and over until I realized It wasn't going to stop.

I felt like i was being set up which I didn't like. Also, I can tell some things seem powerful at first but then it gets down-graded to the point where I had to spend more money.

Edit: that depend on the dev. if they're greedy all that I said in my comment will most likely happen.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   372d ago
What's bad is when you have a AAA game like The Crew that cost 60$ but still still support Microtrans.

F2P Microtrans is annoying but expected. But it really depends if H1Z1 is really fun game that you'd spend money on.

They need money someway or another.

Just like any F2P title.
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randomass171  +   372d ago
"Theyd make plenty of money selling a complete game for a good price." What about Tomb Raider?
beeraineayp   372d ago | Spam
Kryptix  +   371d ago | Well said
I wonder if any of the people hating on the game even read the article & are just jumping to conclusions because it's a free-to-play MMO.

Taken directly from article:

He also clarified further the plans about microtransaction, firmly denying that there will be any “pay to win” options, or even anything that could give “a small edge.”

"There will be none of that."

Smedley also denied the possibility of any XP boosting items, for obvious reasons, even if he proved more lenient and willing to listen about the idea of items that provide a boost to crafting:

"There will be no XP boosts. We have no XP. In reading the monetization thread we saw a lot of people comment about accelerating crafting. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I want us to listen more.
No worries. We want to play this game. No one will allow P2W in this game."


Where are people getting the "pay to win confirmed" from? From their blind hate, that's where.
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oIITSBIIo  +   371d ago
They can sell : starter packages - clothes and other customizing things .But never ever sell OP weapons or abilities cause this is will kill the game .
WeAreLegion  +   372d ago
It's only cosmetic things you'll pay for. Nothing that can help you win. The director was answering questions on Reddit all day yesterday.

They have to make money somehow!
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Lord_Sloth  +   372d ago
Don't bother. When it comes to F2P everybody hates on Micros, even if it is just clothes. They'd rather pay $180 per year to be allowed to play the game they've already purchased.
randomass171  +   372d ago
I was worried for a moment because I'm not usually for microtransactions either, but cosmetic DLC for a free game is hardly something to get upset at. If I was asked to pay $60 upfront for it AND THEN pay microtransactions the forget it. I'd jump ship before the offer was finished being stated.
frostypants  +   372d ago
Ironically, I and I imagine lots of others are MORE likely to spend money on cosmetic stuff than stuff that will help us win. Reason being that I'd be resentful of the latter, where as if there was, say, the option to give my character a pair of aviators and a cheesy mustache, I'd think "screw it, I'll throw some cash their way"...partially out of appreciation for them not going pay-to-win. The instant I feel like I'm being forced to open my wallet, I probably quit playing entirely. But make it truly "for fun" and I may just spend a bit.
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T2  +   372d ago
It's SOE, all their games are mostly based on this model now. It's not a bad thing until boring grindfest or pay to win. If you were surprised by this then you didn't follow very closely

At above - well said
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HaveAsandwich  +   372d ago
did you read what smedley said in the article?
MonChiChi  +   372d ago
"firmly denying that there will be any “pay to win” options, or even anything that could give “a small edge.”"
MysticStrummer  +   372d ago
You can't read confirmed.
Fizzgig  +   372d ago
Want to know how I know you didn't read the article?
Joe913  +   372d ago
How did you come to that conclusion from what it sounds like they will be listening to the players and if players say they want something then we will get it yea it has micro transactions but it is free I don't mind Micro transactions on a free game they have to make money somehow I usually give myself a 40 to 60 dollar spending limit depending on how good the game is and if I really like it I will go over that ppl act like free to play is a deal breaker but I do not I hate that elder scrolls will have you pay 60 bucks up front then a monthly charge now to me that sucks.
zeuanimals  +   372d ago
It's free to play, do you know what's the most popular game right now? A free to play game called League of Legends, and it has microtransactions like all other free to play games. This game isn't necessarily competitive, it's an MMO. "Pay to win", who are you winning against exactly? The zombie AI?

Free to play with microtransactions is fine as long as it's balanced well.
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Twinblade  +   371d ago
It's not going to have pay 2 win.
XisThatKid  +   371d ago
did you even remotely read this article? the exact opposite.
thehitman1398  +   371d ago
How come everybody is mad about a free to play with micros but then say that final fantasy a realm reborn is gonna tank because of a subscription? How is a company suppose to make money then? You haters are so passed right now, lol. Both models will still be around for years and years to come.


eferreira  +   371d ago
Even if you put in 10 hours for nothing or pay at least 5-20 dollars, you won't feel like you've gotten your money's worth?
KwietStorm  +   371d ago
Confirmed by what? The headline? Because you lol didn't read.
Bonkerz  +   372d ago
Microtransactions confirmed.. My interest gone confirmed... This crap needs to stop.
WeAreLegion  +   372d ago
Reading comprehension below national average confirmed.
NihonjinChick  +   372d ago
Most of the people here never read the articles.
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Flamingweazel  +   372d ago
Yeah people are idiots, too quick to judge as usual.
XisThatKid  +   371d ago
good old N4G not so typical LMFAO!!! these people made absolute fools of them selves now we know who read articles.
Lon3wolf  +   372d ago
Read the article?
MysticStrummer  +   372d ago
Reading can be a useful skill to learn. Give it a try. It will change your life.
wenaldy  +   372d ago
frostypants  +   372d ago
Bonkerz and ritsuka666 being the same person confirmed.
MonsterChef  +   372d ago
Oh look everyone its bonkerz the xboxones night in shinning armor, phill spencers personal assistant , don't act like you had any intention of getting a game produced from Sony when on all articles all you do is moan and groan about how terrible the ps4 and Sony is
Delsin_Rowe  +   372d ago
DC Universe, planet side 2, New Everquest which is free to play and have microtransactions, have a huge fan base supporting and I never pay a penny, still manage to have fun. No body is forcing you to pay Micro so you would rather buy Elder scroll online which cost 60$ plus need to pay 15$ a month to play it plus micro. I rather be play Free to play or you can do this spend 60$ of micro in the game, then is a full game for you that have all the item you wanted. Any way is no pay to win so read before you judge,
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HaveAsandwich  +   371d ago
you never read the article.....confirmed
kingduqc  +   371d ago
38 disagree and like pay wo win lul
Aceman18  +   372d ago
Holy crap I'm absolutely baffled by the lack of reading on this site. The man clearly states no pay to win garbage I think ppl just like to b***h for no damn reason .
sergons  +   372d ago
Xbots are butthurt
Tetsujin  +   372d ago
That's why lately I've been staying mute on this site. I can't stand when I get blasted for an actual response AFTER reading the article, and a whole lot of morons who read the title and first paragraph and go just off that.


I'll try the game, reminds me of a mix between Fallen Earth, Fallout, Resident Evil (older versions), and Dead Rising. F2P don't bother me if done correctly, and so far it seems the people here are actually going off fan feedback as well as good business decisions.
randomass171  +   372d ago
People did the same thing when Nintendo made New Super Luigi U. They thought Nintendo was going to rip people off with poor DLC practices and just jumped onto the hate DLC bandwagon. Optional cosmetic DLC is hardly a bad thing. Same with $20 full game expansions. :/
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Delsin_Rowe  +   372d ago
You are right, people don't even read so they just judge. Is like saying to a person that you are a bad person just because he look different or someone told you, no one can judge just yet until you find out yourself clearly plus if they don't like micro so then why read it and comment about it. People read!!!!
No_Limit  +   372d ago
Read in Reddit earlier, could be an interesting MMO for my gaming laptop on the go and NO microtransaction is always good.
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WeAreLegion  +   372d ago
Some of the suggestions are fantastic, too. I've been reading everyone on that subreddit. I'll be playing on PC and PS4. Might set up an N4G group.
frostypants  +   372d ago
Just to clarify, they didn't say "no microtransactions", just no microtransactions that would provide any form of gameplay perk.
ElementX  +   372d ago
The problem with paying for cosmetic items is that a majority of people won't do it and they'll lose money.
Testfire  +   372d ago
You'd be surprised. If the game is good enough and people can see that they'll sink many hours into a game they'll want to customize their characters. And paying small sums to do that on a FREE game is worth it.
ninjagoat  +   372d ago
go on an apb server and tell me people don't pay ;)
Kryptix  +   371d ago
If 5 million people played this game and almost half of those people bought something for 99 cents then they're making bank for the year.

People do pay for cosmetics. Example? Look at Xbox avatars. It helps making your character unique & really stand out. If the pricing is right, trust me, it will eventually start making profits.

Also, imagine if cosmetics include pieces of clothing from your favorite gaming characters, it's going to sell. I seen many buy costume packs on Liitle Big Planet for Sony's well known franchises . It's a sucessful way to make money.
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razrye  +   372d ago
Seriously people read the article before commenting.
Fizzgig  +   372d ago
I wish I could give you more than 1 agree
URtheWalrus  +   372d ago
I am seriously jealous of this game if it turns out the way it's looking! Great idea Sony!
hazard17remedy  +   372d ago
It's only pc? I want this baby now on my ps4
razrye  +   372d ago
I seen a interview with the developer, he said that there are plans for a ps4 version.
frostypants  +   372d ago
It will be. My guess is they'll just throw the Planetside 2 port team on it, and I'd also guess it'll move pretty quickly.
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Massacred  +   372d ago
The hype for this game is growing rapidly.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   372d ago
I just broke half my monitor by throwing my wallet at the screen
elhebbo16  +   372d ago
ughhh microtransactions -_-
Moe-Gunz  +   372d ago
The lack of fundamental reading skills on this site is too damn high!
Mr-Dude  +   372d ago
People whine about a f2p game with optinial microtransactions but happily pay €12.99 per month for TES online... or some lame mappacks for call of duty.

You don't deserve a console or PC
MonsterChef  +   372d ago
Or the season pass for call of duty giving some gamers early access to the over powered and ridiculous good ripper SMG gun now that pisses me of I've paid retail for a game and even for the map packs that have came out so far but I can't get access to that gun since I'm not a season pass member, go on and complain about microtransactions you gamers are the ones responsible for this I remember bungie would first let u buy the map packs for halo but eventually give them out for free till Microsoft decided to change bungies mind
aceitman  +   372d ago
just think about Free to play micro transaction games like this; you're given a free game which equals $0. They give you the choice, notice I said choice to pay for extra things to use in the game. So you can keep spending money on the game and sooner or later it will be a $60 game not even. I'm sure the micro transactions won't be expensive, it will just be like a quick pick up kind of thing for example if you don't want to look for a fully charged battery for a car you can buy it for 50 cents or something. Give it some time and think about it. It will be a truly amazing game.
isarai  +   371d ago
Really happy to see how community driven the development process is. Hopefully it's mainly just for cosmetics, plenty of games have made a killing on just that alone,wouldn't mind paying out a few bucks to get a good looking character honestly. Can't wait to see how this progresses and really hoping to try out the beta when it begins
RandomSlay3er  +   371d ago
"He also clarified further the plans about microtransaction, firmly denying that there will be any “pay to win” options, or even anything that could give “a small edge.”
There will be none of that.

Smedley also denied the possibility of any XP boosting items, for obvious reasons, even if he proved more lenient and willing to listen about the idea of items that provide a boost to crafting:
There will be no XP boosts. We have no XP. In reading the monetization thread we saw a lot of people comment about accelerating crafting. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I want us to listen more.
No worries. We want to play this game. No one will allow P2W in this game."

Why are people saying there will be micro-transactions?
Donnywho  +   371d ago
It's not pay to win but they're open to pay to win suggestions. They're open to things they won't allow, and stuff. Weird.
evilhasitsway  +   371d ago
he said there would be none of that dealing with the paid to win issue

He also clarified further the plans about microtransaction, firmly denying that there will be any “pay to win” options, or even anything that could give “a small edge.”

"There will be none of that."
Farsendor1  +   371d ago
i would been happier having a monthly subscription
DefenderOfDoom2  +   371d ago
Just keep pumping out new games for PC and PS4 . Kinda excited about this ! When i get my PS4 this summer, i will have another game to try out ! And that to me is a good thing ! I hope it is good!
Skate-AK  +   371d ago
They should keep it F2P but make it a part of Sony's new subscription service that includes all SOE games. Give you like $12 a month in game currency. Would help them have a constant income and there will still be the group that will buy single items.

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