H1Z1's First Official Trailer Asks: Will You Survive?

Simply titled “Will You Survive?”, the trailer effectively sends one message: the world of H1Z1 is full of zombies, and because of that it is a very dangerous world.

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Remag851668d ago

Looking forward to trying this out

BX811668d ago

Do we have a time frame yet?

Crazay1668d ago

I was wondering the same thing...If I were a betting man, I'd say fall at the latest but have a sneaking suspicion that SOny just may release it in time or shortly after E3.

I could see them talking about it at E3 and then finish off with.."oh yea, you wanna get into H1Z1? It's available tomorrow." or something to that effect.

Nekroo911668d ago

Yes. when it was annouced last week right? they said 4-6 weeks for the early acess on PC. For the ps4 no idea but they are still porting Planetside 2 so expect many months...

Docknoss1668d ago

Definitely playing on PC.

RjK311jR1668d ago

Two weeks from Tuesday, theyre shooting for a pre-release on steam

BX811668d ago

Man, I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months. I was looking for a game to play in between the gap. I likes me some zombies.

1668d ago
theDivision1668d ago

Just wish I knew when it was coming to PS4.... Really excited to get my hands on this one. Just hoping this Deep Down, and The Division don't all come out at the same time. I won't have enough time to enjoy all of them.

Angels37851668d ago

I just want to know why and how it looks like a totally brand new game from Sony online with a modified Planetside 2 engine is looking to come out before the ps4 version of Planetside 2.........

theEx1Le1668d ago

@Angels, perhaps because this is on PC, where the Planetside engine is already up an running.

hellzsupernova1668d ago

It is bullshit how they are charging for early access for a free to play game! pay to become a beta tester great.

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MysticStrummer1668d ago

Man I love the way this game is looking. I wonder if zombies can hear proximity chat...

demonicale1668d ago

They said it would be too logistical to implement. So no at the moment.

MysticStrummer1668d ago

Ahhh damn. I guess it wouldn't matter much if you can text chat anyway… though I can't remember if you can do that either.

SilentNegotiator1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

It would be cool if they had your character pull out a bright cell phone when text chatting. Then both text and talk would have consequences.

1nsomniac1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Proximity chat is already in the game & yes zombies can here it. Whether it stays in the game I don't know I would imagine so, I cant see why they would remove it.

They spoke about it in their live stream & how someone died because the zombies had heard them speaking to each other.

MysticStrummer1668d ago

Ha ha so one person says no it can't happen and one says it's already there. I am confuse.

Timesplitter141668d ago

Really excited for this game but that trailer is kinda meh

Farsendor11668d ago

im not too excited about it but i do agree with the trailer being meh.

this will be another running/walking simulator unfortunately

MysticStrummer1668d ago

"this will be another running/walking simulator"

Seems like a pretty major oversimplification...

AgentSmithPS41668d ago

I hope there's some kind of auto-run option in the game, so instead of wearing out your finger you can just double-tap 'X' and you'll run for X yards. Not having it is a pointless annoyance that shouldn't exist in games with large empty spaces.

In the near future I wouldn't mind exercising at home running on a 'treadmill' while my avatar runs from zombies.

MysticStrummer1668d ago

When you compare it with more well done trailers, yes it is kinda meh, but I'm glad to see any footage and I love how dark the game gets.

Has there been any word on proximity chat, and whether or not zombies can hear it?

Sharius1668d ago

what is the name mean anyway?

H1Z1 is kind of weird name

Bengaroo1668d ago

Apparently the name began in 2009, as part of a hoax zombie virus. No idea why/how Sony are using it now.

DigitalRaptor1668d ago

Name is based on a hoax from 2009:

H1Z1 - where Z stands for Zombie :)

MysticStrummer1668d ago

H1N1 is swine flu.

Does that help make more sense of H1Z1?

AgentSmithPS41668d ago

So that's why the big guy in Outlast called me a little pig, I had the H1W1 virus.

T2X1668d ago

LIKE the H1N1 virus. Which is a real virus like swine flu.

Sharky2311668d ago

I think I remember some article saying that the virus came from the vaccination for the h1n1 flu.

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Bengaroo1668d ago

Sure that's not a fake trailer? Looks terribly unprofessional.

Game sounds good but looks bad. DayZ has a crisp look, nice realistic lighting, good textures.

This looks like it was made in a 10 year old engine (doesn't look half as good as Planetside).

Steelmanner1666d ago

The trailer looked pretty poor to me. In comparison to games like DayZ it looks rather rough. It is early in development so graphics won't be perfect. However, for a trailer the graphics are pretty bad.

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