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H1Z1 Officially Announced For The PS4, Over An Hour Of New Footage

MP1st - Though SOE has stated multiple times already that they were planning on bringing it to the PS4, today, during their live SOE event, they confirmed that the title is indeed coming to the PS4. (H1Z1, PC, PS4)

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HaveAsandwich  +   322d ago
equal_youth  +   322d ago
double yay!
jonboi24  +   322d ago
Triple yay!!
SilentNegotiator  +   322d ago | Funny
F*** yay!
Army_of_Darkness  +   322d ago
vishmarx  +   322d ago
P.T. made me shit my pants,YAY?
XBLSkull  +   322d ago
Game looks promising, I'll probably get the PC version since it'll look the best and I'd assume support mods.
abzdiine  +   322d ago
yippy yo yippy yay!
thorstein  +   322d ago
It's the YAYpocalypse!
aconnellan  +   321d ago
It looks fantastic! When I pick up a PS4 this is definitely on my buy list.

As a side note, it's funny watching XBLSkull get disagrees for stating he wants to play it on PC because he wants mods, when most of the comments I see regarding multiplatform games are usually "Can't wait to get it on PS4, because that version's the best"; or on Xbox exclusive games "Meh, I'll wait until it comes to PS4, because it will"

Dat irony
isarai  +   321d ago
Wizard_King  +   321d ago
lol at all the disagrees with XBLSkull.

He is right. they are playing the PC version in this hour long vid. They are heading for Steam early access and lets face it. IT WILL LOOK BETTER ON PC.

Good old delusion Sony ponies will disagree with plain black and white fact.

How do magnets work guys? You are starting to get religiously idealistic with the PS4 defense on this site.
I just finished The Last of Us and the DLC for PS4 a couple of days ago, amazing game, one of the best stories in gaming of all last gen, and now we got horror games all over the place, Silent Hills, Until Dawn,Day Z or whatever, and now H1Z1. Just wait till they announce Fallout 4, and then The Last of Us 2, the Playstation brand is back a top the console world once again. It's great to be a gamer again.
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thejigisup  +   321d ago
Did I miss the yay train?
700p  +   321d ago
poor_cus_of_games  +   322d ago
Quadruple yeah!!!
equal_youth  +   322d ago
and even more yay!:D
poor_cus_of_games  +   322d ago
Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thorstein  +   322d ago
A Winner is Yay!
Creepy amount of yay:)
Vystrel  +   322d ago
Drop your gun and hand over all your food yay
NexGen  +   322d ago
Combo breaker yay
dragonyght  +   322d ago
Reversal yay lol
NovasRevenge  +   322d ago
shadow counter yay
Sharky231  +   322d ago
Fatality yay!!!!
Kal-V3  +   322d ago
thorstein  +   322d ago
Yippee Ki Yay
BG11579  +   322d ago

(To be read with loud male thick voice)
Jack_Reacher  +   322d ago
Hope this is better than that other zombie game: yay z!

Also heard that a rap track is been recorded by yay z for the game.

Oh I also found my horse playing this on my pc. I asked him if it was any good?

Guess what he said. . . . .


I dont think my horse has quiet got the hang of humour yet.
Multipass   321d ago | Spam
user1439414  +   322d ago
Sony have made my life complete :) I love them so much. I have been so much happier since buying my PS4. :) XoXoXo
SilentNegotiator   322d ago | Trolling | show
Multipass   321d ago | Spam
HiTMaNHuntr  +   322d ago
Another Yay!!
fullmetal297  +   322d ago
Yelling yay backwards!... Oh wait.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   322d ago
010110010110000101111001001000 0000100001

GW212  +   322d ago
I'm guessing that's "yay" in binary.

I pasted it into google and you're comment is the only one that turned up. Rarely can one type something into google and only get ONE result back. Congratulations, you broke the internet.
Muzikguy  +   322d ago
That's really awesome, I've never seen that before in google, ever since 1998?! One result lol
Muzikguy  +   322d ago
Double post
#1.8.3 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
levian  +   321d ago

It does indeed equal "Yay!"
weekev15  +   321d ago
You guys never heard of googlewhacking? You should read Dave Gormans book on it. Fricking hilarious. Sorry for off topic...yay?
solid_snake3656  +   322d ago
Gosh dang it I don't have the money to play all these amazing games.
ColeMacGrath  +   322d ago
Isn't it FTP?
solid_snake3656  +   321d ago
@ColeMacGrath oh lol I missed that part.
JsonHenry  +   322d ago
How could anyone watch this video and still be excited about this game? It looked horrible. The animations were horrible, the graphics are horrible, the lighting is horrible, the characters look like garbage. And overall it just looked really boring. Like even more boring than DayZ.
THA_SNOWMAN8732  +   322d ago
I'm saying...I do not get it at all
Nitrowolf2  +   321d ago
"Like even more boring than DayZ."

I think thats the issue right there. These games aren't meant for you, but there's a market who really do enjoy these types of games where you get to create your own stories within the world. I thought the same with DayZ until I started playing in a group. It's fun once things get rolling, and I'll admit it is slow, but random and unexpected things happen that make it all so good
JsonHenry  +   321d ago
@Nitro, I could see playing as a group would be more fun. But then again, what games are not better with groups of friends?
ThatOneGuyThere  +   321d ago
when did this become reddit?
Marc20110  +   321d ago
Friendly! Yay.
Twiggy  +   322d ago

That ONE damned game I grudged you PC fella's for, awesome!!

Edit: jumped on this one much to fast, thought it was DayZ >:(
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Unarmed_Civilian  +   322d ago
DayZ is coming to ps4 also.
Tsar4ever  +   322d ago
Yep, It is. But my question is DayZ cross play compatible with the pc game? If so, Awwww Shit!! Two mass multi-player zombie games competing on the same console to win the hearts and loyalty of Playstation gamers.

ocelot07  +   322d ago
Don't forget survive the nights as well that is also coming to PS4.
PurpHerbison  +   322d ago
Don't fool yourself. DayZ will forever be stuck in Alpha.
Rock-Lee  +   322d ago
DayZ is already announced for the PS4 though.... At the Gamescom Sony event.
Evilsnuggle  +   322d ago
DAYZ and H1Z1 on PS4 wow than is so amazing . Can't wait to rob and kill unsuspecting noobs in DAYZ im going to be such a scumbag . LOL
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xActionBasturdx  +   321d ago
Thought i was gonna be the only one...imma be like that guy on the world of warcraft episode on southpark lol
OpieWinston  +   322d ago
You don't want to play Day Z...trust me.
H1Z1 isn't shaping up much better.

Only chance for Zombie MMOs is Undead Labs Class 4.

Not even kidding...Jeff Strain will lead that game to safety!
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   322d ago
Got any gameplay for Undead Lab to hold proof to your comment?

DayZ is already out and H1Z1 has plenty of gameplay footage.

Just wanted to see how you have this mass knowledge of a game no one has even seen.

Just because of you i will now tell everyone i know to avoid Undead Lab.
Angrymorgan  +   322d ago
Survive the night looks amazing, is it confirmed for ps4?
OpieWinston  +   322d ago
Proof? State of Decay was a prototype for their Zombie MMO Class 4.

They're the first ones to actually run a prototype before jumping into Zombie MMOs.

Day Z has a broken Base/Netcode...It's so sad, they can't even fix it's problems because that game will always be broken beyond repair.

All footage of H1Z1 including this footage proves that it has the same Netcode problems... The developers are going to ship a broken product that will never be fixed just sugar coated and accepted by morons like yourself.

You can tell people to avoid Undead Labs...When Class 4 is finished in the next 3-5 years...I expect it to blow Day Z out of the water.
Steam kid that doesn't own good games...what a shock.
Seafort  +   321d ago

Undead Labs Class 4 is way off into the future.

I've played State of Decay on PC and if that's the prototype for this amazing zombie MMO Undead Labs have got a lot of work ahead of them. It is so rough around the edges with quite a few bugs still.

There is no gameplay for Undead Labs zombie MMO you're just a Xbox fanboy that wants to believe it's going to be great

DayZ mod is pretty good but the standalone version is pretty poor but it's still alpha.

H1Z1 is pre alpha and is in pretty good shape. It's using the forgelight engine that powers planetside 2 so to say the netcode has problems is complete bullshit.


Yes PS4 version is confirmed for Survive the Nights but will only be started after the PC version is released sometime next year.

The same as H1Z1 and DayZ for the consoles too.
They will be starting all these zombie survival games after the PC versions are complete. So you're looking at 2-3 years till you get the games.
DanielGearSolid  +   322d ago
user367272  +   322d ago
Great news for PS4 owners. Looking forward to this game on my PC.
It'll be sweet if it had cross platform online
Rock-Lee  +   322d ago
I thought that was the plan of H1Z1, supporting cross-platform between PC and PS4. Planet Side 2 wil also be cross-platform between PC and PS4. H1Z1 uses the same engine and is from the same developers.

Also DC Universe is cross-platform (PC/PS3/PS4) from SOE too!
#4.1.1 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
ScottyHoss  +   322d ago
None of those are cross platform
morganfell  +   322d ago
Obvious troll comment is obvious.
user367272  +   322d ago
??? What part of my post is troll? The game is coming on both Ps4 and PC, right? It is not that I made up a story and claim something like:

"Congrat X360 owners, but I saw the PS3 version of Gears of War 2 with my eye, and I'll be looking forward to that game on my PS3."

I actually heard a rumor about that, but I couldn't remember on which site or who started it.
#4.2.1 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(18) | Report
morganfell  +   321d ago
Oh please. You are well aware of what you did. Its called stealth trolling only in a not sot stealthy fashion.
Seafort  +   321d ago
Why the hell are PC gamers getting disagrees from all you console fanboys because they said they will be getting H1Z1 on PC?

You do realise H1Z1 isn't coming out on PS4 till SOE finish the game on PC, right?

You'll be lucky to get the game within 2 years.

I'll be getting this game on PC myself. I've been following the progress of it since day 1.

I love how everyone is saying "YAY" at the top of this post like the game is coming out this year on PS4. It's not. Get used to the wait.

This is why PC gamers get annoyed at uninformed console gamers.
LordMe  +   322d ago
I'm gonna get it first on PC just to play it. But all my friends will be waiting on the PS4 version, so this is still great news for me!
gootimes  +   321d ago
Cool, I'll be getting it on PS4 to play with friends, looks great!
AutoCad  +   322d ago
looks good,but probably pick this up on my PC .
dodgemoose  +   322d ago
It's free, why not pick it up for both?
#5.1 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(33) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Spotie  +   322d ago
Check his comment history for an answer to your question.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   322d ago
Because he/she doesn't own a PS4.

Also, what Spotie said.
#5.1.2 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(38) | Disagree(4) | Report
AutoCad  +   322d ago
Because of the mods PC will offer...
Just because im picking it up on PC dont mean i dont own both consoles


You fanboys need to stop
Why o why  +   322d ago
Top marks for that retort....... you prefer the x1 and pc but you definitely own the four. How you enjoying the last of us?

I had to do the same last gen to prove to people I owned a 360. I even managed to get some of its exclusives early due to a media contact.... I was one of the first people on n4g to play halo reach.
#5.1.4 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
kingduqc  +   322d ago
not sure why people disagree with you. I mean it's not like it's clear that the pc version will be better in every single way.
LeCreuset  +   322d ago
Always nice to have confirmation.
Palitera  +   322d ago
Any idea about when?
Seafort  +   322d ago
SOE have said they'll start work on the PS4 version when the PC version is finished.

The PC version isn't even in Early Access yet.

So I'm guessing at 1-2 years time at the earliest.
SuperBlur  +   322d ago
at the pace they are going , it wouldn't surprise me to see a release early next spring/summer , they are quite experienced devs, who know the back around the engines. Their team just isn't as big as the rest of the other SOE games.
Palitera  +   322d ago
Thanks, helpful.
andibandit  +   321d ago
Kinda dissappointed that ps4 version isnt worked on before pc version is finished
Pintheshadows  +   322d ago
It is looking a bit better than the last time we saw it.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   322d ago
So looking forward to playing this can't wait!!!
mr233  +   322d ago
I didn't see it in the article. Is there a release date?
KwietStorm  +   322d ago
Kidmyst  +   322d ago
Maybe I missed it but has a release date for HiZ1 been announced? I know Day Z there wasn't yet but was there for H1Z1?
KwietStorm  +   322d ago
MasterCornholio  +   322d ago
Two zombie survival MMOs on the PS4.


BattleTorn  +   322d ago
I love zombie games, and survival too.

But the more I watch of DayZ, and this, I think these games are simply not for me.
user5669510  +   322d ago
That's good. If it would have stayed exclusive it would have received nothing but hate like every other pc exclusive. Every pc game is hated and not worth playing until it's ported to consoles. Then it's the great like we have been saying. An on going contradiction by hypocritical fanboys
#14 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
HeWhoWalks  +   322d ago
Um, this is SOE's game, so it coming to the PlayStation isn't surprising. It was always rumored to. Not sure what you're on about.

Without Sony, you wouldn't be able to play the game at all.
SuperBlur  +   322d ago
It is sony's own game and it's a mixture of TPS and FPS why not bring it to their own console if they feel like there is a market for it?

can't tell if [fill the blank] or just [fill the blank].
spacedelete  +   322d ago
you need to get a life instead of starting a argument like the sad little pathetic troll that you are.
funkybudda  +   321d ago

Same can be said from the PC Mustard Race on any console exclusive games. Until it's ported to PC, they will just keep spewing how awesome their pc gaming hardware is BUT cant play those games, lol.
user5669510  +   321d ago
Nope we don't do that when we want to play them we play them. Unlike yall we love games and where do you get this master race from. Nice try. Most of console exclusive are good but over hyped just because they're exclusive. Try liking games that's not on your beloved platform then you can talk
1nsomniac  +   322d ago
.... "The survive is coming" ????
#15 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Steelmanner  +   321d ago
Grammar no work like that.
BABY-JEDI  +   322d ago
So how long do we have to wait until we have a DayZ & H1Z1 face off? & which game do you reckon will be more popular?
SuperBlur  +   322d ago
based on notoriety alone , DayZ but H1Z1 is F2P soooo my guess H1Z1 will have a lot more people if they handle the Free part correctly. Which they've assured people inquiry already by stating they had no intention of selling guns or perks to give players advantage. It'll be nice to see where the players go
BABY-JEDI  +   321d ago
I can still see people going on killing sprees LoL but not as bad as DayZ
Seafort  +   321d ago
Both will be out in 2-3 years minimum. They are both still in alpha on PC so you guys will just have to wait a while longer till the PC versions are finished.
Pillsbury1  +   322d ago
YES! I have been wanting This since the game was announced! Dayz then h1z1?? Looks like I'm living in a zombie apocalypse this gen.
noxeven  +   322d ago
Dayz gets announced for ps4, soe well time to ensure dayz doesn't corner that. Announces H1Z1 ahead of estimated time. Praise to H1Z1. Soe take that dayz
Mugen_mind  +   322d ago
Great day to be a zombie killing mothereffer with Day Z, H1Z1, Dying Light, and Dead Island 2(because the name makes sense with the game is in California). Oh, try out P.T. that is a freaky a$$ demo.
#19 (Edited 322d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
vandal GAB  +   322d ago
Is it gonna be pay to win game?
Jrmy84  +   322d ago
Can't wait!!!!!
Scark92  +   322d ago
Looks very smooth so far, love that it is free!
LogicalReason   322d ago | Spam
kydrice  +   321d ago
Wait what? I thought it was always coming out on PS4..
cell989  +   321d ago
yet another one in the bag for PS4 yay!!
noctis_lumia  +   321d ago
BB fail dayz
T0TALWANNABE  +   321d ago
Wonderfully disappointing! :-)
LightDiego  +   321d ago
The game looks great, i don't like mmorpgs, but i will try this one. And again a lot of pc gamers bringing insecurity to an anrticle...
monkeyboy101  +   321d ago
this looks like a steamy pile of sh!te
Kos-Mos  +   321d ago

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