H1Z1 Officially Announced For The PS4, Over An Hour Of New Footage

MP1st - Though SOE has stated multiple times already that they were planning on bringing it to the PS4, today, during their live SOE event, they confirmed that the title is indeed coming to the PS4.

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vishmarx1104d ago

P.T. made me shit my pants,YAY?

XBLSkull1104d ago

Game looks promising, I'll probably get the PC version since it'll look the best and I'd assume support mods.

aconnellan1104d ago

It looks fantastic! When I pick up a PS4 this is definitely on my buy list.

As a side note, it's funny watching XBLSkull get disagrees for stating he wants to play it on PC because he wants mods, when most of the comments I see regarding multiplatform games are usually "Can't wait to get it on PS4, because that version's the best"; or on Xbox exclusive games "Meh, I'll wait until it comes to PS4, because it will"

Dat irony

Wizard_King1104d ago

lol at all the disagrees with XBLSkull.

He is right. they are playing the PC version in this hour long vid. They are heading for Steam early access and lets face it. IT WILL LOOK BETTER ON PC.

Good old delusion Sony ponies will disagree with plain black and white fact.

How do magnets work guys? You are starting to get religiously idealistic with the PS4 defense on this site.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I just finished The Last of Us and the DLC for PS4 a couple of days ago, amazing game, one of the best stories in gaming of all last gen, and now we got horror games all over the place, Silent Hills, Until Dawn,Day Z or whatever, and now H1Z1. Just wait till they announce Fallout 4, and then The Last of Us 2, the Playstation brand is back a top the console world once again. It's great to be a gamer again.

thejigisup1104d ago

Did I miss the yay train?

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Vystrel1104d ago

Drop your gun and hand over all your food yay

Kal-V31104d ago


BG115791104d ago


(To be read with loud male thick voice)

Jack_Reacher1104d ago

Hope this is better than that other zombie game: yay z!

Also heard that a rap track is been recorded by yay z for the game.

Oh I also found my horse playing this on my pc. I asked him if it was any good?

Guess what he said. . . . .


I dont think my horse has quiet got the hang of humour yet.

1104d ago
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user14394141104d ago

Sony have made my life complete :) I love them so much. I have been so much happier since buying my PS4. :) XoXoXo

1104d ago
fullmetal2971104d ago

Yelling yay backwards!... Oh wait.

aLiEnViSiToR1104d ago

010110010110000101111001001000 0000100001


GW2121104d ago

I'm guessing that's "yay" in binary.

I pasted it into google and you're comment is the only one that turned up. Rarely can one type something into google and only get ONE result back. Congratulations, you broke the internet.