H1Z1 Zombies Look Incredibly Scary Close-up

"We're just guessing here, but if we guessed the source for the name right, there might be more revelations to come."

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player0021605d ago

what horrible graphics no thanks give me day z

Delsin_Rowe1605d ago

Is planet side 2 graphic which is 4 times better than DayZ graphics.

Timesplitter141605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


this :
compared to this : http://cdn.gamerheadlines.c...

DayZ's world feels real. It looks like you're really out there in the mountains. In the morning you can almost feel the cold. H1Z1, on the other hand, looks fake. The terrain looks like it's from an alien planet, and the forests don't look natural. I'm excited for H1Z1 but there's no way it's beating DayZ in terms of immersion.

mkis0071605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Edit: you really think that image is what H1Z1 look like?

The art style is less hyper realistic in H1Z1 if that is what you mean.

How long has DayZ been in development for? I tried playing the arma version but those controls...pissed me off.

Timesplitter141605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

would you mind explaining yourself? These pictures aren't fake. Yeah the H1Z1 one is low res but I'm referring to the environment design, not the resolution

edit : yes, this is a H1Z1 screenshot taken from the stream. This is H1Z1. You think I just made this in MS Paint or something? You can look here if you want :

The terrain just doesn't look real. It looks like Rust. If you've ever been outside in the country you'd know that's not what nature looks like

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1605d ago

I love how that comment got you in your feelings . Lmao 😅😩😂

Timesplitter141605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

no it's fine I am just a misunderstood genius.

I'll return to my dungeons now and I will come back when the world is ready for my superior online zombie survival terrain opinions

Einhert1605d ago

Agree with Timesplitter H1Z1s art style does not suit the seriousness of the situation, A zombie outbreak in warm bright colours? what?

DayZ will more than likely be the more immersive game but I have to say H1z1 just looks like another piggybacker on DayZs popularity.

Have to say though last I played DayZ the polish was terrible, combat looked and felt atrocious as did the gunplay. The animations were horrendous when zombies decided to do the benny hill dance towards you.

Overall DayZ shows promise but its being made on a terrible engine which has a track record of terrible animations, buggy terrain etc

DigitalRaptor1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Well that is hardly representative of the final game, seeing as this is alpha build, and DayZ has been in production for much, much longer. This build has been put together to have something playable, to gain supporters of concept at an early stage.

We know what the Forgelight engine is capable of with PlanetSide 2 and thousands of players, you telling me you don't think they will polish and have it looking as good as PS2 at some point?

By the time DayZ is finally released, SOE will have polished H1Z1 to a stage beyond Bohemia can dream of. The conditions you described there for DayZ, we haven't even seen a version that can remotely be used as comparison. And horrible animations and bugginess, sets back immersion - it doesn't propel it, in my opinion.

@ Einhert

Really? How much zombie outbreak fiction have you read/seen?

Do you think that a virus killing people and turning them into zombies means that the world is always going to be cloudy and rainy? Seriously? If anything it means the world will be more restored to its original state before humans were a deep part of it.

Like you said though, DayZ's engine is terrible for what they're trying to do, and it can only handle 140 players. H1Z1 may look like it's piggybacking on the success, but H1Z1 will end up achieving more and being more successful before Bohemia can get their act together and release DayZ in a worthy state.

Timesplitter141605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

DigitalRaptor, it's more about the style of the visuals that they have chosen for the game than it is about the engine's capabilities.

It's pretty much established that DayZ's engine is broken and the controls feel like your character is stuck in a barrel of molasses, but this conversation we're having here is only about the visuals and the immersion factor of those two games.

DayZ just nailed that part beyond anything else that has been done to this day. DayZ with a good engine would be the ultimate zombie game. Now H1Z1 is coming with a good engine but they decided to go with a cartoony style and this feels like a terrible, terrible waste of potential to me.

H1Z1 is releasing in a few weeks in early access. The game's visuals won't change that much from now on. They'll mostly just be adding features and content

dodgemoose1605d ago


'this :
compared to this : http://cdn.gamerheadlines.c... '

They're not even the same weather/lighting conditions - how's that a valid comparison in terms of immersion?

'It's pretty much established that DayZ's engine is broken and the controls feel like your character is stuck in a barrel of molasses, but this conversation we're having here is only about the visuals and the immersion factor of those two games.'

You don't seem to be able to comprehend the fact they're interlinked. Crap controls and a buggy engine completely ruin any sustained immersion.

MysticStrummer1605d ago

@Timesplitter - I've seen few comparisons more worthless than that one, so congrats for that I guess.

A buggy engine with below average animations kills immersion much faster than a slightly different art style ever will.

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Future_20151605d ago

Coming to pc first, gotta love steam early access. no waiting for ages

dodgemoose1605d ago

Paying to be a tester. Gotta love it.

Bladesfist1604d ago

Surely it is like preordering a game and getting to play it before it comes out?

Magicite1605d ago

is it coming out on both pc and ps4?

BitbyDeath1604d ago

Yes, but PC first and no release date yet for PS4.

wsoutlaw871604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

its not really announced if the full game coming out on pc first but it seems like it. They are however releasing an early access unfinished version of the game on pc soon.

cfc781605d ago

I certainly wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

infinitewords1605d ago

So, is this game coming to PS4?

WitWolfy1605d ago

Well it is published by SOE.. Same as DC Universe, so its a no brainer really.

Timesplitter141605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

"H1Z1 launches later this year on PC, first through Steam Early Access, and then as a final product sometime later. But could the game also come to the PlayStation 4 some day? Smedley hasn't ruled it out."

"We're focused on getting it out on the PC first. As a Sony company we're really excited about PS4 and the opportunities we have there"

If you ask me, that means we aren't getting a PS4 version for at least a year

mafiahajeri1605d ago

You have to put into consideration that this game has been in devolpment since January with a 20 man team. About weather, rain is confirmed as well as wind effects. So give the game the benefit of the doubt and don't compare it to something that has been in devolpment for like 2+ years...

dodgemoose1605d ago

Not really a matter of 'if', rather 'when'.

1605d ago
Stapleface1605d ago

From what I've seen they are two totally different games aside from both of them having zombies. I think both have a chance to be good. I will find out as soon as I catch up to you in time I guess.

TedCruzsTaint1605d ago

So, you've had in-depth playtime with both these titles then, yes?
Also, where are the games going to be come release window? I need specifics, considering your apparent wealth of information may be rendered useless at the time both games are released, considering H1Z1 can easily take different design paths between then and now. Thanks in advance. I might feature this in an article for Hardcoregamer.

josephayal1605d ago

Def Next Gen Graphics

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