New Evidence, Sony Was False Advertising #H1Z1 For At Least 9 Months

Jon of RGN writes, "When we initially wrote our piece about H1Z1 Getting Mixed Beta Feedback / Being Pay To Win we wanted to extend some sort of benefit of the doubt to Sony Online Entertainment. To be honest, the situation seems pretty obvious from the front door. Sony Online Entertainment’s Adam Clegg (Senior Game Designer) issued a statement and apology found at the bottom of this article that seems to wrap everything up in a neat little package while sort of shrugging this whole thing off as a mis-communication on a live-stream in which he promoted the game one time incorrectly.

However, New Evidence shows that’s simply not the case."

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XboxOneX1251d ago

H1Z1 will be a good game and I am sure they will listen to feedback and make the game fair for all players.

Bansai1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Based on what I saw it doesn't even remotely resemble a good game. Sorry but it will be hard to do something good when the foundation is rotten as hell.

It's also funny, saying guns won't be purchsable and now look, they are, pretty f*cking low.

Gamer19821250d ago

These type of games aren't fun but they have cult following. So it will no doubt get a few players pumping a crap load of cash into it.. Reminds me a little bit like HOME.. It was crap but made Sony millions.

Dirtnapstor1250d ago

Before you purchase the game, it warns you that this is a very early build and it does not reflect anything resembling a finished product. Players are essentially pre-alpha testers.

MysticStrummer1250d ago

@Gamer1982 - Thanks for clarifying what type of games aren't fun. We can all update our files now.

MysticStrummer1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

An article from last August…

"Airdrops will provide survivors with ammunition, food, water, weapons and other supplies...

...your payment can be in vain as other players will be able to see the planes and supply drops. This means they can snatch it before you get to it and there is no assurance the drop will land near you."

To me that second part negates the pay to win idea, but I can see that others don't agree with that.

XBLSkull1250d ago

Yeah the idea of having the ability to pay for stuff that may just get jacked from you is about the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

DOMination-1250d ago

Yeah its pay to possibly win so thats ok

AndrewLB1250d ago

And what does the quality, fun factor, and popularity of this game have to do with Sony lying to the public in order to rake in as many early-access and pre-order sales as they can? It's not like this was a one time slip of the tongue, or something that simply couldn't be achieved due to hardware limitations.... it was blatant, shameless, false advertising.

inveni01250d ago

If it's "free to play," play it for free. If you like it, spend some money on micro transactions. If you don't, don't. If you ask me, this is a great way to make games. It's like an insane demo version, where you only pay as much as you want to pay, if you want to pay. I have several iOS games like this. I've liked them enough that I've made purchases, even though I didn't really need to.

And if no one makes purchases, then the developer (and other devs) get to change the way they've set it up for their next outing, hopefully making it better for everyone.

dieger1250d ago

Isn't it still in alpha?

wsoutlaw871249d ago

@andrew how exactly does a free to play game rake in preorders. Why someone would pay for an early access to a f2p game is beyond me.

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OpieWinston1250d ago

Sorry I don't think you know SoEs track record at all.

bmf73641250d ago

SoE is a different division of Sony altogether. They're not tied to any other portion of the conglomerate, and their main objective is to create MMO's for PC.

Criti-Choco1250d ago


thats his point, SOE has done some very bad things in the past, just look at what happened to both star wars galaxies and the matrix online. they also pretty much destroyed the first planetside after the expansions.

Planetside 2 and everquest are probably the only thing the didnt really screw up.

Farmassy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

The developers and publishers really dropped the ball on this. They wasted a lot of hype and excitement for the game. People aren't going to wait for them to figure it out, especially when DayZ comes to the PS4. Why play a pay to win game when you can play a great survival game that we know is fun instead? Day Z is by no means perfect but it is still a great game. These 2 games are obviously going to be compared when they are both out for PS4 and now it seems that Day Z will pull out ahead

Magicite1250d ago

not sure why u got disagrees, for stating proper opinion or having 1 bubble and that name.

TheSaint1250d ago

So opinions can't be disagreed with now?

FlameBaitGod1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Don't worry bro you don't have to play it, right now it has more players online than DayZ.

Btw I agree they need to nerf the drops and they said they where

EvilWay1250d ago

They also said there wouldn't be....

Kribwalker1250d ago

Can you imagine the backlash if this was an MS game? The Internet would be on Fire with hate instead of apologist for the blatant misinformation and false advertising.

It would be chaos lol

MysticStrummer1250d ago

Are you joking? There is clearly backlash going on and a lot of it stems from misinformation, but not misinformation from SOE. They talked about the paid crate drops last summer but people are acting like this is some new thing. I don't see it as pay to win because the person who buys the crate might not get it, and there are obviously bugs going on right now so things aren't working as intended.

CorndogBurglar1250d ago

Dude, stop being a fanboy. Maybe read the article also. There's tons of backlash and fans are demanding refunds.

People wouldn't demand refunds if they weren't pissed off. Come on, lets think before typing.

Raiden1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


Fanboyz on both sides can turn there EYES and COMMON SENSE OFF from the true from time to time, but you are correct in you comment if this was MS the internet would have a meltdown from the both fanboyz.

Look gaming is big money, SONY really needs the finance as the PS4 is the only thing that is keep the company out of the RED, so wherever possible to get that extra cash they will do it.

I for one call this stealing because you said not payment for weapons yet there it is and when you pay someone can take it that's all wrong. If I pay for something I better have it, this idea money grabbing is going to hurt gaming in the end, DLC I would buy, early access to weapons upgrade I would if I feel like it, but these things must be accessible/ unlockable at some point to all gamers.

Azzanation1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

State Of Decay will be the open world zombie game to get, H1Z1 and even DayZ are having problems working there sh%# out.

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TheJacksonRGN1251d ago

Interesting. They seem to be handling this game all wrong. Still paying for early access to a game is just begging to be screwed over.

Detoxx1250d ago

I got disagreed to hell when I said DayZ would be better then this back when it was announced.

I don't even have DayZ (PS4 player).

FullmetalRoyale1250d ago

Likely because it was baseless speculation. I'm not saying you weren't entitled to speak your opinion, only that it is obvious people will disagree with you on something like that.

Ch1d0r11250d ago

I think they are handling things great, offering refunds, communicating over twitter, etc. I guess this is how early access works. Theres tons of games out there that do the same on STEAM. Its their game they can do what ever they want.

TheJacksonRGN1250d ago

I said the game, not the feedback they are getting. That they are handling great.

yodathethird1250d ago

H1Z1 has a lot of great potential hopefully it can be turned around to be made into a better game.

i8urCAKE1250d ago

I hope this game fails they have been saying free to play all this time BUT not early access is 20$?? and the full game will be free.. WHERES THE LOGIC

The7Reaper1250d ago

They never lied about that they said hundreds of times the full release will be free but early access will cost there's plenty of logic there you're getting to play a game early before it's finished so you have to pay that logic is very understandable

SuperBlur1250d ago

logic tells me a big publisher like SOE should pay me to find bugs in their games or at least have it free access to public considering it is you know, going to be free

Cha0tik1250d ago


Think of it this way. They can do internal testing and find all the bugs they can find themselves. Then when the game comes out free to play you would have to deal with the bugs left over and then once they are discovered they'd be patched still without paying you. Now as for the price... you're paying to get access to this game before it's ready. The price is to keep normal gamers out and all that love alpha and beta testing can choose to pay if they want access. It just so seems that a ton of regular gamers decided "Hey! It's almost here! FINALLY!" and bought it anyways without reading the one part that everyone should read which says "Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development."

souldestroyer141250d ago

There's a way to do closed betas without charging people.

MysticStrummer1250d ago

"SOE should pay me to find bugs in their games"

No one is forcing people to pay for early access, and if someone who does pay gets mad about bugs that person is clearly delusional.

Serg1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Early access is incredibly useful for developers and publishers. Since most of the people paying are into the game and aren't just trying it out for the hell of it, the quality of bug reports goes way up, because these people have an interest in seeing the game improve.

Then there are the tryout people, they will get locked in to the game by purchasing it, making their return down the road way more likely. They spent the money, most people will try and get something out of their investment, even if it's months later.

The paywall makes people think twice before purchasing/playing it, making them more likely to inform themselves of the state of the game, so they should be aware of what they are actually getting here.

It also limits the onslaught of people onto the servers, so they can design and develop an actual live game without throwing money away on servers for the time being. Funnelling the saved money into development instead. Speeding up development two fold. People testing your game live, and you having more resources.

Even though the reception to H1Z1 has not been stellar thus far, I guarantee you it would be dead on arrival if it had launched for free in this state. Now the devs still have plenty of time to fix broken parts, improve existing parts and add new parts whilst ensured that their game will survive the negativity.

For instance, when Valve converted Team Fortress 2 to Free 2 Play, their player numbers increased by a whopping 1100%. And it was dirt cheap and basically finished when it was still buy to play. H1Z1 would crumble under the pressure such numbers generate.

TbagginEagle1250d ago

The game is in Alpha state, by its very definition Alpha means a closed testing situation usually only done by employees. Paying for beta or alpha access is equivalent to paying to test driving a car. Its beyond stupid. Its like paying a musician in real time to play what you want to hear, there's no honesty in it, its a damn money grab. To reiterate we live in a day and age where people get paid over 15 dollars US to test games. Don't pay companies to do their work for them. The dude in the video said "we need you to blahblahblah build this and blow up that to test the servers then make it free dumbass.

elninels1249d ago


There is no definition of alpha that states anything close to "a closed testing situation usually only done by employees."

The reason for these being referred to as alpha can be derived from this "denoting the first of a series of items or categories, e.g., forms of a chemical compound." definition.

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No_Limit1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

The issue is not with early access as that was known since Summer of last year.

The real issue is the people that paid for the $20 early access were told multiple times by the man in charge of SOE that paying for aditional weapons, airdrops and whatnot isn't part of the deal and people shouldn't worry about it.
in a Reddit post 8 months ago, SOE President John Smedley stated “We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water…i.e. That’s kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that.”

He then repeated a similar message again:
"We are not interested in selling weapons. Weapons are only acquired by crafting or exploring and finding one. We are not selling power.”

If the head of your company can't even keep his/her words, then it doesn't make your company look good.

kurruptor1250d ago

It's early access. Nothing is set in stone. I actually like how they have it working. You're paying for an event to happen. That event will involve dozens of other people. Your chances to win are slim.

MysticStrummer1250d ago

We've known about the paid drops since last summer, so if what Smedley said can be called false advertising (it really can't) the issue was clarified not long after.

No_Limit1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Always the Sony apologist. LOL

Yes, airdrops, was discussed last summer, but when they announced the idea, it was promised mutiple times by people of SOE, including the CEO and one of the lead designer that airdrops will not contain any weapons or ammo...and that it will only contain medical and food supply and such. One of my quotes of smedley was him saying that very thing from the my previous post. It is not advertising falsely per say, but honor, trust, and integrity had been violated. If you are not certain 100% about your decision pertaining to ways of getting ammo and weapon, then you should have just not say anything at all at the time.

Not just Smedley, As recently as January 12, 2015, Adam Clegg, one of Sony Online Entertainment’s game designers stated the following to a member asking him the very same question:

Adam: There’s no way you can get ammo - any other way. You can’t buy ammo.

NGTZombies: Right

Adam: You can’t buy guns.

NGTZombies: Right.

Adam: You can’t get them out of a crate.

NGTZombies: Right.

Adam: There’s zero way - you have to find them in the world.

NGTZombies: So where would I find ammo other than the Police station?

In contrast to this conversation, the H1Z1 official webpage states the following FAQ “WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM H1Z1 EARLY ACCESS” on Jan 15, 2015, JUST 3 days after Adam Clegg's promised of "There’s zero way - you have to find them in the world."

[ 8) We have made the decision to allow paid for airdrops into the game with things like guns and other things being randomly selected as part of the airdrop ]

So you can see why we were lied to and hoodwinked into playing the game, early access or not. If that wasn't the case, COE woudn't need to prevent more damage and post apologies and gave in into giving those people with early access a "no question ask" refund to save their reputation.

Apologists and defenders like yourself, of course, will defend them to the very no surprise there. LOL

CaptainObvious8781250d ago

This is one of those rare occasions I can agree with you wholeheartedly.

I was very hyped for this game. Now I have zero interest.

I expect a lot more from a sony developer.

UKmilitia1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

regardless of early access or not,he said they wouldnt and they have.
why couldnt they of released it then put the idea forward about the airdrops?

I think the airdrops are a cool thing its just the cost element that sucks,be awesome seeing plane go over and everyone run for it.

also to have it from the get go is agaisnt all the things they said.

hopefully its all sorted by time it eventually comes ps4 but in the meantime i have loads of games to play coming out over next year.

either way people who in this game stand strong and fight pay2win.

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darren_poolies1250d ago

A lot of games do that these days, Dungeon Defenders 2 for example. And I'm pretty sure that is like £20.

SuperBlur1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


I can't fathom to think this way because it is WRONG on so many levels.

SOE is a big publisher , with sufficient funding to hire internal testers, they could host private/open betas on weekend like most legit company do. So to me , a price entry is pure scam. Remember Destiny? which is a buy 2 play game, i got to test it free of charge . Why should people pay to test a free game exactly ? Where did logic go?

Why do you think they decided to do it through steam? SOE is abusing an honest system put in place to help the little indie scene get their games published and bug tested, which obviously has loopholes that they are happy exploits. Because $_$moneh moneh moneh$_$. To top it off ,the cash shop is already open, you are paying again with your own money to test the "F2P aspect" of the game.

Speaking of which , the store is designed for you to drop more money then what you need.
You want a key? thats 250SC , thats 2.50$ but wait .. SOE only allow you to buy in bulk of 500-1000-2000-2500-5000-10000.
So if you find one crate and you're out of key and only really just want one .. you need to buy 2.

Have a nice one Mr.Azuske

SuperBlur1250d ago

Is it going to be F2P ? Nope you say ?
Is Trendy Entertainment considered a major publisher? Nope you say ?

Kavorklestein1250d ago

Sure, a lot of games are pay to win these days... but that's no excuse, AND- when a game is basically being lied about what features will be in it, especially features that BREAK the game and change it from a battle of resources for survival in game-
to resources being spent in the real world, then there is definitely room for for the backlash that people are throwing SOE's direction.

This game looks mediocre anyways, but, at least now we know Smedly is a f**king @$$hat liar

darren_poolies1250d ago


Yes DD2 is going to be F2P and so what if Trendy Entertainment isn't a major publisher? That has nothign to do with anything. Fact is they are also charging people to play a game in early access when the full game is going to be free.

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SuperBlur1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Cha0tik1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Nobody complained when Day Z did it... Only reason people are complaining now is because it was hyped and people are being forced to wait till it's finished before seeing if it will be what it was promised to be. Even then you guys are going to find reason to complain.


That's something called a choice. You don't have to do anything... that's something you choose to do. Now if you believe it's a scam the solution is simple. Collect your refund and free up space on the servers for those who want to do the testing. You can't call something that is in alpha a scam if the very first thing you see on the page is this "Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development" meaning that it may or may not be what your expecting in the state it's in.

Have a great one Mr. SuperBlur.

MysticStrummer1250d ago

It's not surprising that many of the names I see "complaining" about this are XB fans.

OldDude1250d ago

Youre right, XB fans all got together and convinced Sony to lie. /s

Cha0tik1249d ago


This is why it's best that games remain tested internally because everyone is complaining over something that can be fixed with feedback regardless if it was a bug or not. You guys aren't complaining about the fee placed on the EA. You're complaining because you saw guns come from an airdrop when sony said it wouldn't happen completely forgetting that this is nowhere near release. This is the point in an alpha or a beta. To hear what we want in the game and fix / adjust it.

Ch1d0r11250d ago

If people to pay to beta test, why not. I heard a streamer on TWITCH air drops were fixed, not sure if he meant that no more P2W.

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HaveAsandwich1250d ago

welp, h1z1 failed. moving on.

Hellsvacancy1250d ago

I was excited for this game until DayZ was announced

orakle441250d ago

Its Alpha/Beta, how on earth did it "fail"? Try trolling a little better next time.