H1Z1 First Gameplay Footage Trailer

MP1st - A few days ago we reported on a image that would lead to a new H1Z1 video, and with the livestream dropping many hints on how to unlock it, the video has now been found. Feast your eyes on the first official gameplay trailer.

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Mister_V1688d ago

I want to say this looks way too much like DayZ, but I understand it was likely an inspiration for SOE.

Nitrowolf21688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

The stream to me showed that it was better, and way more stable than DayZ itself.

Really digging the crafting/barricading system

Mister_V1688d ago

I kinda got that vibe too. A more 'polished' DayZ.

FullmetalAlchemist1688d ago

The H1Z1 devs are doing a Q&A twitch stream right now

AliTheSnake11688d ago

These people been releasing daily info/footage ? I seem to have seen this on the frontpage everyday for the past 2 weeks.

SuperBlur1688d ago

The F2P is putting me off , people had to pay for DayZ MOD and it was filled with cheaters.. F2P approach sure won't benefit the legit players

DigitalAnalog1688d ago


It has been confirmed that that the paid items are cosmetic. On top of that, you have to go find it which means other players are able to steal what you "paid" for. Not exactly a purchase-friendly approach.

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Lior1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Its coming to PC as well so some good competition to dayZ, Also stop taking shots at DayZ its in pre alpha as well

Mister_V1688d ago

I was taking shots at SOE, if anything! :)

Magicite1688d ago

I hope there will be option for 3rd person view.

Pintheshadows1688d ago

There is. They have shown it in a different video.

frostypants1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

I think it's what DayZ wants to be. Even when it's finished (IF it's ever finished), DayZ won't ever be able to support the number of players this will (engine limitation).

I'm digging the graphical style of this, too. They kept it simple to ensure good performance, but they went all out on the lighting.

jessupj1688d ago

This looks really exciting. Really loving the lighting design as well. Gives it a very isolated feel.

I'm hoping like in Dayz when you die you lose all your items, but I also hope you can keep items in a safe house that will be there after you die.

That way item management will play a very big roll.

Do you bring that very powerful, but very rare gun with all it's upgrades and potentially lose? Or do you play it safe and bring a stock shotgun instead?

Farsendor11688d ago

i wonder if we can set up like a fort or a safe place for a few days in game time or do we need to always be on the move like in the trailer.

Kidmyst1688d ago

I am hoping to build a fort or safehouse too. Would be fun to team up with friends and gather supplies together to make a safe house then when other players seek refuge there, you can get points for that. Build a small community of several safe houses together too. Waiting for details on what happens when you die, storing supplies, and ranking. Like leveling up guns to be a better shot. A lot of potential for this game.

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DVS-Zev1688d ago

A dayZ clone that will release before DayZ!

Webbyy1688d ago

Lol, it does look like dayz! but need to see more. looks interesting

frostypants1688d ago

DayZ is an ambitious DIY project. This is legit.

richierich1688d ago

What does H1Z1 stand for?

waltyftm1688d ago

Good question, at a guess i would of said, Humans 1 Zombies 1, it's like some sort of undead football match.

Allsystemgamer1688d ago

Actually it's based off of the h1z1 hoax zombie virus that struck around 2009 when h1n1 was a thing.

hellzsupernova1688d ago

hemagglutanin and Zombie are surface antigens. The number '1' refers to the specific sub-type of those antigens. The sub-types differ in their basic structure.

(that was just me taking what H1N1 Stood for and thats what it came back with. Changed the N to ZOmbie lol

GarrusVakarian1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

It takes it's name from the H1N1 Swine-Flu virus outbreak from 2009, that was apparently a hoax...according to some people, lol.

They just took out the 'N' and replaced it with 'Z'.

creeping judas1688d ago

Agreed, H1N1 virus, a play on letters. I find it very clever actually.

Calvin_ISA1688d ago

They just took the "N", and rotated it clockwise. :P

PersonMan1688d ago

I think they rotated it counter clockwise actually.

bienio1688d ago

Can I play in 3rd person view as well??

HaveAsandwich1688d ago

they showed the third person view in a recent demo, yes.

mafiahajeri1688d ago

I think so they said it will be there I dont know if you can shoot in 3rd person but Iam sure you can run around in 3rd person.

OT: Cant wait for this tohit the ps4 will hopefully be getting early access, need to support the devs ;0

Moe-Gunz1688d ago

I want to play in 3rd person also. Not a fan of 1st person I just deal with it when I have to.

Highlife1688d ago

Personally think this game should be first person. You shouldn't be able to see behind yourself in a game like this. Takes the suspense out a little. Glad there is an option.

Moe-Gunz1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


I can understand that perspective. I think an OTS camera view like Resident Evil 4 will be my preference.

Calvin_ISA1688d ago

They said it will be 1st or 3rd person view except in vehicles, which will be locked in 3rd person.

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