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I wish Dirt 5 was anything close to Motorstorm and the amazing Driveclub, but sadly I really didn't like it. It basically took the worst parts of the Dirt series (the Xtreme stuff), dropped the great stuff (the actual arcade Rally racing), and depth-wise it's almost like a mobile game. Drive on some easy tracks, get some points, unlock the next uninspired wide track, etc.

It doesn't even have replays, which is just beyond ridiculous, TBH.

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If we're talking Remakes, might I suggest Chrono Trigger ... ? Preferably with a cell-shaded style which will do justice to the original and Toriyama's look.

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@Boing; Not sure about other countries, but here in Holland the XBO Series X (and probably S) has been consistently sold out and thus unavailable since launch.

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1943 was perfection, but sadly only 3 proper maps. Battlefield 3 was okay, Battlefield 4 was a bit better, and they kinda lost what Battlefield was all about with the newer games.

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I really don't want that many players in a match. It's too much, the role and thus importance you can play will be too small, thus insignificant, the maps will have to be too big to fit all those folks in, so there will be an even bigger reliance on vehicles, and matches will mostly last too long again.

It's just too big, too much, too long, and in the end you'll have half-empty servers and not too much later you'll have empty servers. Nobody is gonna in...

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Battlefield keeps trying to be more like Call of Duty or Battle Royale games, while I just want Battlefield to be like Battlefield; medium-sized maps, conquest game-mode (5 flags), and teams which are 24 vs 24, perhaps 32 vs 32.

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Really wish Sega would release a new Virtua Tennis. We haven't had any decent tennis game this gen, sadly. Doesn't even need real world players, as far as I'm concerned. Hell, I'd prefer fictional characters and locations.

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I'd settle for a remaster double-pack of Burnout 3 and SSX3. Throw in NBA Street v3 if they want to be cute.

Call it The FrEAsome.

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Best racing game last gen for me, without a doubt, is Driveclub. Perfect controls where you always feel in control, while challenging times and opponents to beat. It just always feels FUN to play, even when you don't win. It also has the best track-design, and the graphics are STILL mind-blowing.

The article mentions Dirt 5. I liked some of the older Dirt games, but Dirt 5 sadly ditched the whole rally aspect completely. To top it off, it doesn't even have replays, ...

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Such a shame these are the inferior Sigma games, instead of Black and 2.

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Would like to see MadWorld getting a proper new release.

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Really hoping these will be 'ultimate'/complete editions, so including all DLC.

I have the base-game for FighterZ, but with so many fighters this gen, seeing half the roster greyed out because it's expensive DLC made me stop playing the game completely.

Also never picked up Kakarot because of the DLC, but would definitely buy a next-gen re-release if it has all the content included.

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It stopped me from buying.

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Was really looking forward to this game but can't believe they didn't include the Japanese voices in this. It's 2021 and they still choose to leave out audio-option in certain regions, and it's ridiculous and outdated.

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The announcement trailer looked stunningly beautiful, so it certainly has my attention.

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Really hope their next 'Ghost' game will also take place in Japan, perhaps different era, different location (personally hoping for Shikoku Island).

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I'm a huge Ninja Gaiden (Black) fan, and definitely won't be picking this up. Sadly.

I have zero interest in the Sigma games. The Itagaki games were easily better than what the studio did to this series without him.

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Really hoping FighterZ will get a complete edition some day for next-gen.

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Not on this list, but this seems like a good opportunity to plug the great XBLA puzzler ilomilo, one of my favourite games on the 360. It looks beyond cute, the sound is amazing, and it's a fantastic little puzzle-game, Well worth checking out.

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Big fan of the Yakuza games, and liked the Fist of the North Star anime, but really didn't care for the demo, which looked very dated, and the racing mini-game was terrible.

Judgment looks a lot more interesting/promising, but I'll wait for the PS5/SeriesX release.

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