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I really just want Battlefield to be Battlefield again, so focused on Conquest-mode, with well-balanced maps that will allow you to play in the role you please, where you're not hopelessly reliant on squads and vehicles.

These devs seemed intent on having as big a map as possible, with as many people on that map as possible, and basically forcing you to group up and use vehicles, and in the end that just diminishes the role you as a single player have in it, thus you f...

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I certainly don't consider myself a sim gamer, and I can understand this can look boring and it certainly won't appeal to everyone, but I remember one of the older Flight Sims, and just picking an airport, taking off, and flying to my destination, was a memorable experience. And it certainly looked nowhere near as great as this.

I think this is one of those game where you'll just boot it up and play it if you need some time to 'chill', so you pick a gorg...

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My favourite game this gen has probably been Driveclub, so would be nice to see that get a nice little boost, from 30fps to 60fps.

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Dead or Alive used to be amazing.

After all the absolutely shameless DLC greed in 5 & 6, it's absolutely dead to me.

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Because when they were showing it off last year, it simply didn't appeal to me. At all. Not the gameplay, not the character-design, nothing. It just looked a bit too dark and gritty, while at the same time trying to be 'fun' and light.

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New Game Plus used to be simply included, obviously unlocked when you finish the game. Now, they'll be selling it separately as DLC. It's ridiculous. No idea what they're thinking, but all this does is make sure I'd never buy this game at launch for full price, while I'm a fan of the series and was looking forward to this game ...

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Probably my favourite game this gen, and very disappointed about how Sony has treated this game and the studio behind it ...

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New Yakuza (7) and an improved edition of Persona 5 as well.

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Ah nice, time to head back into the wild ...

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I thought they were gonna release the photomode for XBO, or did that already happen?

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Okay, so this went from a possible 'Day 1 purchase', to 'I'll wait until there's a cheap complete edition some day' ...

DLC greed makes me spend less on games. Not more.

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As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a goat ...

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Games like Tsushima, Cyberpunk, TLOS2, etc will no doubt be great on current gen, but personally these are titles I want to experience on the next-gen consoles.

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Well, I think developers/publishers have caught on that if they want their game to keep people coming back to it, the best way to do so is to keep supporting it with fresh new content.

Paid DLC will often split up the user-base between haves and have nots, which often meant a relatively quick death to many MP games where people who didn't buy the new maps, just left the game completely, leaving the other half of the player-base with less people to play with/against. ...

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"As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a goose ... "

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I keep hoping they'll ever do a proper re-release Chrono Trigger for current/next-gen, with Sonic Mania level-quality pixel-perfection.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see Crisis Core popping up in/after the FF7 Remake, either as its own episode, or as part of the bigger narrative.

I'm sure they might want to use those assets they made for the Remake, to do something with this game as well.

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It's probably the best rally game this gen, and one of the best racers this gen, and it's a bit of a shame I only got to discover that because of Game Pass, because I already decided to skip it because of the Season Pass greed.

Hope there will be an affordable (20-25 bucks orso) complete edition within the next few months, which I might buy.

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