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Picked it up once they finally released a complete edition, and enjoyed it. Probably the best game in the series.

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Who is saying YOU *have* to like it? Have you considered that not not every piece of content is made specifically for you, and JUST you? You can completely ignore the women’s football part of this game. It’s not going to affect your experience, at all. But there are millions of women on this planet who play, watch & enjoy football, and perhaps now for some of those this game is gonna be more interesting to pick up and they might enjoy it more. Not just women btw, as there are lots of men ...

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Loved the first GRID, didn’t care for the 2nd (ugly filter over the graphics, and penalty system for the drift tracks was terrible), and never tried the reboot because of the DLC.

This, GRID Legends, does nothing to win me back to the series. Graphically it doesn’t impress, gameplay looks a bit as if it’s taking cues from Dirt 5 (terrible) instead of staying in the ‘sim-cade’ genre, and the live-action drama is something I’m simply not interested in and kinda looks ridiculo...

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Disappointed it’s subscription-based, which means it’s a hard pass for me …

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I don't know what Sony's expectation was, but while its launch was problematic, it was also relatively quickly resolved, and developers did well to address other perceived issues while adding lots of new and great content to the game. In 2015, it had 2 million copies sold, which made it one of the best selling PS4 games at the time.

Initial reviews were mixed, but the issues mentioned in those reviews were quickly fixed afterwards, and gamers who knew what the game ...

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My favourite Sony exclusive last gen was Driveclub, I’ll never forget how great it was and the fun and excitement I had with it, and I’ll never forget how Sony treated it (killed it), the studio behind it (closed it), and the customers who bought it (it’s now roughly unplayable because they took down the servers).

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Same for me, the character design simply never appealed to me, and the drab brown green world with zombies premise didn’t do much for me either.

And that’s okay. Not every game and character needs to appeal to me, or ANYONE, on a personal & individual level. That would be impossible and unlogical. Creators just need to be able to design the characters, the worlds, the stories they want, and then that product will find its own audience.

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I expect them to release either a ‘Pro’ Switch or a straight follow up (with BC) next year, when Breath of the Wild 2 releases.

Perhaps they had planned on a release this year at some point but I assume with BotW2 slipping to 2022 and perhaps the issues with chip-shortages and the pandemic, and the regular Switch still selling really well of course, they have no reason to release a new, more powerful console this year.

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Nice to see them using the gorgeous city of HK as a location, although the end of the trailer seems to zoom out on -only- Hong Kong Island, which to me might be the least interesting part of Hong Kong, especially if we’re talking about roads to race on and scenery to race through, so hopefully Lantau Island, Kowloon and the New Territories will all be included as well …

The scene at the beach at the very beginning looked like it was on Lantau Island though (Cheung Sha Beach...

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Let’s be honest here; The original Japanese anime music should have been included by the developers themselves from the start. It’s disappointing this has to come from an outside mod instead.

Same goes for FighterZ btw, where the devs had the nerve to charge extra for the original music. Beyond ridiculous.

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I think the space it takes up is more of a concern than the weight, imo, cause basically you’re only going to be lifting it once when you bring it into your home/living room, and once when you’re done with it and get rid of it, which should be 5+ years later.

Still have very fond memories of Sonic on the Megadrive looking absolutely amazing on one of those old huge CRTs with scart, where the pixel-lines & colors were crystal clear.

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Disagree. Location looks better than ever, and gameplay in Far Cry is always FUN, and it seems FC6 won’t fail to deliver in that department either. Sure, it’s the same concept of fighting, mostly alone, against a large amount of opponents who certainly at first have the advantage, until you unlock better weapons and powers, but clearing outposts and slowly taking over the map is still something I look forward to.

I don’t expect Far Cry 6 to offer something we’ve never exper...

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I’d probably be a bit more interested in Sonic Colors if it had the original ‘chubby’ Sonic character model, instead of the lanky one they have right now …

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This. Original Mirror's Edge better than the newer one. We haven't had a good Tennis game in ages. SSX3 is still the best snowboard game, FIFA14/15 were better than the recent games, Driveclub is better than GRID and Project Cars 3, Super Meat Boy is still one of the very best 2D platformers, etc etc.

Jim isn't a gamer. He's a suit. So he just thinks "newer is better! More is better! Bigger is better!", and we've seen time and time again that i...

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This looks absolutely gorgeous. First 2 games were great, gameplay-wise, so high hopes for this …

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@Roswee; It’s worse than that. I don’t doubt the base-game will be ‘complete’ and worth the money (50-60 bucks), BUT when they announce a Season Pass and post-launch DLC, I just feel like they’re nickel & diming me, and when I start up the game, it will have notices that I should be buying such and such expansion/content, and I don’t need to have it thrown in my face that I paid 50 bucks for game that’s seemingly ‘incomplete’.

So I’d rather just wait, or skip the game ...

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Only thing announcing a Season Pass accomplishes is making sure I’ll skip the game at release to wait for a cheap complete edition instead. If I’m even still interested by then.

DLC greed has only made me spend less on these games, not more.

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Fans of the series will buy this day 1.

Everyone else will take a wait & see approach. If the game is great they’ll bite, and if it launches with scores of 7-8, they’ll shrug their shoulders and move on.

Personally, I believe the 70 bucks asking-price is way too high, and the Battle Pass is a stupid idea. I believe this kind of short-sighted Day 1 greed is going to harm the experience, the community, and thus the product itself.

I w...

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Sable looks amazing, and looking forward to finally getting my hands on Tunic.

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I know Shigeru Umebayashi's work from some Wong Kar Wai movies, and he's amazing.

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