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Yep. Series I used to love (Street Fighter, Soul Calibur) I haven't even picked up this gen because of their DLC greed.

These greedy developers are pretty much killing their own genre, fanbasd and titles with these practices. Hardcore fans will still invest, everyone who isn't a hardcore fan will shrug and spend their money on other games.

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Representation matters, and someone's sexuality is part of their character.

It only always seems to be an objection when it's LGBTQ+ characters. Nobody bats an eye when Nathan Drake hooks up with a girl, or Kratos bangs a bunch of chicks, but when Tracer is 'outed' as gay, somehow folks are jumping up and down about how that's irrelevant and 'personal', and 'we don't need to know' ...

The knee-jerk reaction whenever...

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Because in a world already occupied with so many folks who are completely ignorant about history and facts, perhaps white-washing such an event like 'The Highway of Death' by blaming it on the Russians seems a bit ... wrong ...

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It's just amazing to me how developers can create an amazing game, which was hailed by critics and gamers for years as the best sports game, only to then completely ruin their own creation by inserting ridiculous MT-greed and unskippable ads ...

Imagine the sales and love for this game if they hadn't completely ruined it for their own short-term greed ...

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This was back when Team Ninja still made amazing DOA games which were just about delivering an amazing fighting game, instead of just a cheap and lazy tool to sell DLC outfits.

Such a shame how a once great fighting series has now been turned it just another cynical greedy cash-cow.

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Been playing this since yesterday: Amazing little fun game. Probably one of my favorite indie-gems this generation. Certainly top 10.

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill, which was added yesterday, is fantastic. Absolutely love it. If it has been under your radar, please do check it out.

Dirt 2.0 was a surprising addition so quickly after release. Skipped it at launch, because of all of the usual DLC/Season Pass greed, but been enjoying the base-game now it's on Game Pass. It looks and plays much better with a controller than Dirt Rally (1).

Already had Dishonored 2 lying around, waiting to ...

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I'd rather have a $500 PS5 with a 2/4 TB SSD built in, instead of a $400 PS5 where corners have been cut and it has too little storage, meaning you'll have to go and buy extra storage anyway.

Next gen will need more storage space than current-gen, so I'd rather pay a bit more up front, instead of having to spend extra a few months down the road ...

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It's been about 50-50 for me: Some have been regular, some were Halloween-themed. I'm new to the game (this being my first 'event'), so thought it was just normal.

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@CFC83: Shooting is far worse, very inconsistent, even with very good shooters. Also far too often you see your players missing absolute 100% chances likes tap-ins or 1-on-1's, by inexplicably just putting them past the goal. It should happen occasionally, of course, just like real life, but in this game the balance seems completely off.

Same thing when it comes to basic passing and crossing. It just makes the gameplay feel unreliable, cause you can't trust your pla...

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I wish PES2020 was just PES2019 with an updated roster. They made quite a few changes to the gameplay, and sadly, I don't feel those changes are actually improvements over the gameplay in 2018 and 2019. Quite the opposite.

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The censorship is completely unnecessary, and it automatically kills any interest I might have for a game.

Also, the huge difference between what's acceptable of violence, and what's acceptable of showing some skin, is beyond ridiculous. It seems fine to show a detailed impact of a shotgun shell exploding in someone's face, but gawd forbid the victim is wearing a short skirt and showing some slight cleavage while her head is blown to bloody pieces ... ... (!)

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There goes all interest I had in this game. Well done once again, Nintendo ... (!)

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My Switch hasn't come out of its dock since the day I bought it.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is looking promising.

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I beat the final boss in Ninja Gaiden Black on my first try, but found the boss fights with Alma more memorable. The early fight against the samurai on horseback (on the bridge) was challenging as well.

Ninja Gaiden Black was such an amazing game.

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Nice. Considered getting Berseria a couple of times, but then I saw it had DLC and didn't.

If this collection comes with all the DLC included, I'll probably pick it up.

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High prices for phones nowadays will have normalized higher prices for consoles as well, but I hope they'll manage to release it under 500 euro.

My main worry though, besides my PS4 controllers not being compatible, is HDD storage. Even this gen we already saw consoles launch with a tiny 500GB HDD, which really isn't enough, and next gen games will be even bigger (4K, high-res textures, etc), so even 1-2 TB HDD will fill up quite quickly, meaning you will have to ca...

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The gorgeous art style chosen for this game lends itself to still look great on less powerful hardware. Also, obviously, the arena's are relatively small, and I believe max amount of players in 1 match is 16 (8 vs 8 in one of the modes).

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Would really love an Xbox One Enhanced update though. I played it on my base PS4 and it looked and played amazing, but it's a bit ridiculous that even today the XBO X version will look (slightly) worse than on the base-PS4, because it never received that Enhanced update.

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Pro Evolution Soccer has been the best football game these past 3-4 years.

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