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I’ve always loved games like SimCity 4 and Cities Skylines. You start with nothing and then create something in your vision, and you try to micro-manage every part of your city in order to get it running properly, keeping your citizens happy/satisfied, etc. Even when you’re not actively playing, you catch yourself thinking about new projects in your city. It’s a genre where, if you’re invested, hours can pass by very quickly.

Two Point Hospital is more about managing than i...

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Because these decisions are made by ‘suits’ whose job it is to think of ways to ‘monetize’ their games post-launch in order to get the stockholders happy.

They’re the ones who will butt in on design-choices in order to get the devs to shoehorn in the latest fads and trends.
“Oh, THAT aspect of THAT game seems popular, so let’s do that in our game as well!”
“But that goes against the whole base-concept of our game/series”
“Well, I’m sure you’ll ...

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… except Duke Nukem Forever actually had folks interested in it once.

General response to Skull & Bones has been a collective ‘meh’, as well as a ‘why!?’, ever since it was announced …

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“Announcing the move on Wednesday, the company said it is “facing major challenges as the industry continues to shift towards mega-brands and long-lasting titles than can reach players across the globe, across platforms and business models”. “

Really!? Is that where the industry is shifting? Because personally I would much rather just see them focus on the games which made Ubisoft great, which were focused SP experiences like Beyond Good & Evil, Splinter Cell, Prince of...

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Also one of the best ‘feelings’ in gaming when you parry that laser and it bounces right back and blows them to smithereens …

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I’ll be waiting for a bundle with Forza ‘8’ (Forza Motorsports), but this would have been tempting if it had included the DLC and perhaps a new hardware color.

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Probably because a lot of folks don't trust current devs to do a certain game/series justice.

If EA announces a new SSX game right now, I'd be skeptical. Because current-day EA seems pretty clueless about what fans of SSX want.

If they'd announce a straightforward remake of SSX3, I'd be hopeful and delighted. Because that game was, and still is, pure gold.

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I think CHEAP plastic instruments is THE reason why the instrument-genre ‘died’.

People invested in buying the game AND the peripherals, so the guitar, the dj-set, the drum, whatever, and the experience was absolutely fantastic. Great fun, great music, etc.

But then the instruments would break. A button would stop working, or your hits wouldn’t register, and that kind of hardware failure would end in you not being able to play the game as intended, and th...

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It’s for the promotion of their next game, yet this kinda stuff only achieves to completely put me off. This ruins the game I own, and as a result, pretty much annihilates the chance of me picking up the game they’re promoting.

It’s beyond ridiculous, and 1; this shouldn’t be a thing, but 2; if you’re gonna make it a thing (and you shouldn’t), then at least give the option to completely turn off that nonsense.

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What happened? The suits at EA happened.
“Ah, people really like Dead Space. People love shooters. We’ll turn it into a shooter!’
“ … on top of that, let’s charge them for in-game boosts!”

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Strong STRONG disagree. I’d rather have 2-3 years of support and then seeing them move on to their next big project, instead of releasing numerous expensive season passes before they’re done.

I think MKXI and Injustice 2 found the right balance. And they released complete editions when the games were still relevant.

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Apologies, you’re correct. I guess I must have been thinking about Knights of the Old Republic. My bad.

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Original Xbox had a bunch of VERY good exclusives (Splinter Cell, Halo, PGR, Rallisport Challenge, Ninja Gaiden Black, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Halo of course, Forza, Fable, etc)

First few years of 360 were pretty good as well.

Then they saw Nintendo’s success with the Wii, and MS shifted all their 360 gaming focus to ‘Kinect’, and I think that’s where they kinda went off the rails big-time, and only in recent years does it seem like they realized their ...

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I played Generations again a month orso ago, and TBH, I still far prefer ‘Classic’ and Mania.

Generations is nice enough in the 2D levels, although visibility is a bit less than in ‘classic’, but I generally don’t care much for the 3D sections.

Would absolutely LOVE a Sonic Mania 2. I think everyone does, except Sega of course.

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Mean Machines split up into a Sega magazine and a Nintendo Magazine I believe, and there was some (artificial?) rivalry being kept up between the systems and fandoms. I’m pretty sure before the split the fanboy-wars were already alive & kicking in the letters pages.

Personally never cared for that nonsense.

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@Speak; Back in the Sega & Nintendo days, even the magazines were getting in on the console wars and goading their readers on about which system would be better. The letter pages in particular were mostly filled with ‘system x is surely better than system y’, and vice-versa. Check out some old C&VG and Mean Machines magazines from those days.

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I wouldn’t mind an ‘anime’ Need for Speed. Hell, I think that would/could be the breath of fresh air this stale series desperately needs, IF DONE RIGHT*, but this, whatever this is, isn’t ‘anime’.

It just seems like they threw a bunch of stuff together and said ‘okay, this should do it’.
“Folks didn’t like live-action C-actors in our game; Let’s fix that with cell-shaded characters instead!”
“Okay, we have new powerful hardware to work with, so the game ...

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Never looked interesting to me, but with a few individual exceptions, Need for Speed as a series has never appealed to me.

I much rather would have seen direct sequels to either Burnout 3 or Burnout Paradise, or if we’re talking about racing games outside of EA, a return of Project Gotham Racing, or a (spiritual) successor to the excellent Driveclub.

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Perhaps my Dualsense is broken or something, if I’m having such a different experience to most here, but in the few games I played, it hasn’t really impressed me that much, and in a game like Grid, the triggers are very inconsistent in their feedback/pressure when you go into corners, drifting, so it became quite difficult to control your car, because sometimes the triggers would push back in your drift, and sometimes you’d just press them all the way down with almost no resistance, or someth...

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I’d agree if it would be optional, so keep the Xbox controller for 60 bucks, and maybe add a new controller to your options for 15-20 bucks which adds the stuff Dualsense has.

Personally not much of a fan of the Dualsense, for multiple reasons (higher price, it’s forced and not optional, a bit inconsistent in some games, or it kinda takes you out of the experience instead of adding to the experience, more parts so more prone to malfunctioning/breaking, etc) and I prefer the...

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