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This. Original Mirror's Edge better than the newer one. We haven't had a good Tennis game in ages. SSX3 is still the best snowboard game, FIFA14/15 were better than the recent games, Driveclub is better than GRID and Project Cars 3, Super Meat Boy is still one of the very best 2D platformers, etc etc.

Jim isn't a gamer. He's a suit. So he just thinks "newer is better! More is better! Bigger is better!", and we've seen time and time again that i...

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This looks absolutely gorgeous. First 2 games were great, gameplay-wise, so high hopes for this …

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@Roswee; It’s worse than that. I don’t doubt the base-game will be ‘complete’ and worth the money (50-60 bucks), BUT when they announce a Season Pass and post-launch DLC, I just feel like they’re nickel & diming me, and when I start up the game, it will have notices that I should be buying such and such expansion/content, and I don’t need to have it thrown in my face that I paid 50 bucks for game that’s seemingly ‘incomplete’.

So I’d rather just wait, or skip the game ...

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Only thing announcing a Season Pass accomplishes is making sure I’ll skip the game at release to wait for a cheap complete edition instead. If I’m even still interested by then.

DLC greed has only made me spend less on these games, not more.

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Fans of the series will buy this day 1.

Everyone else will take a wait & see approach. If the game is great they’ll bite, and if it launches with scores of 7-8, they’ll shrug their shoulders and move on.

Personally, I believe the 70 bucks asking-price is way too high, and the Battle Pass is a stupid idea. I believe this kind of short-sighted Day 1 greed is going to harm the experience, the community, and thus the product itself.

I w...

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Sable looks amazing, and looking forward to finally getting my hands on Tunic.

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I know Shigeru Umebayashi's work from some Wong Kar Wai movies, and he's amazing.

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Same. I bought DB FighterZ new, but it was only 8 bucks orso. Never bought any of the DLC and never will, but if they’ll release a Complete Edition I’d bite. The sad thing is that I absolutely do like/love the game, but because the roster is incomplete I just don’t play the game.

Recently bought Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition. Didn’t have much of an interest in the game before there was a complete release, but when there was I decided I’d jump in. Which was a good decis...

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The genre has been killing itself with its DLC greed. Only hardcore fighting games fans will invest in buying these releases on Day 1, while everyone else sees the expensive Season Passes and decides to either wait for a complete edition somewhere down the line, or just skip these games completely.

A more healthy plan for these games would be to release these games for 40 bucks orso, announce ALL content released post-release will be 100% free for all players, and then just...

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Agreed. I like the ‘idea’ of a new King of Fighters, but objectively speaking the footage shown thusfar has been very underwhelming, especially when compared to stunners like Guilty Gear or the recent Mortal Kombat.

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I really believe it makes a huge difference to your experience with the game on which random first planet you land.

Got the game Day 1, and enjoyed it, but my starting planet had oxygen and was nice enough. I didn’t care much for the scavenging for parts, but it was relatively easy. Bit of a chore, but not too frustrating. After a few days and planets, I left the game and went (back) to other gaming experiences.

When I picked the game back up last year, s...

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Actually, I’d rather have a character creator so I can design my own cool avatar.
Master Chief has never appealed to me as a character, cause it’s basically just a green helmet. Just very ‘bland’, design & personality wise.

Compare it to Sam Gideon, in Vanguish, and there’s someone interesting behind the helmet, which also comes back into dialogue and tiny mannerisms (the cigarette flick).

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Why? Personally I enjoy how it gives you a huge open sandbox to enjoy, where it drops you in and you slowly move your way through the story and region becoming an evergrowing pest to the bad guys, giving you freedom on how to approach this war, slowly growing your abilities to give you more cool options, etc.

Clearing outposts have been among some of my favourite moments in gaming.

This world looks prettier than ever, there’s a big city in there which is ...

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Same, but not because the game doesn’t look good to me (I know I’ll enjoy Far Cry, and this looks better than ever), but because there’s already an expensive Season Pass announced, and I’ll never pay more than 50-60 bucks for a game if it’s not ‘complete’.

Game looks awesome (to me) but I’ll wait for an affordable Complete release.

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Played Eternal Champions when it came out, still have the cartridge, but it really wasn’t that good. Nothing about it stood out. Not the gameplay, certainly not the characters. It had relatively big sprites for the time, but it really wasn’t all that special. There are far better games Sega could bring back to this day & age.

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Some games can take 60-80+ hours to go through, and if you’d force a reviewer to quickly rush through that to meet a close deadline, that demand in itself would also affect the experience and thus the score.

I worked at a gaming magazine many years ago, and I believe the requirement back then was 8-10 hours for writing a review. Obviously you’d want reviewers to finish a game but it’s just not a very realistic demand for many games, plus for most games you can form an objec...

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I have no interest in 'unbelievable player counts'. If anything, I want player counts to be reeled back in to 24 vs 24 or 32 vs 32, so maps can be normal BF sized again, and you as a lone soldier can actually feel like you're making a difference in a match.

These devs seem to keep thinking bigger is better, and they just keep expanding, while losing what made us love Battlefield in the first place ....

We just want well-balanced classes, cool ...

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Pretty sure I'd have as much fun (or more, because patches/updates) with Ratchet and Clank when I buy it for 20 bucks 18 months from now, as I would if I'd buy it Day 1.

Currently just making my way through my backlog. Once a local store has PS5 in stock and I come across it, I'll pick it up, but no real rush otherwise to get it.

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Not waiting for a 'Pro' version cause that could be years away, but I'd like to wait on a version with a different color scheme, perhaps a bigger SSD included, and maybe a game bundled in.

With new games priced at 70 bucks (70 Euro even in Holland), I'm in no rush to pick any of them up at launch anyway.

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Same. I just wait for Complete Editions. Just bought MK11 Ultimate this week for 25 bucks. Great game, great purchase, but never would have bought it barebones.

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