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If they would just focus on the rally-aspect, I'd be interested, but they marketed it as another OTT Xtreme Festival dudebro racing game with different vehicle-types, and most of those vehicle types and races and event never interested me.

I love the sim-cade genre, which falls between serious 'sims' (Forza, GT, Project Cars 1/2, etc) and straight arcade racers (NFS, Burnout, etc), so games like Driveclub, PGR, and Rallisport Challenge 2, so if they'd focu...

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The announced price-hike is THE reason why I've postponed getting next-gen for now.

As these are launch-games for a new generation, I expect them to do well regardless of their higher price, also because there simply isn't much competition yet and people will need some new games to show off and enjoy their new console, but I don't see myself EVER spending 70 bucks on a game.

I'll wait until next year when perhaps some of these games are h...

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Sadly, the original lacked Japanese voice-acting and had terrible music, so that was never an option for me.

As it stands, there simply isn't any release that does this game justice. Every release has its own shortcomings, which is a real shame, because by all accounts, this game is among the best JRPGs this generation, so it deserves better.

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I couldn't care less about framerate in a game like this, if it means all the graphics get a downgrade.

I rather have a stunningly gorgeous adventure game in 30fps instead of a bland meh looking game in 60fps.

I love the art-design/style in Dragon Quest, so it will still look nice, but it's beyond disappointing how they didn't future-proof their Switch-build in order to be able to port it to other systems with the necessary upgrades. Especiall...

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Quite surprised Rocket League didn't make it onto the Games of a Generation list. It's basically this generation's Sensible Soccer or Speedball 2. Played and loved, still, by millions.

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Loved the first 2 games on C64/Amiga. Never cared much for the console editions. When they teased a new Turrican announcement a few months ago, I was hoping we'd get a current/next-gen 2D Turrican game, and I remain hopeful that perhaps some day we'll see a new 2D Turrican game, either an official one or a spiritual one.

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Okay, so they say you can't use DS4 on PS5 games because they claim they want these games to take advantage of these new features, but then you can turn these features off, so they're not integral to these games, so why can't we simply use our DS4 controllers ... ?

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Awesome. Nice to read the add-on also has disctricts in the New Territories, like (beautiful) Tai Po, my old home.

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The price hike already made me decide to postpone next-gen till next year, when some of these games might have big discounts and/or complete editions.

I don't plan on spending 70 bucks on ANY video game. It was already rare for me to drop 60, considering so many games these days are already flouting how they'll nickel & dime us post-release through DLC and MTs.

Most likely this will make me extra critical about which games I'll pick up, an...

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Same. Tokyo 42 never seems to go on sale.

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It sounds very high pitched and 'cartoony' (Boondocks) during the webslinging/fight. I love Miles as a character and liked his voice and design in the first game, so I'm a bit surprised I didn't like his voice here in this clip, cause supposedly it's the same voice-actor. Just caught me off-guard.

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Looks good, but really not a fan of Miles' voice ...

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Been playing and enjoying it. Don't understand everything just yet, but so far there's been no need to grind or anything, I already have some nice characters, and the graphics, the character design, the world, the music, it's all very nice.

It's well worth checking out at least.

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Pretty.sure these games were (much) better on Genesis.

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Take Two should throw Randy out of the game, Randy won't get paid, Randy sues his tattoo artist for lost income, problem solved.

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Lost all my interest when you told me.it was gonna be a Hollywood adaption.

Why even call it Yakuza then, when most likely it will just have the characters talking in English, and it wouldn't surprise me if they'd just have a story where they bring Kiryu over to America (NY, LA, whatever), so it will 'appeal' to 'a Western audience' (it won't. And it will frustrate and alienate Yakuza fans).

I'd much rather see Netflix anno...

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The FIFA demos are always terrible anyway, because they only allow you to play 1 game before taking you all through a bunch of screens and menus again before you can start another match, which is of course ridiculous when you want to get to learn the controls and feel how good the game is.

PES demo simply allows a 'Restart Match' option after every match, so you can simply play the game for hours non-stop without ever being forced through menus & screens again. ...

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Already found Roadhog extremely powerful, so surprised he got a boost. Orisa has been hit&miss for me, sometimes I do well, but she does feel slightly underpowered at times, especially compared to the firing power of Bastion. Her magnetic Orb could use a bigger range as well.

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All they'd need to do is rebuild the game completely with new assets and effects (lighting, weather, animation, etc) in order to make it look and feel current/next gen, but other than that they can stick completely to what they have, in terms of camera-angles, story, etc.

Throw in optional Japanese voice-acting, and it would be a perfect update.

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Awesome, I love paying extra for gimmicks I never asked for and only a few exclusives will take advantage of ... (!)

Not to mention the extra stuff inside also means there's more stuff that can (will) break down.

Really wish we could just use our PS4 controllers on PS5.

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