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Good, always seemed like an amazing game, but when I played it on my GF's Wii I just didn't care much for the controls, so never got far into it.

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You can always trust CD Project Red to do right by their customers and fans by not nickel & diming them with greedy small cosmetic DLC, and only charging for huge expansions, which are well worth the money. Love this studio.

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It's doomed because it has no notable exclusive launch line-up, and will be held back by having games that need to work on current-gen XBO consoles.

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"The gameplay looked better than anything that’s been shown from Avengers since last year."

True, but to be fair, that wasn't a high bar.

I think many of us were hoping for a story-based SP action adventure, like the first 4 games, and this seems co-op based loot-fighting.

I'm on the fence. Could be great, certainly hope it will be great, but right now, I'm just skeptical.

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I usually have little interest in Halo, although if Infinite had been an amazing game I obviously would have been, but if the Series X is able to play Fligh Sim 2020 and in great settings, that would have been a huge HUGE showcase to the power and possibilities of the new console, and you'd want that out on Day 1.

As it stands, Xbox Series X doesn't seem to have any real system sellers for their console launch, so a lot of gamers will stick with what they have, Xbox...

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I really wish we'd see a game with the graphical style of Everybody's Golf, with the amount of courses and locations of PGA Tours (but gorgeoys colorful fictional courts, instead of based on real ones ... )

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I imagine they'll release a complete edition for PS5 next year, so personally I'd hold out for that release ...

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I'm really not a fan of butchering up games in order to sell certain content only to certain customers.

I'm a pretty simple guy; If you sell a full-priced product, it should have all content included, for everyone.

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I'm more concerned about this now being owned by Codemasters, which nowadays often means they'll release half a game and then sell the rest as DLC.

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I rather have stunningly gorgeous graphics and effects instead of sacrificing good stuff just so they can hit 120fps ...

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Sony killed a great game when they removed Driveclub from their store and closed down the leaderboards. One of my favourite games this generation.

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Such a damn shame SE have chosen to be lazy and will use the downgraded Switch assets for this release, instead of putting some effort in to make sure this would truly be the definitive edition in all aspects.

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This has looked very promising since the very VERY short teaser we were shown many years ago, and it looks even more stunning now that we've seen it on the latest big PS5 showcase/presentation. No idea what to expect gameplay-wise, but it totally nailed the atmosphere/environment, and it seems to be something very original.

Looking forward to this.

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Not interested in the English dub, at all, and probably could have been released much faster in the West if.they would have left that out ...

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I would just like that huge Japanese mountain, Fujimi Kaido, back. It was such a perfect long gorgeous fun track to take your cars on and just drive and feel them out.

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Very much looking forward to playing this game, but I'm holding out for PS5 to arrive before I do. I want to experience this (and some other games) in the best way possible.

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@RgR; It's not your job to protest. It's your job to review.

It's easier than ever to voice your concerns and protests all over the internet to a worldwide audience (social media). That's fine.

You want to protest through posting fake reviews. That's not fine.

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This kinda greed really only just accomplishes that all my enthusiasm I had for this game has now been diminished greatly.

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Perhaps Shogun (mini-series) would have been a better recommendation as 'gateway' flick to the genre. The Zatoichi and Lone Wolf series bear mentioning as well of course.

Really wish the TV show Ryomaden would have gotten a release in the West, as I've heard good things about it. Been looking for it on BR or even DVD when I was in Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Japan, but haven't found it yet.

Blade of the Immortal is nice as well, although th...

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Excellent list.

Also, the article mentions 13 Assassins, but take note the Western release(s) of that movie is (sadly) a shorter cut than the Japanese director's cut.

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