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I love Breath of the Wild, but it was seriously held back by the Switch's hardware limitations, so while in game-design it could approach perfection (within the genre), it will never be as good as it could/should be, simply because the Switch wouldn't be able to deliver the devs vision without having to make compromises.

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I'm fine with a game being complete at launch. Just make and release the best game possible, tell the story you want to tell, and then move on to the next thing.

If a game has DLC I'm far more inclined to skip the base-game until there's a cheap complete edition.

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"Theres also more reports from former employees that if u didnt have or atleast agree with their trashy extreme leftist agenda then u would be alienated."

... and which 'trashy extreme leftist agenda' would that be, exactly ... ?

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The 2nd game is widely considered to be much better than the first in pretty much every aspect.

Kinda like how Assassin's Creed 2 was vastly superior to Assassin's Creed.

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I'm not talking 8 vs 8 or even 16 vs 16, but 24 vs 24 or 32 vs 32 would be okay. Battlefield 4 kinda struck the right balance with its maps and scale.

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The game has been out for only a few days. There's no way people who say they HATE a game have also played through the whole game. It's being review-bombed, and we all knew it was gonna happen from the moment we saw the first trailer with the kiss, because there's a group within our gaming community that feels threatened every time a game comes along that threatens/challenges their privilege.

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- Focus on Conquest mode
- Smaller teams, so what you do actually matters again.
- Smaller maps, better balanced. Battlefield 4 had some perfectly sized and balanced maps.
- You need to be able to just do your own thing again, which often resulted in those 'Battlefield' moments you'd remember. Right now, the focus was too much on squad-play and too powerful vehicles.
- 1 match shouldn't be a huge time-sink. 10-20 minutes is perfect, which m...

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Horizon needs to be Horizon, but Kena looks like it could be a great alternative to what Zelda is for Nintendo; an action-adventure game in a magical and mystical world.

Looked absolutely amazing.

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I loved it: It showed a nice variety of games, so we had colorful adventure-style games along with more serious 'mature' stuff. It was nice to finally see Little Devil Inside, after so many years, and it looks great. Kena was my game of the show, as it looks amazing. Loved absolutely everything about it. Other than that, the Miles expansion for PS5, a new Ratchet & Clank, and a Sackboy 3D platformer.

So, very excited.

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Not sure why you'd think Spider-Man couldn't be out within the next 2 years orso. They've already built the entire city, and Spider-Man will most likely just take place in that city again. They have most of the gameplay-mechanics in place, like the swinging, the fighting, etc, and a lot of the character models.

Yeah, they'll tweak, expand on and improve stuff, but most of the basics of it all will already be in place from the first game.

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They'll probably announce a few games people are expecting already, like Spider-Man 2 and perhaps a new God of War, but I doubt we'll see much more from those games apart from a tiny teaser and logo.

Horizon 2 seems fair, maybe a new Ratchet & Clank, Bloodborne Remaster seems likely considering that will be coming to PC, and probably a tease/announcement for GT7.

We could hope for a new Sly Cooper, maybe something from the Everybody's Go...

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I think we're at least a year away from release (I think they said 2021), but it already looks stunning, so I'm fine with them taking the time they need, instead of rushing towards a specific deadline.

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Now that many of us are stuck in our homes, and vacations to far away places are kinda out of the question, it would have been nice to just jump on a virtual plane and scout the skies of some gorgeous exotic locations far away.

For me, I'd love to jump into a small sports plane and just fly all over a city like Hong kong, see the old neighbourhood where I lived, the parks and beaches I went to, and then perhaps fly over to one of the islands, or Macau, and land my litt...

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Don't be ridiculous. 'Women' didn't kill this game, but the game itself just isn't a lot of fun. Every Conquest map is too big, with far too many players, and every round lasts roughly 30 minutes orso, so it's a huge time-sink.

In former Battlefield games you kinda could go your own way and have real 'Battlefield experiences' while you could still be important to the overall objective and feel special, like you made a difference, which is ra...

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Their post-launch support for this game has been amazing, and has created a lot of goodwill, considering it was all free.

I doubt I would have bought any of the DLC, ever, if it had been paid DLC, but the free DLC kept me coming back to the game every month to just check out the new stuff and play it for a couple of hours, which is what you'd want from post-launch support.

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Driveclub is still the prettiest racing game on the market, although a Dirt Rally 2 comes close at times when it comes to its lighting.

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Battlefront 2 was already worth playing.

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Between 540p and 720p while docked.

Not gonna lie; That's pretty disappointing and bad.

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Sega themselves hardly seem to understand why Sonic 1 and 2 were so incredibly popular, so I'm skeptical they'll suddenly release a great new Sonic game, unless it's Mania 2.

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I'd love for it to be white. I'm really bored with black boxes.

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