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It's probably the best rally game this gen, and one of the best racers this gen, and it's a bit of a shame I only got to discover that because of Game Pass, because I already decided to skip it because of the Season Pass greed.

Hope there will be an affordable (20-25 bucks orso) complete edition within the next few months, which I might buy.

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They released an incomplete game where you had to either grind a ridiculous amount of time to unlock all characters, or buy the DLC. Either way, they sold people an incomplete game, and many folks, including myself, refused to buy into that, and instead have turned their back on the series they once loved.

Also, I feel Capcom's character-design in both SF4 and SF5 has been atrocious. Capcom used to have AMAZING character-design, for pretty much all their games, but thes...

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NiGHTS into Dreams, on Saturn, had a special Christmas version, I believe, which were just 2 levels orso, which was given away for free with new Saturns in Japan, as well as with a magazine in the UK. Never played it, but it sure looked Christmassy on the screens I saw of it..

Luckily, many games these days, while not centered around Christmas, will have timed 'Christmas events', so you'll have snow, unlock Christmas-related content, etc etc.

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I often create a female avatar, simply because too often I find it too hard to create an interesting male avatar.

The last character creator where I managed to create fun cool male characters, was probably in Everybody's Golf, where I was able to create avatars that look like myself.

In Monster Hunter, Sunset Overdrive and a couple of other games, I often create a short-haired asian female avatar.

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I have a Switch, but I have a bigger problem with them keeping their games at full price for so long. I end up simply not buying their games (only own 4 I believe), and it might actually result in me selling my Switch and games.

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I watch movies in their original language.
I watch TV show in their original language.
I play games in their original language.

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Would have bought it at launch if it would have had the Japanese voices included.
One of those series which has always appealed to me, but the English dub has always kept me from playing it.

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I hated those private servers in BF4, cause it allowed mods/admins to set their own rules, so you'd have them banning certain weapons, completely messing up the balance.

So they'd spam-kill the map with their choppers while banning the use of stingers and such, so you couldn't actually take them out.

Plus we saw DICE not having enough official servers in the air because they relied on those private servers to take the burden.

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The post-launch support for this game is admirable and welcome, but at the same time I really kinda wish they would just focus purely on Conquest-mode and maps, which, to me at least, is what Battlefield has always been about.

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Thanks Team Ninja, but I'm staying far away from the DLC-greedfest which is DOA these days ...

Used to love the series back on Dreamcast and Xbox, but DOA5 was already shameful in terms of DLC, and DOA6 seems even worse ...

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You're complaining about riding horses, in a game about cowboys.

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I hope, as a fellow Dutchman, that he'll push for developers to always include the original language on all their releases as an option (We don't really care much for dubs here in Holland, and usually prefer the original language, regardless of what that language might be), as well as cut back on the censorship-practices Sony has been guilty of these past few years.

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Thanks, I stand corrected. Did the same and seems like it unlocked for free. :)

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The decision not to include her was based on a fear for the reaction it would cause, due to Mai being sexy.

That's censorship.

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Notice: Playing the beginning is free, but there's an in-app purchase you need to make to unlock the rest of the game.
So, not free at all, but just the early part of the game.

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They could have kept the leaderboards up at least.

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Extremely disappointing how Sony has treated one of its best exclusives this generation. Love Driveclub. Such a shame it never received the love, attention and respect it deserved from Sony, post-launch.

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Venom was teased at the end of Spider-Man, and it seems reasonable to assume Harry will be there as either Green Goblin or perhaps Hobgoblin.

I hope we'll see Miles as Spider-Man (playable), and I'd like to see more of Black Cat.

Didn't care for Mary-Jane in the first game; not her character model, nor her personality, nor her gameplay levels. Love her in the (original) comics though, where she was mostly positive, upbeat, curvy and just fun. ...

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Yep. Series I used to love (Street Fighter, Soul Calibur) I haven't even picked up this gen because of their DLC greed.

These greedy developers are pretty much killing their own genre, fanbasd and titles with these practices. Hardcore fans will still invest, everyone who isn't a hardcore fan will shrug and spend their money on other games.

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Representation matters, and someone's sexuality is part of their character.

It only always seems to be an objection when it's LGBTQ+ characters. Nobody bats an eye when Nathan Drake hooks up with a girl, or Kratos bangs a bunch of chicks, but when Tracer is 'outed' as gay, somehow folks are jumping up and down about how that's irrelevant and 'personal', and 'we don't need to know' ...

The knee-jerk reaction whenever...

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