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To be honest, I'd rather see them focus completely on their next game. Unless these cars willl also carry over to Forza Horizon 5, of course.

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For starters, sales doesn't automatically equal quality of course. There have been amazing games which have sold poorly, and we've seen mediocre games selling many millions of copies.

Mario Kart 8 is, by most accounts, a must-have game for the Switch. And most Switch owners will have it. It's a 1st party Mario game aimed at a wide audience, young and old. It's a fantastic game within its genre.

But I can understand how a game like Xenoblad...

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Driveclub was probably my favourite game this generation. Just perfect in what it was.

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They seem to think we want it all to be bigger, but that means maps become too big, you become over-reliant on vehicles, and your impact and importance in each match becomes smaller, to the point of insignificance.

I really wish Battlefield would just go back to its roots and JUST focused on Conquest, on medium-big maps (5 flags), with 24 vs 24, or 32 vs 32 players.

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I quite enjoyed the demo for Dragon Quest Heroes 2, but never bought it because it stayed relatively expensive here.

Not a fan of other Musou games I've tried.

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Really wanted this, but the Western releases don't have the Jaoanese voices included. I hope they can release an update that puts them in.

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Yeah, not just NG3 being terrible, but also Sigma 1 & 2 not living up to Itagaki's releases (NG Black & NG2), plus these devs have seemed more interested in nickel & diming their fans with scandalous greed on the once loved and respected DOA games.

Nioh 2 shows they still got what it takes, but it's disappointing to see how they butchered 2 classic series and fleeced (former) fans.

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If it already looks boring to you, you probably won't like it. Some people went in expecting GTA with cowboys, and then came out disappointed that it wasn't. It's story-driven and slow-paced. If you're okay with that concept, and open to it, it's amazing. Personally, I loved this game. But if you're the kinda guy (/girl) who just wants to rush through a game, instead of slowly absorbing that world in all its glory, then it won't be for you.


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If you've already played RDR2 I wouldn't go back to RDR, which now looks and plays ancient in comparison.

Was hoping Rockstar would one day release a RDR Remaster inside RDR2's world as SP DLC, but sadly that never materialized

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Konami had some excellent games in the 16 but era, like both Tiny Toons (SNES & Genesis) games, Pop nTwinbee, Batman, Super Castlevania, and the Parodius games. IF they'd put the effort in, like CRT-scanlines to get that pure clear pixel-look, like the games looked back then, I'd definitely be interested in that.

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The government probably already earned that investment back from the taxes CDPJ will pay from their sales, so no big deal. It's not that out of the ordinary for a government to invest in industries, including the entertainment industry.

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Personally, I'll wait for a nice bundle and/or new color-scheme. Scalpers are buying up every batch for now anyway, so I'd rather wait for a better deal down the line.

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Not really surprising, considering pretty much every Gran Turismo missed its intended release date, and we've barely seen any actual footage yet for this game. Don't be surprised if it will be 2022 at the earliest.

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I'd love a Metal Gear Solid remake, but considering Bluepoint couldn't be bothered to include the Japanese voices in their recent excellent Demon's Souls remake, I doubt they'd include them if they'd do MGS, so I wouldn't buy a dub-only release anyway ...

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I'd love this, but sadly they haven't even bothered to give the game an 'Enhanced for XBO X' patch when XBO X came out, which is a shame, because the base XBO (S) ran this game on 900p or something, compared to 1080p on PS4. So many XBO owners were hoping the developers would at least work in some patch to increase/improve that.

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I think Origins and Odyssey actually handled DLC okay, in that these are worthy expansions, both in terms of content and quality. Plus the full priced main games are already massive. So when we're talking about DLC and nickel & diming this past generation, I'd argue those two games didn't skimp out on content just to sell it later as DLC.

In direct comparison, Far Cry 5's Season Pass content was terrible, with 3 very lazy and mediocre separate new chapte...

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Sadly, the number of Developers/games I 'want to support on Day 1' has severely diminished these last few years.
The 3 I can think of, this past gen, have been No Man's Sky (Day 1, 50-60 bucks), The Witcher 3, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

To begin with The Witcher 3, these are devs I absolutely trust to do us consumers right, when it comes to value-for-money, post-launch support, and not nickel & diming us. I consider them the example of how those in ...

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Having licensed music in games also opens it up for being pulled from the library years from now, when such rights expire. While licensed music can obviously add something to the experience when it fits the level/scene/vibe/whatever, it's also a risk, when they've only licenced the music for a certain amount of years.

Hopefully, they've been smart about this and it won't be a problem 15-20 years orso from now, when people want to play this with the original ...

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Most underrated game last gen might be the amazing Driveclub, considering how Sony killed the studio that made.it, removed the game from its store, and even took down the leaderboards.

One of the biggest crimes against gaming this generation.

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Nice. Enjoyed the game while it lasted, which was a few hours through it's 4 championships, but after that there was little reason to return to it. Did enjoy my time with it, but it was over a bit too quickly, so new tracks would definitely be welcomed.

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