Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Im not. I will probably just skip those articles.

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How are either of these consoles ‘More flexible’ when they use the same architecture? Please explain.

One has a fster SSD, one has a better GPU and faster memory (some of it).

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Ummmm did anyone read the article? I see that only a few above did.

I'm just ready to purchase mine. I hate the lead up to new consoles. It's just like American politics and election season.

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Oh man the wording in these "lets get people enraged" articles is hilarious.

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Why does it matter?

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He's not holding press conferences. Websites just take quotes from any and everything and turn them into 'articles'.

+1 for the joke.

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Alright. I will be getting mine.

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That is true. Just like most people can't tell what resolution they are playing at unless they are told.

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The headlines are crazy. "A celebration...."??

It did not remind me of either of those games. The fighting reminded me more of Bushido Blade. Timing is everything.

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It reminds me of a more up to date graphical version of Bushido Blade (but with more combat). Timing is everything.

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I just don’t think you fully understand what is being talked about.

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This is the problem.

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Tell us how you really feel.

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I've been saying this for years, but I do understand the reluctance. Would the PS5 be what it is without Microsoft pushing? Would the XSX be what it is without the Fups of Xbox One and Sony pushing?

One console, one online play service would be great.

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............ I'm going to have to double check, but I think you win.

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Yeah, those World of Warcraft players ruined it for everyone.

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Engine looks great for what we saw.

One character, Ultra assets, great lighting. I cannot wait to see what devs do once they are able to optimize for the hardware. That, of course, will take some time.

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I understand what everyone is saying.

It's more than just having a fast SSD. PC's will have them of course, but I think it's the pipeline from the ssd to the GPU (Velocity/Kraken, etc). In the consoles it's more efficient. I get that. I still don't understand why these people think that this one piece will make the XSX trash.

If data is being pushed straight from the SSD to the GPU the PS5 SSD will win as it can push more data/s, but ...

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All games will not be cross gen. Only some first party. Other devs choose what they want to do.

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