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So, why did the new Batman game get creamed for having damage points but no one is talking about that 'issue" for this game?

I don't care either way but it just shows how people perceive a game depending on where it lands.

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For me, I agree. I can’t dictate what others do with their money though.

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Other than Ratchet, and the Demon Souls REMAKE what truely next gen game are you looking forward to play day one on the PS5?

Edit: Its a stupid counter argument against a stupid argument.

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From scratch? Like who? That goes for Sony and Microsoft.

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Depends on the size of the game of course. They should have tried Halo MCC or Gears of War.

Edit:These would have given a worst case scenario

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Thanks. Bought 3!

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You guys really take this stuff too seriously!

Ps4 was mentioned because it is from the same generation and works in the same manner that the Xbox One does. And probably because he/she has played on both.

If the article was entitled “PS5 Impressions.....” i’m sure that the Xbox One would be mentioned alongside the ps4

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I'm not getting one, but it no longer works FYI. I was just testing.

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Maybe. Maybe not. But as a businessman you have to think beyond the PS5.

Having their games on PC hasn’t killed off the hype for series X. There will always be those that go the route of the PC. But there will also be those that go the route of the console.

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Nah. Sony’s playstation division will survive with no issues. They just need to release their franchises on PC day and date. That would be great news for everyone.

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I'm just wondering how long will we have to wait until a smaller version of these consoles drop.

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Demon Souls is already out on PS3

Edit: Devils advocate.

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Im not a victim of anything so I don’t understand your comment. If the truth hurts, it just hurts. Deal with it (Sony or Microsoft).

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Anything negative against anything Sony is considered to be a paid slander campaign funded by Microsoft. Don't take it personally.

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That is my issue.

100% truth here:

After yesterday, I decided to hold off on both next gen consoles for a while. Nothing there warranting purchase right away with the exception of better versions of old games (which ps gamers have been laughing at over the past year but now that somewhat same practice is a "blow to gamepass"???).
GODFALL ... I can play on PC
DEMON SOULS ... old game
SPIDERMAN ... I can play on ps4 and...

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You fell for the troll. You guys fall for it everytime.

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Deflection at its best. Change the argument when you are triggered.

Everyone expected the ps5 to sell out initially and expects the same for the Microsoft console. It doesn’t change the fact that people have been saying Microsoft is holding gaming back but that same energy AS A WHOLE does not get sent toward Sony in the same scenarios.

There is so much backtracking by individuals on the subject matter that there is really no point in debating anymore. I...

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Through PS Now

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........ it said up to 120fps people. Everyone is a critic of everything.

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