Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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It is compatible with all usb3 hdd's. You can play old titles off of those HDD but all games made for this next gen will need to run off of the internal SSD or an expansion SSD (when offered)

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So, everyone just go out and buy the 3070 and please dismiss the 3090’s because Those TF differences mean nothing.

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Which would you take to carry a large load?

Its all relative to the job.

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Everyone is so damn dramatic these days.

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I have honestly had a blast with this game. I really did not expect to. I haven’t played any multiplayer yet, but once the xsx comes out I will with my son who just wants to help me kill spiders.

Edit: One item that I think could help the game is some type of on screen compass for directional awareness.

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I remember having every NFL Team for the Xbox 360 faceplates.

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I play all the Halo games from time to time. I played Halo 1 and 2 yesterday.

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......... so like the Xbox 360 (which was just the faceplate). If so that would be great. It's a design cue that Microsoft should have kept.

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Its an open world Halo game.

Add to that it will probably be a different person reviewing Halo than reviewed Ghost so opinions vary.

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I can see it now. Seagate "ps5 compatible" 1tb nvme being more $$$ than the same part without the label.

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Has Sony even said anything about their memory solution as of yet?

I know that people are saying (for both consoles) use a regular USB HDD to hold games and then transfer to NVME when you are wanting to play. Other than that have we had any news?

Myself, I will wait until the price/GB goes down to buy one of the Microsoft cards. I wonder what the max size in GB will be for this storage solution this gen. They can't cram infinite blocks on such a smal...

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Too much talking. Get out of here Phil, lol.

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Crimson skies is a no brainer for this gen. They need to do it.

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............. damn. I was really looking forward to the show until he opened his mouth.

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Somehow this will be turned into Microsoft copied Sony lol

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..... Is this an ad?

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Stop making sense. Hell, Apple was so dominant they even destroyed the Ipod lol.

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This GEN is going to be fun lol. You guys are really emotionally invested.

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It's not exclusive to PS5. It's just VR. You still have to have the VR headset to have this "feature". Why not just say in the title "Resident Evil 8 to support PSVR"?

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