Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Can’t win for losing with some of you.

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....... It is allowed to fail or succeed, it was released. It will probably succeed.

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They should do remasters of GTA and GTA2

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I would prefer a revamped Mass Effect Trilogy for Next Gen (and PC SSD) with no loading, better textures and effects. One cohesive story with no distinction between the three versions. Once you complete one, the story seamlessly transitions into the next iteration as if it is one complete game.

But, I know that they are going to drip them to us one game at a time.

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No neck Ed!

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........ The digital, from the looks of it, was probably their main design. I'm sure they are ready for and planned for it.

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Looked great. I cant wait to play it.

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I agree. If a dev wants to move on GOOD FOR THEM. Make the best game possible and fulfill your vision.

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Microst is not Trying to hold back next GEN.

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Its not that they couldnt make the game work on last gen hardware, its that the loading times would have sucked.

The newer versions (PS5 XSX) would have been vastly superior.

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You got all of that from a patent?

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Im buying Ratchet and Clank day one along with that game with the female astronaut (I forget the name).

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Not if you only play on console ...... or do not have a super computer.

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Looks nice, but those who said that their engineers will keep it traditional and not go vertical were wrong.

It could be my eyes and the curves but it looks taller than the XSX

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This GEN is going to be great lol.

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I wish that I could reply directly to Zeke68 but I can't.

Software solutions aside, they use the same architecture, made by the same vendor. There are custom parts to the silicon in different areas yes, but they are inherently the same in most aspects.

I appreciate the personal insult though. It lets me know to block you.

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PS5 has higher memory bandwidth???? I am confused.

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If the PS5 and XSX had the same spped SSD would we be having this discussion?

They both have similar architecture just different names for it. Sony allocated more resources to their SSD throughput, Microsoft allocated for faster memory (smaller pool) and stronger gpu. BC pack, Kraken, it’s all the same.

Like I said. I don’t expect major differences between the two. People will look hard to try and find them but they will be miniscule. Both SSD’s are mul...

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My opinion is not law.

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“Just as with the normal maps, this step can likely be skipped completely for a lot of objects as well. The SSDs are probably the true heroes in all this, because all of the other features likely wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t possible to load these huge models and information sets fast enough.”

Just in case anyone was wondering.

My take: This coming GEN, any part of a game engine designed for the SSD, ps5 will do it better. Any part of the game eng...

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