Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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................. but it just ran on a laptop at 40 fps though?

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Lol touche’

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................... @ Master Tonberry, it was a sarcastic comment.

I obviously need to work on that.

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Give us the % differences of the memory bandwidth also. Also, what will be the differences in controller lag? Which console will be bigger?

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This is getting or has gotten crazy.

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It won't be a disaster. The majority of gamers do not care. Sony would still outsell Microsoft (console wise) and they will continually tell people to remember that.

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Nah, it will be the same stuff. Barely noticeable differences that you can only see when running side by side with two microscopes.

Now if one was running 30fps and the other 60fps, I still think it wouldn't matter for those that have made their bed with a certain manufacturer.

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LOL. Crazy

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You win.

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It does matter, in a sense, since the title says that the demo was reproduced. It is impressive, but the demo was not even close to being reproduced.

This cancel culture, you are with me or against me mentality has to stop. It is a cancer. AnubisG was 100% correct and factual, not opinionated. It was impressive, but not close to UE5.

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I wouldn't say reproduced, but they did 10000000x's better than what I would have done.

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It's ridiculous. They can't do anything wrong ....... depending on who you ask.

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I'm sure they care. Maybe not as much as Sony, but they care. They will never beat Sony in sales no matter what they do, which is fine, but do not downplay it.

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Most PC drives aren't even up to the Series X speed though. Typical SSD's read/write aroud 500-600MB/s. This is what most pc gamers will have, if they have an SSD at all. The newer NVME drives are pushing the 2-4 GB/s throughput which is where the XSX falls in between. Very small minority.

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Is this for real?

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I agree. They got One Upped by a tech demo.

The demo was great. I can’t wait to see what devs do with UE5

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@NewMonday please do the same thing that you tell Xbox fanboys to do and that is reasearch before you post something fanboyish on the internet.

The XSX does the same thing. Only renders what you see. Having said that, it is all about the gaming engine used.

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Xbox might have slightly better graphics with it's 16% faster GPU but PlayStation will be able to support games that xbox can't run with 100% more SSD speed.

That is the biggest load of croc. That is like saying the XSX will be able to support games that the ps5 can't run because it has a better GPU. It's a silly argument.

There will always be differences, since both platforms are never 100% identical, in game development between the manu...

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I played 1 and 2 and they are fun. A lot of RPG elements go into play with picking your team and their attributes on defense and offense. Doesn't matter if you play on easy, but once you start upping the difficulty it's the little things that make the difference between a win, a loss, and a humiliating loss.

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I like this series.

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