Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Go outside and breath. These consoles are not limited editions. If you cannot get one at launch, you will eventually.

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Stupid parents who spoil their kids, or people that have money and did not want to do the pre-order leg work.

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Why is this even an article?

Title:”Xbox series X is crushing the PS5 in black market sales”

Me:Why is this even an article?

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Fed up? Wow. To each his own I guess.

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I don’t see the issue with this one. It will not stand out in any type of way and it’s very minimalistic.

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No. Playstation now has the biggest console (which others were mocked for in the past) and the biggest controller (which many said that the bigger controller hurts their hands) but now it's perfect? Nintendo has the smallest console. Microsoft has the simplest design and sits in the middle as far as size.

Me personally, I'm glad that the controller size/shape has changed for the playstation. I can think of a few changes I would like to see for the Microsoft controll...

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Eh, the series S will perform comparatively but at lower resolutions.

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Why does Sony have to take note? Acquisitions happen all of the time in all aspects of business outside of video games. There are always risks and rewards.


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Lemme guess ...... walking simulators aren’t cool now?

I don’t buy/play horror games so it is a no go for me either way.

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Dude, you try too hard. I give you an A+ for your efforts though, geez.

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What temp is your xbone/ps4 putting out?

Ask me and Im going to tell you the truth ..... I don’t know and don’t care, my games are playing!

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Because when it comes to stuff like this (UI) it is subjective to the individual.

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There’s that ‘Game Changer’ again lol

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What is there for the fanboys to defend?

Why does everything have to be defensible?

If no one told anyone the UI resolutions, would anyone have know. Will it make me love Godfall more than Halo?

Some of the stuff that you guys/gals choose to beat your chest over surprises me.

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Every week we have “a game changer”.

I wish people would stop being so dramatic with these titles (in all regards)

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not having a console in their hands are not good excuse not to make a ps5 video...................

What? How else are they going to make a video? From Thin air?

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Soooooo he says it is super hot to the point that he dropped it, then proceeded to immediately pick it back up with no issues??????

I'm not saying that it's not hot, as these NVME drives get hot hence the reason that pc's have heatsinks for them, but this is getting blown out of proportion. You will never know how hot the 'FASTER' NVME drive on the ps5 gets as you cannot hot swap it.

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Edit: disregard.

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I didn't understand it either.

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