Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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I hope that this isn't a 90 minute movie. I need it to be longer.

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You people are terrible.

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Who cares. They all are selling well and that is a plus. My son has a PS5 (just to play f'n fortnite it seems) and I'm waiting to get a XSX when I have time to play games again. I really want a new GPU though but I refuse to pay these scalper prices.

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I hope that it is for a good (graphical) reason. Those games would look great with refreshes up to par with even what the ps4/xbone could do.

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I never played the multiplayer. I really don't need it to buy the game. I wish that it was a full rework but it still looks good. We do need a proper XSX PSV version though. 60fps is great but these two consoles can do so much more.

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I did not like the controls. I just want an RPG Mass Effect similar to Mass Effect 1. Better visuals. More Planets. Make your bullet selection (fire,ice,etc) mean something depending on the enemy.

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Not the genre of game that I like to play. To each his own and I hope that purchasers have a great time with it.

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I personally do not care either way. A game with a slightly better resolution on ps5 will not stop my enjoyment of it if I buy it on XSX (when I get one). A game with a slightly better resolution on XSX will not stop my enjoyment of it if I buy it on the PS5.

The only thing people should be concerned with these days are crashes, terrible bugs, corrupt saves, etc. If a game has too many of these issues on one console then avoid that version.

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Meh (for me), I don't like the Ark games. The controls seemed off and I got into the game so late that I felt overwhelmed.

Also .................. 2022? Call me when we get through 2021 first.

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Everything is an excuse to write an ‘opinion piece’. It seems to only be a problem when you don’t agree with the opinion.

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‘The biggest difference appears to be regarding the load times, where the PS5 commands a roughly 12% difference. Although, in reality, this only translates to ~1 second lower load times on the PS5 compared to the Xbox Series X.’

They wrote a fanboy headline for an average one second difference in load time and the usual suspects fell for it again.

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But everyone that wanted it to be true fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

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Oh, I'm not worried about anything. These articles can pop up 24/7 for all I care. I was just making an observation. For me it's not that serious but I do understand the power of persuasion.

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I just want to say this ................

The defective ps5 'articles' were removed/failed but almost every Xbox defective 'article', even duplicates, are still here.

Edit: The only reason I saw this was because I went to respond to someone but I couldn't find the post anymore.

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So why are there no PS5 issue articles even though youtubers are reporting bricks and storage glitches? Because its only a few units. Same with these Xbox issues.

Come back after Christmas or the Spring of next year when things are in full swing.

Nothing wrong with being cautious but in this age of people believing anything because its on the internet we have to be careful.

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Wasn't it Ubisoft that stated it would run at native 4k and 60 fps? Sounds like the devs owe an apology to some people.

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Godfall is Multiplat. Just an FYI. I'm not buying it, but it is multiplat and not ps5 only or Xbox only.

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You fell for it?

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taking sound more seriously? WTF has Dolby been doing all these years? Their engine does the same thing that Tempest does. It's just that tempest cost Sony nothing to implement (which is genius). Everyone else will have to pay Dolby for the use of their tech.

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Better 4 to 6 hours than 2 ............ I will see my way out.

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