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......... It has always been this way. If the machine that you are gaming on is not your home console, then you cannot play your games offline. If it is your home console then you can play them offline. I should know, I let a co-workers child borrow my Xbox One X for 6 months and he had to keep it offline as he doesn't have internet.

His son played Halo and Call of Duty with no issues.

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Did anyone actually read the article and the cause of the "issue" or just come in with GLEE and comment against the company?

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Depends on what you are playing, watching, streaming.

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Most wouldn't know unless someone told them.

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I was unaware that Halo 4/5 failed instantly.

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It's on PC. You know, the platform that everyone has because they keep reminding people that they don't need to buy an Xbox to play superior versions of their games.

On topic: Great game. I actually played it the other day for a short while. I beat it loooooong ago and have every piece of DLC.

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One of the few games that I finished. I have actually finished this game on pc and Xbox.

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I agree. I do not see a big difference, but there effort is appreciated.

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This was the game that got me into PC gaming back in the day. I still have my discs and I bought the digital version on Steam.

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LOL. This thread will not get as many posts as the other though.

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I don't agree with the Series S, but I'm sure the situation is not as cut and dry as that.

Effects, more stable frame rates, loading times, etc all have to be taken into account.

I do understand though that at the end of the day the 1080p is what everyone sees and it was a bad idea by Microsoft IMHO to build that console.

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2 years.

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Why are people so obsessed with nude mods in gaming? I just don't get it.

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....... That is with everything and everyone. This isn't something relegated to Sony.

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You didn’t read it huh?

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I hope that this isn't a 90 minute movie. I need it to be longer.

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You people are terrible.

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Who cares. They all are selling well and that is a plus. My son has a PS5 (just to play f'n fortnite it seems) and I'm waiting to get a XSX when I have time to play games again. I really want a new GPU though but I refuse to pay these scalper prices.

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