Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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So are many of the hyped psvr2 games ……

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I tried to play Kayak VR today on Steam with quest 2 ………….. I got sick AGAIN. No VRFor me anytime soon.

I can play games as long as their is no moving involved it seems

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All I have to say is that I am very impressed with what the Oculust Quest 2 does. I still cannot play certain games as I get motion sickness, but I do like the games that I have played.

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As with most things, it's not as black and white as that.

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....... The Series X cards are hot swappable. That is the only major difference between the two that I can think of outside of the proprietary issue. So technically............. nevermind.

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I would love for them to create one more MK in the old style.

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I decided to wait as I do not NEED a new GPU right now. I was in the queue on AMD on launch day, but when I went to checkout, I just trashed the cart and kept it moving.

My question is will the 7900xtx be the top tier card from AMD this cycle, or is another card waiting to be revealed.

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Wall-E also had a strong message for humanity. I wish people would listen.

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I understand, but if I were to play this game, my 5-year-old would be around, and I would prefer to have clean dialogue.

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Can you turn the cursing off?

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I have 64gb of ram because of Native Instruments.

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.......... That is not how/why STEAM was created.

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That's unreal 5?

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Huh? Have you even played Requiem?

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A starship troopers Tower defense game just seems like a logical choice to me

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It's rarely used.

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I liked the campaign, but it just felt like they left a big chunk of the story out. Too many missing information.

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I have had no problems with my elite series 2. The back buttons have tremendously helped my finger placement fatigue.

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I mean, it can be summed up in a few sentences.

Regular people figured out a way to collectively/possibly get rich. The actual rich were losing money and didn't like it. Officials stepped in and made sure that the regular people got screwed but were never convicted of anything.

The end.

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