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Why does that look like Franklin (GTA V) on the first daytime sequence?

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It's sad.

It's one of the reasons that I do not buy day one hardly anymore. Especially for PC. I just wait for the GOTY or bundled edition to get to a reasonable price.

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That's exactly what it was. I trashed it immediately.

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Have any of you received a weird PM from surge2120? Im not clicking on it as I think it is spam but I wanted to bring it to everyones attention.

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Edit: Sorry, I did not mean to respond to you.

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it says, specifically in the original message NOTHING ABOUT BEING ALL GAME PLAY.

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It wasn't E3. I, personally, wanted to see more but I'm glad that they gave a platform to other obscure games(now the Assassins Creed Incident is purely on Ubisoft).

More games, videos, events will come from both Sony and Microsoft. Atleast they are showing something. You can't win for losing.

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What did you guys expect, E3?

They showed a few games and moved on. I think that it is great that they are showing some of the lower tier marketed games. This gave them a platform to get their name/game out there.

I, me, we wanted big blockbusters and 2 hours of gameplay from Crysis 6 and Halo 15 but we got what we got.

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120 fps option.
4 player coop split screen.
Ability to choose weather and how dynamically it changes.

Sounds interesting. It looked like a very clean game (from what was shown, if it was gameplay).

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That's what she said ............................. Is the exit this way>

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Two different types of games man. A setting will not change your disdain for a series I do not think, but I have been wrong before.

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Agreed. I think that the first game that they showed (the one built by one person) was interesting. A lot of Ray Tracing seemed to be going on. I like that fact that Dirt will have 4 player splitscreen and the option for 120fps on XSX. The ability to change the weather and determine how fast/drastic it changes throughout the game will be interesting.

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The space game with the chic seemed interesting. I need to keep an eye on it.

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Nothing has grabbed my attention as of yet. I'm not into horror games.

Edit: I have to remember that these are third party games also.

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I appreciated the graphical menus (options). It gave you a great feel of what you would be sacrificing/adding by turning things on and off.

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I'm like, why are we still doing this? Surely most gamers are adults now right?

I'm sure the car that I drive was not the best selling in it's class but I still enjoy it.

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The switch is a different generation......

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Super Mario Bros

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Humans are a crazy species.

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