Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Funny you are, but nah!!

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Uh, earlier than I expected.

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Who gets mad?

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The one you prefer.

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Same thing that I was thinking. I haven't played the game, but I knew that it was coming out on Xbox Console months after the pc release, months ago. A lot of the people complaining above that Microsoft should be "ashamed" don't even game on the Xbox Systems. They are constantly trashing them.

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I need someone to remake Supreme Commander ASAP!

Or make a new version with more maps and more factions!!

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He finished it. I never did.

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Digital foundry data only counts when it is in favor of your preferred console. No sarcasm.

If I were you, I would play these games and just save a little longer for the Series X. Myself, Im not a day one game purchaser anymore but if I was, that would be my decision.

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Man my brother and I poured many hours into the series back in the day.

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... Sins of a Solar Empire, Civilization, Total War, etc, Supreme Commander, etc, etc are games that I have spent countless hours on an eagerly anticipated their release.

A game is a game. Just because it may be a genre that you do not like it does not change that fact.

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........ huh.

The guy with the 1hour comment was saying that you would get a controller that lasted for an hour if they added a screen to the controller. That was not hate.

Comprehension is key.

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Series X has dedicated ray tracing hardware. It will be less taxing to other components (cpu/gpu) when implemented on the X when compared to the ps5.

Ps5 can do it, but the hit to processing power will be costlier.

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Thats good. Use the features available for either console.

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What type of car do you drive?

Was it the number one seller in its category?

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and see why the majority of developers are saying PS5 is the superior console.

Not even .5% of developers have said anything about either console.

sidenote: I pulled that .5% out of my arse. The same place you pulled that "most developers".

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Why would you go for a less power machine than the Xbox One X (but with better features like Velocity Architecture)? Less Ram? 12GB should have been the minimum if you did not want to go with 16 as the series X.

I, of course, have not personally ran any benchmarks, tested the system, seen any pics, priced any parts, so I am just responding with my initial thoughts. Maybe expensive cooling is the reason they did not want to go with a beefier machine? I don't know but it...

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It’s not that deep. Crossplay is good. Cheaters screw it up. End of story.

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Im not on N4G everyday. Sometimes for months at a time.

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All devs start somewhere.
My favorite game right now is "A Plagues Tale: Innocence"

I would not have know about it without Gamepass.

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