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Remember five months ago they played the Devils lair strike of destiny without even getting the chance to experience the big appeal of getting rare gear and what not. At that they had to play the same strike twice and that was it.

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That's the thing, I'm not entirely against them but at the same time I'm not entirely with them I could understand if it was like a few hours or a day but using 30 minutes of no Destiny as a jump off point to push an argument for no always online games is just dumb. I understand this is an opinion piece but it honestly feels like he had nothing else better to write or come up with.

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you can edit what each character has in terms of abilities, for instance you have to equip the ability to charge if its not equipped you gain energy with hand to hand combat.

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Wasn't the servers only down for like 30 minutes ? I'm not defending always online, I wish the game wasnt always online in some aspects ( though it would probably open up ways of cheating if it werent always online ) Just think that if the servers were only down for 30 or so minutes I dont see a reason to use that as a jump off point to push for taking away always online in a game like this.

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more like the next few months, overhype has been the big theme this year with the consoles and everything.

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your freaking lucky man, my friend trolled me and jinxed me when i finally got another legendary engram, turned out to be a rare fusion rifle ( the weapon i never use) and he gets one lies about getting off so that i wouldn't be by him when he decrypts it and it turns out to be an exotic shotgun.

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If you think about it thats what makes them all the more appealing to get, its like if everyone got them then the draw of them wouldn't be that big of a deal. Its like playing the lottory, you could win 2000 bucks like my grandmother did randomly or not win a cent at all.

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OP knows their was never an embargo right ? They only issued a statement to players not to trust Day one reviews as honestly even then if you did get day one reviews you would only get a rushed experience of everything unlike in other games where its more streamlined Destiny is kinda more openish.

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Nope the low reviews get more heat on this site actually because the fans come to defend it and the people not so into destiny come to do their " I told you so!!!! " routine.

I remember seeing like 3 8/10 reviews 3 days ago not get featured for 2 days while new low review scores were being thrown in like marshmellows at a campfire.
honestly its just some huge gear that's being turned by all the hate.

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I was on my way to a strike when me and a friend came across one guy struggling trying to complete one. We went and helped him out and got some good loot, I think that's where I got my go to rare shotgun that i wont even remove for legendary ones. Their just cool little events and the openings for them are awesome especially the meteor one.

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Best course of action is to get it from a place where they will accept your return if you want to return it. I'm loving the game but there are hue problems with the story and what not. Everything gameplay wise is really well done and I havnt had this much fun playing with friends since like Halo 3 or the gears of war days. You could always redbox it.

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levels should be irrelevant in PVP, that's why i like it, skill rank on the other hand. I currently love it for the whole aspect of finding weapons in the wild that very few people may have and bringing it into the crucible. Its just an awesome feeling.

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Yea Destiny 2 will do great especially if they add more and show it off, hell even you will be buying it, its inevitable

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agreed Peeps were so starved for a more Haloish game after Halo 4 disappointed them that they turned to modding and what not to make it at least a bit more enjoyable.

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Wow everyone ignoring Halo 4 has actually helped 343 in the long run i guess.

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They dont HAVE to be friends, you can make them friends if you want to and enjoy their company online but if your just inviting a random person you see with great armor then yea bring um on and part ways.

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Not everyone in the worlds going to have the same opinion as you

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I don't understand where people keep getting this warframe comparison stuff from. And just because you went back and started playing Diablo 3 after level 20 ( not the cap btw ) doesn't exactly mean anything about the longevity.

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You must be on bath salts

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its supposed to be something that requires finding players who are up to the task and are willing to communicate, matchmaking takes that out and replaces it with a search engine in a sense. With all of the sites sporting Destiny with literal specific areas for finding people to play raids or strikes with I don't see the issue here your not going to be the only player in all the known world whose up for a raid at 3 in the morning.

If i can walk into a random guy and make a f...

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