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its Beta gameplay not to mention we cant even fully tell from that one video. Even if it was a downgraded version we were seeing we haven't even gone over the possible reasons for why it looked like that mostly hanging on the whole beta version thing. We're at this point are onlookers at an artists public creation of art bickering over why a certain part looks like this or why a color in a certain area doesn't fit. We gotta wait until we get to see the whole thing and not just the...

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I'm eventually planning on going over and making my own PC but honestly this whole mentality that a majority of the PC gamers seem to have about themselves is off putting. Its pretty much established that Going PC is a good deal if you put in the time and money to do it but honestly if you jut want to play games it shouldn't really matter unless their exclusive or something.

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I'm expecting 1080p 60fps to hit a bit later on, I'm going mostly off of what a youtuber says about Destiny certainly being able to reach it but most likely holding back due to last gen still being prevalent.

Of course Gameplay always comes first but to see the goal of 1080p 60 fps cut back upon so heavily early on is kinda disheartening considering it was a big talking point besides the overall improvements in what could be done in terms of basic effects and stuff. ...

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already has a better story and gameplay than Shadowfall which is one of the games that went and put graphics first and foremost.

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I'm trading mines in for Destiny once its launch week.

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One Punch Man!!!

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less COD more Borderlands

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So you would be ok with them in a way calling a product you created or your favorite movie or game or something trash not because its bad but because it comes first on a system you dont have ?

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This has literally already been straightened out for like 2 months that its for the entire franchise.

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I know that if it was solo and if someone somehow beat it alone they would wither be labeled as some Destiny Champion or a no life... probably both.

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"But isn't it up to Bungie...the developer to make it so they COULD be done as a single player thing "

Yea of course but when the entire gamemode is built upon the idea of grouping up with either longtime friends or some random dude who had some sexy ass loot and going through some extremely difficult 6 hour plus long mission for some incredibly rare and extremely hard to obtain gear or weapon. We're still unaware of what Raids like the "Vault of Glass ...

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forgot about the late into the morning players. I had a friend who would be on well until like 6am on just gears. I'm probably all defensive of the no matchmaking decision as it brought back memories of preparing for Hoard mode and gathering friends and randoms from online. Maybe a Matchmaking is needed though.

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I made about what 8+ new friends from adding friends of friends on Destiny and randoms as well so I'm set not to mention I have big enough balls to ask people online if their up for a certain mission or something else. I did it in the Beta asking people if I could join their party and they became my friends in less than 3 minutes.

Its not like their being asked to perform the trails of Hercules just to get a raid going. The thing is that for Portal 2 it wasn't some m...

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It honestly depends on what places you frequent and the groups you hang out in, I know that a lot of my friends mostly COD heads who treated Ghost like it was some sort of godsend until they realized that the game was truly bad did not have destiny on their radar hell they hated sci fi stuff in general until BO2 did it and then it was supposedly cool now to have it in a FPS. IDK gamers are really weird and quite honestly hype or no hype a lot of them dont even know what they truly want and ...

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the thing thats crazy is that people are already shaking off the story even though their not entirely sure that what they got their hands on is how their adventure completely begins. In terms of info me asking a random guy off the street with a COD shirt on is comparable to direct from the Developer confirmation for some people for some odd reason when it comes to Destiny. It honestly confuses me, I used to be incredibly defensive of Halo 4 until i started to get a more level head on games an...

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You say that yet all we know about no mans sky in terms of story is that your objective is to get to the middle of the universe which may take years and thats it, in destiny you got a lot more plot wise already with the darkness and the mystery of what is the guardian and what not. Its honestly just peoples game Boners getting the best of them, I'm excited for No mans sky as well but i cant deny stuff that's right in front of me always.

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It is in my book, I used to be able to play the older ones for hours without having friends or anything on just playing alone enjoying it, with Halo 4 I could barely even stomach an hour with or without friends, COD was even more enjoyable to me at that point which was incredibly saddening.

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"The PVP matches were just copy past Halo 4 code"

You crazy.

"Every fight feels like I'm fighting simple AI bots in an old Unreal bot match."

You must of been playing on the easiest difficulty because as you go up to harder difficulties the AI truly shines with the enemy AI assisting one another by distracting you so that others can flank behind you and stuff and honestly how did you go about testing the AI, did you ju...

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PVP is pretty balanced considering all gun damage is equalized, what matters with the guns in the PVP in terms of how much damage you do is Impact.

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