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dude did you try out the Heroic strikes ? It makes the ones you get in the beginning seem like tutuorials.

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He gave COD GHOSTS a higher score !? his opinion is now invalid that game was just the embodiment of trash in the form of a disk.

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I'm surprised by Bungies lack of variety in weaponry. I guess its best to keep balance unless they were for the Heavy weapons then maybe it could work.

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Complaints are always present, even for Halo 4 hype there were complaints on the way the multiplayer was structured.

I understand what your saying though, I have some complaints in terms of how the story developer for destiny, it has an interesting universe and a seemingly rich lore but we only get to explore these things and learn more about them through grimoir cards or reading weapon descriptions.

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honestly this is just another fan-boy inviting article. I'm a little worried about whats after the hype even though they've announced some upcoming free additions to Deastiny the first of which hit today after a lot of the first week reviews already gave their opinions on the game.

The thing is that with all these remasters coming out more then likely buyers are going to be satisfied with what they get since its basically going to be something they bought already wit...

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Kinda agree, it could have had much more and having a much better developed story would of helped a lot bringing people more into the lore and into the world as a whole. I still enjoy the crucible though as its one of the best fps mp experiences I've had in a while.

They recently announced the new stuff coming in like the new game made for crucible and more ahead.

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Continue you level up by gathering rare and powerful gear

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Nope its not.

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Leveling is taking me so much longer and i hate it, I'm hoping they make a big team deathmatch gamemode or something for that huge mars map, it looks incredible and it works well for combat but it just needs more people on their. Exodus blue is a really great map.

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NOpe ran into some Halo fans ( I'm one as well but got on ps4 first ) Their excited for Destiny just as much if not more then i was, the guys I ran into knew as much as me even went and looked at reddit as much as i did really cool people we joked around and what not until i came out.

Would be better to just put it on them as childish and ignorant gamers. Destiny isn't incredibly amazing but its good to me so far definitely miles better than what We've got out of...

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Considering recently on this site their was a huge comment section battle going on rather the game was even going to last players based off the rushed 10 hour story mode people need this to realize that its not just a linear game.

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Exactly what I've been saying, using that was a legitimate reason to dislike or call any type of media trash is just incredibly stupid.

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IDk I honestly liked Titanfall from the beta it was very exhilarating and enjoyable. I feel like most of the hates coming from it being exclusive to Xbox one for now.

Watchdogs just bombed due to time constraints and just overall subpar quality. The story was also very very cookie cutter and copy and pasted and went far away from what we first saw in the E3 2012 reveal. Nothing mattered in that game, Your first upgrade is given too you which basically takes away any threats...

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I want to upgrade my warlock and finally get that teleportation ability so bad but this freaking head ache freaking Best Buys cold unwelcoming midnight release. They have great deals but man the midnight releases suck.

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Dont trust those people man, theirs people on Bungies site saying that the game is bad and what not but if you really check their accounts it always comes up that they haven't even touched a Destiny disk much less played it in full.

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I was extremely hyped but its not 10/10 so far for me, its sitting around an 8-9 range. I'm interested in seeing what they do next with all this daily content stuff. Maybe new story missions added or planned in the fashion of Halo 4's spartan ops but possibly done in a much better way. They have said their willing to do things that players ask for and is possible so if that's all true and they do implement it in a timely manner than it can definitely make a comeback if need be.

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glad to see your not one of those guys who will give up after the first day on a game. Honestly i wouldn't be much of a gamer if I gave up on things I didnt immediately like.

I'm really hoping that Bungies really going to kick it into gear with free additions and what not.

On another note I had an enjoyable conversation with some xbox one players as we talked about how we enjoyed the beta and what not. The game must be played with friends to get the ...

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Best buy midnight launch i was at was crappy

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First Day one review I've seen gave it a 6/10. One of its major reasons for that score was because it didnt have split screen.

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Hasn't it always been like that? Even rushed The Last of Us could be beaten in about 10-11 hours. Does that statement alone mean that The Last of Us as a whole is trash because 10 is less than the 60 or something ? do you judge how good a film or book is by how long it is or by how it made you feel entertained or not? If Watch Dogs were to have a few more hours of story in the 20 hour range would that instantly make it the better game all around just because the story is longer?

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