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It actually has a story but its placed within grimoir cards, its just not presented and executed well to the player. What you see and what is aren't always the same thing.

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Ok i kinda see them doing the better with kinect thing but most likely for something dealing with lore and not gameplay wise. I agree though after Halo 4 i felt like it just should of been left where it was with Halo 3. Their turning Spartans into some sort of monday night combat sports thing with spartan 4's and the story wasn't that well put together either though 1000 times better than Destinys story was in terms of being put together.

Just how you got a lot of t...

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I honestly believe Halo 4 got past the 70's range just because it was had Halo in it and Bungie's made by all Bungie employees. The game has issues but i still enjoy it, IDK what happened with the development that made them change so drastically.

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That was Halo 4 and that was trash, they can still do some big ideas but dont make it to the point where it barely resembles Halo gameplay wise save for aiming down sights and how the helmets look.

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That sniper saved us in the knightfall strike also got me my first legendary sniper at lvl 26, that guns the real MVP

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They actually showed this area in one of the trailers before release.

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Crazy how people can have multiple routes and options that are legitimately fair and still complain.

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simple get it in one of the other ways or get better, find the playlist that you do the best on and spam that.

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there's also tricks and what not to go along with it that can help players bypass certain challenges laid out by developers completely as well.

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Can we at least wait until we actually get some gameplay of these supposed glitched into areas ? It could be a place holder it might not I'm leaning toward it probably not being a placeholder but I'm not going gungho "NO YOUR A LIE " level like most people are now. If the content that comes out does use the areas that have been glitched into then yea go to town but right now were basically running on rumors and hurt feelings from previous companies.

Its not t...

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Are we sure that the content is actually on there as in we could play it now or just the scripts for the options to choose it. not defending it just saying we may be wrong or right.

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@ isa_scout it will be nerfed and the game will go on. I'm also placing some fault on those players, they practically ran into the dudes sights and tried to focus on getting him with the shotguns, the warlock just kept floating around. best coarse of action would be to try and bait him or avoid him or use other players as a distraction to take him down and from afar. I don't usually snipe but after seeing him sort of hold down the area by point C I would of switched to one of my snipe...

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No weapons are meant to be balanced in pvp which they are to an extent, not as heavily and strictly balanced as the older Halos but Balanced. The problem is tat the exotics usually have crazy things and features that need more looking at than the already basic balancing of making everyone's health and armor equal and base damage as well.

my friend has an exotic sniper rifle that recharges ammo, I have an exotic scout rifle ( it sucks as i dont use them ) and this guy has...

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yea i was like, why is this dudes friend calling it clash ? Still they were practically running into him blindly like bafoons, considering how strong the radar is to not have some sort of idea of where your enemy is generally located is crazy. also it took them like 20 deaths to try and actually fire back instead of rushing him like some old 90s action movie. Noobs man but still gun needs a nerf

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so far theirs only 2 people I think with that weapon out of millions so unless you have extremely bad luck nothing to worry about, also big tip if you have a shotty make sure it has good range and dont depend on hip fire. Higher impact also doesnt always mean better weapon, depends on your playstyle experiment and if you find weapon that works for you and come across a higher level weapon DON't get rid of the old one. also if your on PS4 you could add me

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ehhh this is sorta a special case, the exotic weapons seem to be where the problems really arise, the basic rifles are all balanced out damage wise with impact and rate of fire along with player skill being a big factor, I've defeated hoards of high level players going on 10 kill streaks with just a uncommon shotgun and i was like lvl 15 there. While this weapon is indeed OP so far its the only one of its kind to be out in the wild. There's more than just weapon x > weapon y in dam...

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words can hurt you just not physically.

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You honestly might as well just get strange coins and buy one.

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I love Destiny but just because its faster doesnt mean its better.

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