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I've been visiting the Pending page a lot recently and I always come across reviews where Destiny is given at least a 9 and up but i never see them on the main page no matter how far back i search.

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Why everyone hate Adam Sessler, grew up watching him on Xplay :( . I love Destiny but i'm not going to hate the dude because our opinions don't align on a product.

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Disagree on the leveling thing, It still has that feeling i got from skyrim every time I got to spend some points on lock-picking or sneaking. I agree story could of been done better. It seems as though from what Bungies said Raids are more akin to the things your pointing out as Destiny's issues. It is incredibly weird as to why things are like this but even then I'm still having fun with the game.

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Division is probably next, I'm expecting maybe some technical server issues or someone starting another Downgrade rampage if it happens. No mans sky isnt out yet and we havnt exactly seen much of it besides some trailers and interviews but as of right now every game is on my radar for a possible target of over hyping.

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I know People were expecting skyrim sized areas for each planet. Would be awesome and something incredibly cool if Bungie could do something like this in future iterations maybe.

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How is Titanfall, at the Destiny midnight release some xbox one owners were saying that the full release was apparently worse than the beta or something which is weird because Titanfall was really good in the beta.

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Out of the box hmm compared to other titles its pretty good for six years of development. Only gripe i have is with the story missions. They still haven't given us access to all of the game yet with 3 other areas still blocked off just on earth as far as i know and what we have now has been enough to keep a majority of the community as it is entertained. Not to mention I want to know why my ghost is able to open up certain doors in the lair of the hive, Possibly planned content.

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whoa whoa whoa your forgetting that this is a shooter genres been around for years and what Bungie excels in is making amazing shooters in the gameplay department and Destiny does it almost perfectly.

I agree though the repetition can get annoying if your in it for the story or something but when you scale up Difficulty and add in the huge appeal of rare loot and items to better upgrade your guardian to be better than the others it sort of becomes like a hybrid between the ...

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I'm going to agree they were all over-hyped but honestly every-game that's been coming out since next gen hit has been over hyped. Even then Destiny is a great game, the over-hyped is mostly on the fault of the players coming up with imaginations on how things would be in the game. I also enjoyed Titanfall from what i played of the beta but i cant comment on the full game as i haven't exactly played it.

Watchdogs just failed hard but still over-hype though in ter...

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all my friends too busy with their other friends to help me with heroic strikes :( even made a friend trying to do em and now he can't either now cause he met my friends and he's helping them now.

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It's honestly be sad to think that someone would be in such an industry that brought us awesome innovative games and experiences like Okami but people would much rather have them Die making iteration after iteration of the same game then to do anything else ( i know you don't but that's how a lot of people against them moving on were acting like.)

I understand you I hope that the 500M for the franchise was worth it but I'm on the enjoying the game side of the...

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Story doesn't make since but that doesn't mean its fun, Infamous SS story was pretty weak and very cookie cutter and was also repetitive save for one instance. the thing is it was fun and i enjoyed it but not as much as Destiny. Halo 4 was all repetitive, the entire game was basically a repeat of COD but with a different set of paint but what do you know Day 1 reviews 10/10 game of the year for characters we didn't care about and button pressing nut nope its Halo and it looks pret...

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This again people taking it in the completely wrong way or just screwing up what they think and what actually is. its 500 million for the FRANCHISE come on man its 2014 you should at least have some accurate info and have you even researched about Destiny beforehand ? They havnt even touched parts of the game because of how the game was built to go since the beginning and apparently its ok practice to not play a game full MMO or not.

Even if you haven't played many MMO ga...

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I'm not, going to be doing heroic strikes to get this flame encased gauntlet for my warlock. I'm hoping they have a splinter cell looking helmet for the warlock like they do titan's.

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I love Destiny but i agree, so far its a crap telling of the a story with a lot of lore.

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They never said not to review it, the reviewers just didnt get to start playing the game until everyone else did. This is becoming a huge misconception like the 500 million for the franchise being taken as 500 million for this one game. They only told us gamers not to trust day one reviews which their right to do. Destiny is supposed to be a living breathing world, players will experience different things.

It would be stupid to honestly not review it like other MMO's Your no...

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at this point it could be an actual hyped MMO at this point and people would still be like this. I know a few people who console gamers that get surprised to know that you can game on the PC and i mean like AAA games.

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It depends upon the hype for the game, just look at Destiny and Titanfall there's thousands of Haters that just scurried out of the crevasses of the internet just to hate on the games and post any negative review about it. People are treating the most horrid of review related sites like Metacritic as if they were the bible or the law or end all when it comes to how good a game is or going to be for everyone.

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Was playing it with friends last night, had some intense battles.

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just because its repetitive doesnt mean it cant be fun, sadly you missed out on the heroic strikes that kick up the games difficulty ten fold, we barely lasted 10 minutes of the devils lair strike. Its sort of designed to be enjoyed through the longing for better or rare gear that drive to get new things that's apparent in most games these days. The difference is that in most FPS games its through basic leveling up that we get new weapons where as in Destiny its of that of an RPG and leve...

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