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you are the worst thing to happen to gameing.

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There stepping in the right direction aiming for core. what they need to focus on now is game play mechanics that can capture the core market the addition of open world movement has stopped most of the people whining about on rails stuff ( they ate their words ) Once they get the controls down everything will get better. Rise of nightmares controls could have easily been tweaked especially with that slow turning they made. the player being new to the game could have also affected how it worke...

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Fable for kinect fails ONLY if the game itself fails.

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there not afraid of touching it even epic has dabbeled in some ideas for a kinect gears title which ultimately was shot down. Its not that their afraid its just that when you put any high end game like gears or crysis then think about how you would allow the player to get that same or even a better experience out of the game without any buttons,annolog sticks, or triggers its kind of hard to think of a way for that to even work in a game. I mean i always see comments like how the future soldi...

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I watched that and yea that is horrible though if you think about it is similar to that kinect vision video those bugs can always be worked out which is why the game was delayed its just a common part of gaming that developers run into with every game.

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just because the devs havent really made anything worthwhile still dosent make the kinect trash, and if the modders are creating things that are amazing that just supports the fact that if done right kinect games can become better. I mean even the studio thats worked on the matrix games have started experimenting with kinect and even made av


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All Fanboyism aside i also agree xbox live should be free. I own a 360 and especially in this time its gonna be hard to handle paying for it and the games. I do agree with some of the things the person writes but for the part where hes saying that those features don' appeal to him that's his own opinion and i respect that. Making live free would have a decline in their profits of live but also increase their profits with MS points and also sales for 360. it would be a great choice and...

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they already have that but not with vindictus style fighting. i would like to see a more options for customization with the face.

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The play box 9000!!!

coming December 2012

really if sony and microsft did mix there would be no more arguing. It would be heaven and ps3 and 360 fan-boys would start to understand each others reasons for there fanboyism.

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as long as there good and always entertaining should it matter?

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Gears is the top pre-ordered title on xbox right now

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they should seriously implement 3D into like action packed kinect games like rise of nightmare or kinect starwars and child of eden it would make the experience even better. that would be amazing.

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there's always rise of nightmare and or the other free hacks online you can get for kinect. Though they are sort of like presentations of what they can do with kinect.

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i think hes just burnt out in ideas because of all the expectations he has to meet with fable and hes just kind of given up a little.

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i would like a side story playable with kinect

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because they like the games

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3d is probably going to be implemented into kinect games which would be kinda cool.

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yea i likes this

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Honestly he could put melee combat into the game and even movement like in rise of nightmares. I think hes probably running into problems with how you would changed from melee to magic this could be solved easily by using the voice recognition in kinect for changing spells or using chants where you have to read text off the screen to summon something to fight with you or call on a huge storm or something the possibilities for these games are as limitless as your imagination.

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