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I hope you guys get some of the Military / shooter games we got like onward or pavlov some day. would love if crossplay was introduced like it is on Rec Room

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Of course fallout 4 and skyrim with added echo dot support

Sprint vector, From other suns, Echo Arena, Lone Echo, theirs more cant name them off the top of my head. Theirs a bunch of good indie titles as well and just overall vr experience like games. like The Wave VR, VR chat ( i know theirs desktop ) recent beat saber, Gorn ( fun as hell with multiplayer fighting friends ) Does Elite dangerous count as indie or AAA ? I could go on but id rather be playing some of these g...

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Its still pretty new and hasn't been out as long as the ps4 which has been out for 3 years with the addition of being way cheaper and not needing a pretty high end PC to even run the thing plus theirs not enough advertisement for it. In terms of games available PC is kicking ass in the VR genre compared to PSVR. its obviously going to be way more profitable in sells because practically everyone and their mother has a PS4 of some version or kind and when it comes to vr its the cheapest opt...

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umm robin sir!!

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well from what i read their initial idea was to have the world they were building way more constrained shying away for the more massive endeavors there going for now with actual planets and cities on those planets and players owning areas on said planet all within a server with actual multiple players. I understand your skepticism and annoyance for this though. Overall considering what they've managed to produce so far (if the whole planet sized city does make it into the game after 3.0 ...

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Possibly, how long do you think it should take to make a game like this ? keep in mind some of the games you play have been in development for longer than this cant just go off of when you first saw the trailer for it.

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Wouldnt you have to make ships to finish a game as big as star citizen though ?

That's like saying stop making assets for the orcs in shadow of war and finish the game when its those assets that gives us that amazing variety.

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Putting this into the national debt would be like throwing a single living cell organism into the worlds largest known black hole. It would do nothing, 163,000,000 is nothing to 20,430,433,710,987+

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exactly, imagine if they go as far as having procedurly generated cities with the detail of GTA on the literal planets in the game. Not to mention GTA costs more than this and SC isnt even close.

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ok so GTA 5 cost more than this at roughly 265 mil that includes game dvelopment and marketing the same goes for star citizen as well, not to mention everything from these events being thrown in and overall production of weekly episodes on the developments going on for the game. Besides what gamers seem to deem as worth it or good spending isnt exactly sound, thats why we still have shitty collector additions being sold and have lootboxes in single player games. wait until the game comes out ...

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they had this story in order before trump even started campaigning, this is just the reality of how crazy it is in Real life now that its almost a copy of whats transpiring in a fictional game with nazi robot dogs. I mean if stuff like this cant make people think twice about what their doing is weird or wrong while being into games then i don't know what will. God could literally go and counter protest to them and they would call him an illegal or something cause.

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honestly man considering how long it takes to make these games this is mainly the peoples fault for doing such idiotic and racist stuff like walking around with Nazi flags in the first place chanting stuff about genetic purity. I mean their doing something that's so overtly crazy that a game whose made thing is being overtly crazy is being in a way mimicked in reality without the devs doing nothing but building off of whats already been set by this group in society.


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compared to vive how are the vr system requirements compared to the vive. I'm saving out for the vive but it just costs so much and im gonna need a new computer for it. I thought about the psvr but there's just not anything out there that interests me enough to get it along with a lot of the review scores on the titles not being so great. I cant really trust new people trying it out cause there still in that new tech orgasm high like i was with the vive.

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No duh but in the end its still going to sell, well complain about it but still end up buying it. from where I stand as long as the games fun and isn't full of bugs and gives a good amount of content im ok.

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fallout 4 is too your point ?

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I would enjoy another max payne or a remake of 1 and 2 using the max payne 3 engine.

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idk how this got loped in with being one of the oddest compared to stuff like uncle grandpa and stupid random stuff like johnny Test or regular show. I mean if you compare steven universe to being a normal human walking into a room full of crazily designed aliens then yea then it would be the oddest.

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true but still for that price i want some sort of hud added to it as well or something.

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Plus no obvious MC helmet

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100$ i could do but 600 !!! with some time and effort you could make your own spartan suit with that much.

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