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Why everyone comparing game population and what not like they looking at states for players on draft picks or something ? OF course its going to dwindle lower especially with the Avengers marketing hitting fortnite right now.

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hail to the king

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This dude clearly hasnt touched PC vr titles then

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Chris CHILLLL dont say shit like this

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the ps4 version or the pc version ?

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so you read it when they were more like a handful of people not the 500 strong it took them time to build up to be today and before they had to switch engines and before they had to redo how they were doing space travel from loading screens to seamless planet to space travel and other things. kind of like me when cyberpunk 2077 rethought their development focus on the game and shifted as seen from the first trailer to the second and from dev interviews.

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havent we technically been for years now ? i know we have a probe outside of our solar system now so that statement was true before even the first star wars game.

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I would say that but then i remember that theirs people who buy fitness supplements from Info wars for 500$ for a few pills that will probably just raise your blood pressure a bit to make you think its working if they have the money then hell let em spend it.

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Technically you gotta make an alpha build to get to live and im pretty sure studios secure a majority of their funding before they really get started on the game so technically your wrong. Games developments started in 2010 Do so a good 8 years of development time for an amazing game yes though its not an MMO like star citizen is planning to be with entire explorable star systems and planets.

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I'm probably bias been following it for a while felt the disappointment like code lyoko (loved that show btw )and that it was a joke at first until i started digging deeper. I finally bought in a few months ago now I'm traveling to Cities on planets seamlessly and its just beautiful. Again its not perfect and is of course going to take a long time and people seem to forget how long games like red dead and stuff takes to make and to make it great like that.

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given what were first saw was more like concept footage during the kickstarter and the community essentially requested more which is why we have cities like Loreville and towns like levski and seamless planet to space travel and no loading screens.

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If you think about it rdr2 was probably at the point of pre alpha / concept phases by the time they acquired the funds to go into full production.

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im surprised this got disliked

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if they advertise some of the killer games and shit with pre made cheap pc's they could make so much more.

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wireing is mostly fixed with a 20 $ easy to use ceiling set up. but yea wireless should of been a thing and at the most 100 - bucks 300 is half a vive at this point

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did they have a booth or something ? seeing as its Vr i could see them thinking its better for them to expereince it over looking at something experience it which would just be someone watching someone move their arms in the air as they watch a screen where first person view is frantically moving and is never stable or smooth like all of the pre made non vr game titles showed.

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if it did people would just complain about it and we would be commenting on a post titled " Did sony really need to show this ps vr game " and their would probably be a picture of some random sony guy looking goofy with the headset and we would make memes for a good month then forget about it until something positive or negative happens to psvr like every other thing on the internet

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i wonder if theirs someone working on a hardcore resident evil remake for PC VR, it would be awesome with full movement. I also want a splinter cell like vr title, their was one guy working on one but he didnt advertise it enough and i guess he canceled the project.

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yo check out the free weekend titles in the oculous home and get Echo arena its like zero G basketball

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Damn Victor did he kill you with his purchase history ?

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