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With that slapped together Story.

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MC sounds a little weird ...

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David Jaffe doesn't like pay to win and their communicator to sony agreed to stay away from it.

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Indeed but this sequel is such a good chance to fix it and bring out an amazing DBZ game. Xenoverse was OK until you got into PVP and its balancing issues with these non canon moves. IF they can fix all of those things than we can finally get an actually great DBZ game we've had in a while that's good on all fronts.

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Fix all the broken and OP moves and balance out the levels and stuff in PvP while making obvious improvements on UI and gameplay then you got me, if its just a xenoverse with more stuff with even one of the huge blatant issues still present then count me out.

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how do you do this on PS4 though

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Meh Halo 4 wasn't that great it was kinda too easy and had some pre destiny like story decision in the form of videos only viewable by exiting the game or looking online. At times it was fun but it just died down too quick unlike past titles. They proved that they can make a good game with the Halo franchise plastered on it but alone without that pre set nestalgia it just feels like one of those one off titles like inversion.

Hoping Halo 5 changes that.

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yea split screen was one of the biggest reason I loved Halo firing it up and playing with my cousins and friends online against other players it was just plain awesome. Hell look at all the nostalgic love for goldeneye splitscreen. My older brother whose primarily a sports games player even hoped onto Halo and COD because of split screen. Its just a fun addition that adds more play value.

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I can see a large amount of raging going on about how broken the combat and leveling is after this tournament.

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Chaos Theory is amazing, downloaded it a while ago and played online with people from russia for hours. Its really one of the best done stealth games of all time.

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I remember the leaked gameplay of what conviction was going to be with using the enviornment to our advantage and mechanics moving towards the idea of stealth action instead of the usual movie action.

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Yea they really stepped it up in terms of bringing the stealth closer to its roots but its still seems like its kinda lacking. Yea guards can hear you now if your crouch walking incredibly fast, but couple that with the increased speed in takedowns and how close you have to actually be before they hear you compared to the earlier splinter cells then there's still some changes needed to really bring it up to its peak stealth gameplay.

I've never played it but have wat...

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@One2thr I agree but you do learn alot of lore from grimoire cards

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Its a great game but it has blaring issues when it comes to balancing especially with custom characters. They need to rework the whole items and leveling system to where your not just incredibly OP in one area without any real drawback to focusing on that one trait because as it is now being able to one-shot human players with incredibly large, OP, and unstoppable blasts is in no way shape or form good.

hand to hand combat wise its great much better than storms IMHO has that...

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Wouldn't just put it on older consoles, it could of been issues just pertaining to the engine they were running into.

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3rd time trying to get in still no key

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I just hope that they balance out the MP soon, those BS Z souls and how easy it is to abuse them to basically make you invincible is insanly bad design on their part.

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Yeah i hope they have a patch soon to fix some of the problems

But im loving the game so far

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I actually really interested in this game i love the different class concepts and the power-ups are really unique

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Mario maker is the most unoriginal thing on that list first of all so many fans have already made a mario maker so that is just irrelevant to the argument.

xenoblade is just a normal JRPG it has it pros but it also have its cons its a good looking game but you have to face the facts its not that amazing expect from its huge world which from the new trailer looks pretty empty. also for the 100+ argument these games do have replay ability i have over 200+ on skyrim only.

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