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ARGH always the day before the day before the release.

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same here, I'm going to try and be first in line, they must have something special planned for this release like they did for Halo 4.

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I went to Best Buy for the Halo 4 one and that was it but I enjoyed it. It was basically a bunch of gamers talking about the game they cant wait to get and other stuff.

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People act like Bungie and the MLG players couldn't mess with the settings to get something that's more to the liking of a esports FPS. There is no certain or only option when it comes to this stuff. 343 did it to the extent that one of the MLG players influenced the pvp of their next game, Bungie can and most likely will do it what's stopping us from believing its possible ?

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It could be balanced, besides COD's up there so just saying that its not balanced isn't really that big of an issue with a right amount of developer support, Hell Halo 4 was unbalanced as hell and it still got some competitive tourneys. Since all weapon damage is balanced out to a certain extent already in the basic PVP. Its in the Iron banner where the damage of your weapon really matters but i know theirs other issues as well.

There was a learning curve I had a gro...

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I remember the Halo 3 release, 1 million + players on at the same time and at the top of xbox live for over a year everyone chatting and communicating one of my best moments in gaming driving a Warthog launching off of a hill into the air into a Hornet ( flying vehicle ) and then jumping out to highjack it successfully. You can call it overrated all you want, until i can do that again or something tops that I'm putting that game down as amazing for me. I know you probably have that pic of...

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Ohh another round of " Insert what ever AAA game title is going to be the most overrated game " articles. I remember these for titanfall and Infamous at once even not to mention WD which the author was probably falling head over heels for until the @!#$ hit the fan on that one. I would honestly say that COD Ghosts was the most Overrated. My COD fanboy friends were trying their hardest to get me to buy that game, felt like i was being threatened to join or gang or they would kill me...

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Sad thing is that if we were to truly think about it if their were a beta version of say Borderlands or Halo and if we had just judged it based solely on that tiny slice of blocked and put to gather content the same stuff would be being said about those said FPS/games. I think its more along the lines of getting drawn in by the lore of the world and the whole shared world sorta thing that got me, something that's not quite MMO but lifelike to a point that feels right.


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Where did they state that it was the same engine as the one used in Halo Reach ?

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I don't understand all the hate for this honestly. If the reviewers getting it a day before release is that big of an issue for people who are making statements about this being some sort of conspiracy theory tactic to get higher sales I don't see the reason for why they just couldn't wait a bit. While the people who will buy it day one have nothing to worry about at this point their already committed to getting it.

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It also possibly has something to do with the possibility of leaks which have been rampant for a while now for basically every release, there's already people who have Destiny in their possession from what I've seen on Reddit. It would suck to be spoiled of some huge thing in Destiny by some Arse like i was with Halo 4's story. Its a good thing that servers dont come up until the day before release as well.

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like spoilers

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I doubt its because of that, most likely due to leaks plus the Servers not even being active until the day before release as well. I wonder how their going to even review Destiny as a whole considering how the game will be adding new things ( possibly large and small things ) over the time on a daily bases. Will they give it more time or take what they have at face value ignoring a major part of it being an open and ever changing world?

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MP still like Halo's more but I enjoy Destiny's MP as well its not all power > all and is focused on skilled play mostly.

SP wise Halo will always have a soft place in my heart and i'm hoping that Destiny brings another interesting and worthwhile universe with it as Halo did.

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Those feels when Kat died and Jorge sacrificed himself.

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: / I tried to appease to the people who act like I disrespected their God when it comes to talking negatively about Halo 4 by saying that I thought the campaign was good. I shouldn't of lied though cause now I'm getting attacked by both sides, I guess Halo 4 is kinda like those Yellow minions from Despicable Me, no real substance but everyone loves them for some odd reason and attack anyone that dislikes it.

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Halo 4 Campaign was good but I'm talking about as a whole we got more and it was better though albeit not focused on MC which for some reason is good enough reason to exclude anything Halo that doesn't focus primarily on that character as bad.

Biggest issue I had with the Campaign for Halo 4 was that they could of made the Didact seem more powerful evil strong besides just some Jedi force move.

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Yea Halo Reach was really good, Halo 4 on the other hand :/

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There's what 100's if not 1000's of gaming media sites that allow for interaction with millions of other players who will purchase Destiny not to mention that there's supposed to be checkpoints added into the raids to allow for people to come back and continue from said points though said checkpoints wont last forever. There's pretty much a workaround for almost every issue not pertaining to a players internet connection. Its not as basic and as usual as a matchmaking sys...

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