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You bring up very valid points.

But a few things.

1. The reason MS dropped the XBOX was because it was bleeding money. It was for comparisons sake, their PS3. They added a hard drive to every model at a high price early on. To be fair it was a learning curve as it was their first console it would be the equivelant of sony shutting down the PS3 in 2009/2010. MS lost about as much as with the original xbox as sony did with the ps3...

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That is exactly my point. MS tried it and the pc community fought back. MS in turn dropped the fees. Console gamers are usually asking to pay more or wishing sony would charge for online just so their xbl gold accounts can be justified.

It's odd to me to see the xbox support so strong.

Bad econony but embarrassing the online fees.

Buying a product that has no hdmi or wifi but then buy the upgraded model a y...

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My son and I have an account each and we don't own a 360 anymore. My fiance once created an account just to play a party game, scene it I think it was, she never touched an xbox again since that night almost 5 years ago.

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"They tried to integrate LIVE on PC and forgot PC Gamers weren't foolish enough to pay for live fees like their console counterparts and told MS to kick rocks.. "


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xbla titles?

Most of the ps3 only touted 2013 games are retail games, the ps3 list can be even grander if we include psn titles.

Hell, might as well add vita titles if we are just listing games by company.

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LOL, I'd say xbox gamers are more desperate for a new console than playstation gamers.

The 10 year lifespan has nothing to do with the ps4, just like the ps2's lifespan had nothing to do with the ps3.

Sony continued to support the PS2 for what? 12 years?

Microsoft shut down the xbox after 4.

Microsoft is not a hardware company, so it would be interesting to see how long they support the xbox 360 post 720 launch.

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Thanks for the video link mwjw696, good info.

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Are there any services out there that DO NOT auto renew?

XBL, PSN, MMO's, Netflix, Gamefly etc etc etc...

Is the writer new to online services?

Trials are ways to get you to subscribe, they hope you like it enough to continue paying, matter of fact they know you want the service so they go ahead and take the subscription fee.

Fair? I can't answer that, but its not new.

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To quote xbox fans when it comes to sales...

"Who Cares?"

Oh they do, now that its positive news for their console of choice.

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LOL, I love when I bring up that comparison.

I remember when there was a Gears of War clone, Quantum I think it was called, and the xbox fans were up at arms "get your own shoooter" "Be original" "If you want a third person shooter get an xbox"

Xbox gets a clone and "its better" "So what"

Sony gets a game that is a clone and "its a clone" "Down with Sony"


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Is Xbox's Forza more than a Gran Turismo rip-off?

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Relax people.

Xbox gamers are more desperate for a new console than playstation gamers.

While PS3 games are only getting better and better, xbox 360 games are only seeing small improvements and mostly its just better development tricks with lighting etc.

While sony has God Of War: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, The Last Of Us, Puppeteer. Not to mention the oferrings of games from free to play like Mag, Killzone ...

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What a stupid question. Do you expect all the movie studios to now go for a new movie format as well too?

stop handing out blogs to just anyone. Its pointless.

Sony has a movie studio with plenty of content to put on blu ray and you want them to remove a blu ray player from a device that can be marketed as a blu ray player as well as a game console.

Someone call this kids parents and tell them to turn their sons computer off.

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Sony will more than likely lead the way with their own games using it, in hopes that it will be successful and popular, if it is, then developers will do anything.

Truth is devs/publishers will do whatever it takes to sell games.

Developers complained the PS2 was difficult to develop for. Then the other consoles dropped out of the race and sony was the only one standing. Did developers complain or quit their jobs? Nope, what they did was start making more p...

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They are adding printer support.

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"Man.... I wanted to grab up Darksiders.......... "

That's why, even if I have no plans to play on tuesday's, I log on to the playstation store and grab my free playstation plus content.

Always nice to have a few games just sitting on my ps3 hard drive for rainy days.

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Next Gen is here.

Thank you Sony.

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Makes sense.

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Simple answer, if you plan to get an xbox 720 next gen, get a PS3 and/or a PS4 as well.

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Welcome to your digital future. It is a pain, I got Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition from playstation plus, 18GB. Don't even get me started on DC Universe and its DLC.

But I put a 320gb HD in my ps3 since day one, I do well with it, I could upgrade but hopefully PS4 is around the corner.

I actually got my hd for free from work, spare laptop drive laying around. You can get up to a 1tb hard drive for about $100 or less. (It's the same hard dr...

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