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meh, I'll get fallout etc for the PC. I want exclusives

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Isn't Ouya not really a consumer product but a developer kit for developing games?

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I'm interested in valves offering. I only run windows for pc gaming. I'll switch to valve's linux option and dump windows. Turn my pc into a server for streaming music and movies.

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Stupid question.

Sony has been introducing new tech since before the Playstation brand was ever conceived. Just like Microsoft has provided servers to the enterprice since the first xbox live payment was ever cashed.

As hardware manufacturers in the TV space continue to introduce new technology, Sony is in a position its competitors (no, not microsoft and nintendo) like samsung and lg to push new tech through a gaming console that resides in the living room....

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So hardcoregamer.com didn't do any hardcore research?

When did scouring forum rants become news reporting?

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Not to listen to music to stream as a server. My itunes streams to my iphone, ipad, nexus 7, ps3, appletv. I also use music unlimted with my ps3, ps vita and iphone, sadly the app hasn't been updated for nexus 7. Or even while watching shows like the walking dead on cable there are tablet friendly websites providing second screen polls and games and info.

I normally play a ps3 game and have a tablet or vita set up on the side for forums/web/netflix on the side. This ...

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LOL you believe that? didn't they say they maxed out current gen with crysis 2?

GG said they were about half maxed with killzone 2, pushing it but not yet done with ps3's power after killzone 3.

blah blah blah blah..

Yeah I'd like new hardware, mainly for the new features but, there are still great games that can be made on current consoles, well, at least on ps3.

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I'm pretty much in. I only run windows for pc games. I can do everything else on my tablets and smartphone.

Steambox + PS4 + Nexus 7 + iPhone 5 + AppleTV = bye bye windows pc.

I'm turning that thing into a media server to stream my movies and music, so really an iTunes/PlayOn server.

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True, but outside of this sony patent, sony has been rumored to be doing this since before the announcement of the PS3.

And each time the media goes ape crap over sony doing this but goes mum on the rumor of microsoft doing it.

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Funny you said sixaxis. People laughed at it but smiled at the wiiu gameapad gyro functions? And i'm sure many devs wanted to do similar functions as patents have shown where you move your 360 controller and its recognized by kinect to work like sixaxis.

Eyetoy during ps2, and motion games with voice and face recognition were displayed by sony for ps3, but gamers and media said they didn't want it. Ms does it and its embraced.

MS didn't creat...

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Both sony and microsoft will.

Next gen will not play out the way anyone expects. Many many variables.

With reliable hardware from microsoft, people won't be rebuying their consoles over and over like they did this gen. Also while microsoft is losing ground to google and apple in mobile and enterprise, xbox is gaining ground as a popular family brand in homes. I expect more family/casual gamers from the playstation and nintendo fan base to migrate if th...

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Has arstechnica or anyone here investigated this for Microsoft?


January 2012

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Core model had no hdmi and no hard drive.
Pro Model had no hdmi and 20gb hard drive.

2007 (HDMI was added end of 2007 into 2008)
Arcade Model had hdmi on board 256mb flash.

Arcade Model had hdmi on board 512mb flash.
Pro model had 60gb hard drive and hdmi

Comparing PS2 to a 360? Makes sense, I bought a 360 early on, regrettably, but after reading the specs compared to the ps3, one was an xbox 1....

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Why I hate kids with blogs.

Use the system more and you wont have this issue.

At a gathering at thanksgiving a friend received an early xmas gift. hip hop dance. But she uses her 360 in the bedroom, rarely the one in the living room. But we are all in the living room. 360 needs an updates, update takes along time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand pretty much freezes. Restart 360, same thing, screw it, lets just start the game and update the system later. Can't pl...

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"It seems to me Microsoft may follow Sony if this tech becomes successful."

Other way around. Sony is following microsoft. THe original microsoft ending used games was back in JAN 25, 2012 .


Funny how when microsoft is rumored to do this no one bats an eye,...

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I expect a lot of games coming out in 2013 to be released for both current and next gen consoles.

Halo series on 360 and 720.
The last of us, uncharted series on ps3 and ps4.

Major third party games the same, no way EA is going to miss out on spreading madden across 360, 720, ps3, ps4, ps vita, wii u etc.

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Alan Wake is pretty good. Fortunately I was able to play it on my pc. I got rid of my 360 so I never got to finish it on that platform.

Sad its not on PS3, game is perfect for PS3 fans and would have been even better with Move support.

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"From the many rumors one thing remains consistent, and that is that M$ wants the Xbox brand to branch out of 'gaming only' and make it more broad in its appeal.

Wouldn't be surprised if Sony did the same tbh."

LOL, Sony has been in the living room for years. From speakers to receivers to television, radio, playstation, playstation 2 that helped pushed cheap dvd players in to homes, ps3's that pushed blu ray into homes, had people not...

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