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Based on that release list, its clear.

Next xbox IS coming out next year.

Next Playstation 4 and Wii Tri consoles to be released possibly 2014.

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sigh... I love TWD, about to read the comic series for a fourth time. Might re-read "Y The Last Man" right after.

But this looks like trash.

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The PS3's price was not the issue, an argument for haters but not an issue.

I've stated in another thread when comparing ps3 to 360 at launch.

"People wanted the ps3 and 360 to be evenly priced yet.

PS3 had an hdmi port the 360 did not.
PS3 had Blu Ray, 360 had neither blu ray nor hd dvd.
PS3 supported linux os, 360 did not support any os.
PS3 had browser supporting media, 360 had none.
PS3 ha...

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I love that people disagree with what happens to me as if they are here with me.

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Neither am I, I hate the 360 controller layout, love the size but hate the analog stick positions. I have a 360 controller for my pc and my left thumb starts to hurt after long gaming runs.

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I don't think its lack of testing, I think its lack of knowledge from the internal devs.
I think sony should hire some outside devs, android devs etc. People that are up to date with discoring exploits early.

SOny is still just making a product and releasing it not accepting that people are more savy than before and that it does not all end at the hardware. THe software is equally if not more important.

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Glad I read this, I was just about to do just that.

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I don't know what the deal was this gen with pricing.

People wanted the ps3 and 360 to be evenly priced yet.

PS3 had an hdmi port the 360 did not.
PS3 had Blu Ray, 360 had neither blu ray nor hd dvd.
PS3 supported linux os, 360 did not support any os.
PS3 had browser supporting media, 360 had none.
PS3 had built in wifi, 360 had none.
PS3 had full BC, 360 had emulation, sorry non hdd 360's.
PS3 had bluet...

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That's pretty much what I meant. The cell technology itself is a success. But not all products succeed in becoming standards. It failed to become the next standard. Samsung I think did release a few smart tv's with the cell processor in it.

Here are some great videos showing the cell power that some may enjoy

Siggraph 2008 Demo of Rome Reborn model v1.1 running on the IBM QS21 Cell/B.E. Blades using iRT ray tracer
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Sony isn't sticking with the Cell but its not because of the console as some fanboys think.

The PS3 had a lot of tech. Blu Ray, Standard laptop hard drive support, bluetooth, HD audio, wifi, and HDMI port (which neither the Wii or the first Xbox 360 launch console had), RSX, Linux OS support and the Cell Processor.

The cell processor was not just for the PS3. Like Blu Ray, the ps3 was used to push the cell processor which blew out the competition in ben...

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sigh.. not this again.

PS3 at launch also had bluetooth, hd swap support, hdmi port, blu ray player, linux os install option, sixaxis, web browser, 5.1 audio, a full ps2 emotion chip for backward compatibility and built in wifi.

360 had no hdmi port, i'll repeat that no hdmi port, no hd audio, no hd media, proprietary hard drive, no wifi, no browser and online fees. oh and free rrod with every console.

But yeah lets slam more expensive h...

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I stopped playing after modern warfare.

WHen they announced world at war for full retail, I decided to not support or pay for dlc like updates at full retail prices.

But in typical mass consumer fashion, everyone rushed out to buy the same game in new skin every year.

Its not even challenging, people love to fire from the hip like its a skill but its all auto aim.

sigh.. enough of my rant I'm sorry, yeah its because its p...

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RE needs a reboot or a new horror franchise.

Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, Siren (which I hear is making a return on the next playstation) and ZombiU are better horror games than the current Resident Evil series.

The current series, and as much fun as RE4 was it too falls in this categorie, is more like the RE movies than the RE games from the previous gens.

Shut it down capcom, I stopped supporting your series after RE4, and I only like RE4 on the w...

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While I do agree that EU gets better selections or at least earlier, to be a plus member and not download the free offerings is just crazy.

Download it, try it, you may actually like it. I had no interest in a lot of games that I got for free then enjoyed once I got to play it.

If your into co op shooters and not playing PayDay that is just wrong. I would have missed out on quantum conundrum had it not been for playstation plus.

How to peop...

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I almost bought a Wii U yesterday, I have some gamestop credit so it wouldnt be much of a hit.

But I'm not a nintendo games fan. I don't care for Nintendo's core line up of mario games.

I dont care for singing.

I have a PS3 and a PC for gaming so I don't want/need ports.

That leaves me with only Zombi U......

Then what?

As for the people defending the lack of games and playing ...

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Go to the Crytek website, see the games section.

Shouldn't Crytek make games people actually want to play first before making demands?

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If you leave it up to sh!tty sites like this then yeah, dead.

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It's a bit tricky to use this data.

For instance, head over to neogaf. There have been more rumors about xbox 720 since early 2012 and maybe end of 2011 and the ps4 rumors didn't actually start to land until sometime just after the 2012 fall season.

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Don't forget to add that Sony continues to either cut the gab between PS3 and Xbox and even overtake MS in some instances all while always remaining the higher priced product.

Two items competing at the same price point is one thing. But these two items usually have a $200 price difference where PS3 still manages to do well.

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It's simple, Hardware issues.

Before (casual)America adopted technology in their everyday lives, most of the world was already there. The UK and Japan were known to have advanced phones and technology well before America.

With that, the original xbox had a chance to gain some ground in Japan (and with some americans) but then the power cord recall happened and later the xbox was shut down.

The new xbox was promising but then the RROD hit...

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