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I'm 50/50 on this.

I'd love to be able to be told about a last gen game I missed and be able to pick it up and play it on my new gen console.

Then again... I didn't buy a next gen console to play last gen games.

After making sure I paid top dollar for a BC PS3, I rarely played or cared about PS2 games.

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That's sad, arma series would be great for playstation.

as for the many many controls. It can be done by a combination of double presses, pressure sensitive presses, and if anyone ever played everquest online adventures, there quick menu maps that can be done via the dpad. I used to work magic with my elf bard on eqoa and it had a ton of commands.

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I played the Limbo demo but never picked it up due to my current backlog, figured I would buy it later. Guess I already bought it when i signed up for playstation plus. LOL

I'll look up Evoland as well.

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Playstation Plus and Steam.

My backlog will be never ending.

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My Body and Wallet are ready.

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The xbox 360 was also cheaper due to cheaper parts and rushed delivery.

Cheaper plastic, less focus on quality assurance, no built in wifi (even the wii had this), no hdmi port.

Rumor on gaf is that the ps3 will have a current/next gen ability to handle some next gen streaming/digital services that the current 360 is unable to do. When Sony said future proof, they meant it.

Rumor I said don't shoot the messenger.

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Took long enough.

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Its one of the features I loved in SOCOM games. You die, you stay dead for that round. I could use the bathroom or make a something to eat but most of the time I would spectate other players, learn other strategies, notice things in the map I normally wouldn't notice when I'm playing myself.

I would normally go to a youtube video to see how to pass a hard level, why not watch as someone else is playing and learn other strategies.

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Ha Ha Ha, OH WOW...

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$500 seems about right but I could see Sony going for a $399/$449 price just to regain their console market share and get as many consoles sold early.

Unlike MS and Nintendo, even during these tough economic times for sony, sony is not afraid to lose money on each console sold upfront, its par for the course for a hardware company.

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$500 does not seem like a lot to me.

Even the PS3 $499/$599 didn't seem too much, I waited regardless but I could replace my own hard drive and no subscription model.

Unlike the $500 nextbox which is probably still proprietary hard drive, no blu ray playback, online fees and probably still that damn 2.5mm audio jack instead of a standard 3.5mm.

So to me the $500 isn't the problem is the additional costs MS tacks on that is.

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If you walk into a target or a costco, etc, you might be there for a game console, a large size detergent, large pack of water or even lawn chairs.

When you walk into a gamestop your there for one thing only, games.

Bestbuy and Amazon excluded as they were also always known for entertainment content, games/movies/music and devices to play said media.

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Another issue is that many indie devs have shown a dislike in working with microsoft.

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Why do they keep making this game? Doesn't it always review poorly and sell just as poorly?

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Reminds me, need to sell my wii u to amazon.com while its still worth over $150. Sigh. ZombiU was cool though.

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The only two games I care about having trophies for are Heavenly Sword and Civilization Revolution.

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What a coincidence. I just voted for MAG 2 sequel and an hour later I see this post.

MAG had serious potential.

Socom series could have done better this gen, Spec Ops the Line feels good, got it from playstation plus, still undecided on my overall opinion, but no real complaints yet. Although I hate pushing buttons to run. I'd rather pressure sensitive analog sticks, soft push to walk hard push to run.

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My Back Log can't take it.

I have to buckle down and finish these games before the ps4 is out.

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If I were sony, I would throw Kojima money. Have him appoint a temporary head of Kojima Productions to continue third party work and sign Kojima to head a temporary sony studio for an exclusive new ip.

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Sony Console Master Race


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