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I miss you SOCOM.

Come home.

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Is this another one of those out of context/bad translation titles/articles?

Yep it is, actual quote::

"Play it once and do not play again!, You can play again if you want, but I think the best way to enjoy the game is to make choices and never know what would have happened if you made ​​a different choice, because life is so, and Beyond: Two Souls is the life of Jodie Holmes "

It's multiple endings of course there is replay va...

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I only like the grip size. The analog stick placement is actually not ergonomic and cramps up my left thumb when using the 360 controller for pc gaming for long periods of time.

Ergonomic is evenly spaced not awkwardly spaced.

Want to see the best controller ever? Here it is

I do like ...

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What are her specs?

Is she the equivalent to a wii or a ps3? Is she like a 360? if so which model? will I have to buy accessories? Will I have to pay to play with her?

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They sent the person who was the former head of Santa Monica to Japan to help out there.

I think we started to see a positive turn around for SCEJ at Gamecom.

More to come I hope.

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Plenty of games to be made on current gen.

Hell some devs that moan and groan for next gen have only made one or two games this gen and they were probably not that great.

some said that UE3 was outdated and then Batman Arkham Asylum came out and showed that the engine on current hardware was still great.

I can buy a next gen console tomorrow, money is not the issue. I still have current gen games not finished or played at all yet.

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I know my problem, I like to aim.. I'm used to games with little to no aim assist.

Console wise I've decided to just drop online play. Traded sold all my multiplayer games except for Bad Company 2 and single player games that come with online (uncharted series/etc)

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Link no work..

Writer probably gets his game news from his son who is an xbox fan.

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Very low sales.

I bought one and love it. My only regret was buying the 3G model, should have bought the wifi model.

Not that it matters, I traded in my 360 4G w/kinect toward it and a few games, only paid $8 for my VITA.

A smart priced bundle would do wonders, but price alone isn't it, it needs better marketing and internal support.

THey should work on a simple export tool that allows ever psn game in the future to port...

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So xbox live is al gore?

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"I actually feel dirty that I gave that site a hit, the bias is strong with this one."

I stopped clicking sites, I instead read through the comments, based on the responses I can tell if the article/blog/child with crayons rant on the web is actually worth clicking on.

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The apps is great and works with my iphone to ps3.

I only hate the keyboard style.

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I'm not, I've always loved and still love zombies.

What I am over is generic gameplay adding zombies for no reason.

While many love CoD zombies, I really don't see the need or reason for it.

I'm over FPS games, I need more TPS.

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Who said it went unnoticed? It was one of the most discussed games.

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Someone is new at reporting and blogging.

Sigh.. It makes this site a joke, N4G is supposed to mean News for Gamers not crappy forum posts by fanboys.

That's really what most of these blogs are, forum posts but done through dedicated sites.

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This game sounds more and more wonderful the more I hear about it.

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So who at sony could reboot socom on the PS4?

Naughty Dog's multiplayer team (or maybe a third Naughty Dog Team)

Guerrilla Games?


Sony'e SOE department?

Bend Studio?

Remaining former Zipper employees still employed by sony but working with another studio?

Repeat the Socom Confrontation fiasco and go second/third party?

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From what I read in the past, Sony/Rockstar/Take Two had a Grand Theft Auto exclusivity deal.

Take Two broke that deal with Microsoft check covering any losses from breaking the contract.

The clause in the contract was that Sony gets to choose another title as an exclusive.

So basically Take Two laid out some projects that were in the background being worked on or tossed around and Sony chose Agent.

At this point, sony c...

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Makes sense

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No, what you listed are mods, what your talkin gabout with full conversions are full blown mods or even expansion packs.

Are you saying the character models, maps etc created by the community for source games on steam are not mods?

Even still, what ever you want to call it, its still a cool feature that so far I've only seen on ps3 where the content comes directly from the pc community to the console

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