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Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy
Heavy Rain
Heavenly Sword

(insert happiness here)

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but we cant get the Japan only "Afrika" for the ps3?


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I wonder what the collectors edition will include

You know there is going to be one

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developers/publishers are failing to realize that the recipient of a late timed exclusive is an unhappy and disgruntled gamer.

Many late games that made it to the ps3 way after the 360's release suffered. some say its install base or lack of gamers as opposed to high def blu ray player owners on the ps3 side. its that most ps3 gamers dont want is considered a 360 game ported to them.

bioshock will do somewhat well due to it getting such great reviews last year bu...

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EA is out to destroy another Franchise

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i was going to say the same thing

as an owner of the ps3 and having had the 360 last year playing the game on both

what were people expecting from EA... i'm weary of all games that come out ofEA

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the thing about those ncsoft titles is that ncsoft owns the licenses and are working with sony but

the developers separated and are working with MS. if i'm correct the studio that developed CoH also developed microsofts Champion Online MMO

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i dont like pc's mainly cause i prefer apple OS over windows.. the only pc in my home is a workhorse for downloading torrents and streaming.

so with lack of mac games i need something new other than ffxi and eqoa on ps2.

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in an apple case

oh the irony

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research showed that ps3 consumers did not support software that was released with half ass attempts. But jump on first and second party titles cause they know they will get quality gaming.

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One thing not discussed in the conference call for MLB 2K8 was the differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. It was just assumed that everything was kosher. Well, according to an article in this month’s Game Informer, there’s just too much content to fit on a DVD.

There is so much content included in the game that it couldn’t all fit onto the 360 disc. Free downloadable content will be provided for what was left out.

Yikes. Just what is this content...

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with that said

if its true


i got rid of my 360 so i cant enjoy it if it does come out and only on the 360

very cool if it does happen

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your comments are personal prefferences. i am extremely happy wiht my ps3. i have one in my bedroom and in my living room and plan on a third this xmas.

i had 3 xbox 360's in under a year due to its hardware failure. sure they are better now, but the only ones that will be ok are the ones who buy 360's come august when the jasper mother board drops.

having had both(actually all three) systems. there is only one thing that makes xbox live better than psn. the ability ...

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sales arent actually bad for blu ray.. blu ray players are slow.. but thats always the case.. i remember when a 2x dvd burner was $500

now that 8x blu ray burners are being manufactured more people will invest in them. that brings the price of the players down.


digital.. thats what i meant... in either case people are going to buy ps3's with them. not all but a large chunk.


as for the consoles releasing strong be...

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you may have a bestbuy employee who loves his 360. but stores are told to push the ps3. mainly due to tv's.

dont forget that by feb 2009 TV is going high def... everyone and their mama is going to buy a tv this xmas. some are going to want a high def player (ps3). some are going to want a console.. tough decision.......

you keep hearing about this paint by numbers game called halo that people seem to like so much.. and then you are told about the all in one mgs4 bun...

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RE5 is supposed to be more shooter like as well. from what i read in GI i think, this time around your surrounded and chased by enemies. long are the days since you ran through a mansion with 2 bullets in your 6 shooter.

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with that said.. if this comment from capcom sticks... then i'll be happy...

One of my main concerns with timed exclusives is spoilers...

like metal gear solid and other franchises. RE had a story we connected with. (not you resident evil the movie) a timed release on either side would be a blow to fans looking to experience the game the right way. for many by the time the game releases on their console last the story would have been spoiled taking the excitement ...

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that would help explain their constant delays.

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I believe Afrika has been announced as a Japan title only.

the short list may be missing some titles but on the ps3 side, i believe sony is dropping/halting some projects to focus on near completion or most likely to be successful titles.

i think getaway and eight days was only the beginning. Third party support has been kinda weak so i'm glad sony is putting its backing behind 1st and 2nd party titles instead.

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not one bit

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