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In America? Who knows...

But in Australia it was announced that the PS3 was the number one console. Australia is getting the new PS3 with only the 12gb model etc.. and the US is not. Yet..

Its obviously selling in the uk, au, and asian markets..

america is now microsoft nintendo land so there are probably still a lot of ps3's unsold that need to be sold before the new models become popular and since america loves cheap the older ps3'...

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On a side note are there new stupid questions from new stupid sites every day? Why?

Aren't there forums for these discussions?

Why is there a new site with the same stupid mentality out every month on N4G?

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The PS3 is here with a new model with an expected PS4 announcement around the corner and ...................the PS2 is still kicking the 360's butt in Japan.

It means that countries that are poor or have restrictive laws can continue to enjoy games even if they can't afford or get the PS4/Xbox 8 or Wii U.

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I like my ps3 ports. especially when you consider single player/multiplayer aspects.

I could play online with my ps3 at home and play the single player at work or on the train.

I could beat you up in playstation all stars at home or at work or practice solo on the train.

I could have company over and play a game on my ps3 and hand the ps vita to my friend and have him play the same game with me in co op or vs mode.


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PlayStation shouldn't suffer b/c TVs are overpriced"

I agree and I understand that losing your job sucks, especially in this economic climate.

But this is obviously not someone who understands how business is run.

Even the XBOX suffers when windows mobile under performs.

The iPhone suffers if the appletv under performs etc.

That's how divisions work. Its all true that sony has some internal str...

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And late into the ps2's (early to mid current gen console life cycle) many countries that had either made games illegal or certain technology illegal only just now got the PS2 in their country/region.

I think its one of the many reason's you see Sony supporting small/indie developers. In countries that just got their first official and legal console for the first time since probably their NES or earlier console only have small/indie developers. Nothing as big as an ...

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I can take my vita on the train to work and play games or watch local or streamed movies.

I can't take my wiiu gamepad on the road.

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Cool, can't wait to go home and try it. Now if only I could try it out now on my PS Vita.

(taps fingers across desk impatiently)

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Your xbox live fees at work...


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How cute.. you got a computer and decided to type nonsense...

(pats retarded child on the head)

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I believe it is US only

This was up on neogaf a few nights ago.

It works with your ps3 browser.

you can move left or right with your bluetooth remote, but not very well. DS3 analog sticks or keyboard and mouse are still your best options.

Slow loading.

Very functional, easy to maneuver.

Would make a great HTML5 desktop OS for playstation.

Does not work on ps vita browser. <...

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You don't know what your talking about. Cell is actually quite brilliant and powerful.

The problem is lack of ram and RSX

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PS3/Sony gets a lot of heat. But here is what will happen next gen.

The xbox and playstation will be comparable. Development will be just as easy for both.

PC's will be even more stronger than ever.

Bethesda will still release buggy games across all platforms.

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Meh, I buy bethesda games on pc, any bethesda game on console suck.

But honestly every version of their games suck on pc, 360 and ps3. PS3 gets it the worst, but I have yet to play a non buggy game by bethesda.

I would have skipped skyrim for pc too had it not been for user mods that make the games better.

F' Bethesda, it takes gamers on pc to make their games work from oblivion to fallout to skyrim.

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It's not a real decline, it was over inflated in the first place.

They are counting all the parents and grandparents and nursing homes that bought a wii and probably never bought a game outside of the packed in game or wii fit or maybe a dancing game.

Then there is the fanboy that says he is not a fanboy because he owns all the consoles. But only buys 360 games or only ps3 games, etc. X consoles sold minus games per household bought.


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Valkyria Chronicles
Civilization Revolution
Dead Space
Demon's/Dark Souls

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are people talking about 4k games?

I'm done.. yall are truly stupid and I am obviously even dumber for being here..

This isn't news for gamers its news for dumb aszz mofo's..

there are truly stupid people posting here.

I can't even point it out anymore.. dumb is welcomed, common sense is not.

I can only hope some of you actually realize how dumb this site and its posters are..


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Who Cares?

Every company outside of Sony..

But more importantly....... your dumb azz that made this blog like forum rant........

Next gen needs one thing.. no more bitcchassssss websites/blogs

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People pay an extra fee to get online.

People pay for day one dlc.

People pay for game on disc dlc.

People pay for timed dlc.

People pay for upgrades and costumes.

People pay for hats on team fortress 2 and t shirts in playstation and a remote control car gif for their xbox live avatar.

They will pay for whatever micro transaction free to play offers.

People love to spend.

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your right, paying to play a game you already paid for that the dev nor publisher is charging you for is much better.

Even better yet, people are paying to talk to people that are not playing the same game.

Sense. It makes none.

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