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I think its a couple of reasons. One is probably a betrayal feeling from xbox gamers. For others, they still get halo and many gamers don't follow developers anyway. Many don't know Bungie, they know they want their halo.

Another is the over expectation that playstation gamers want a Bungie game as if PS gamers were jealous of Halo. Tell me that the makers of Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon or Alan Wake are coming to playstation and I'll g...

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Pretty much. I would never had played and promoted to my friends games like

Anomaly Warzone Earth, PayDay: The Heist, Shift 2, Renegade Ops, Sleeping Dogs, Spec Ops: The Line, The Cave, etc etc etc....

I did also get digital copies of my favorite games like Just Cause 2, Uncharted 3 and Demon's Souls.

Outside of The Last of Us, I play mostly my PS+ collection.

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Me. I want a new shiny quieter ps3.

I have currently only one ps3 left, a 120gb slim and I slapped a 320gb drive inside that i got for free from work.

Now i can put the 120gb drive back in, trade in toward the 12gb model and use my 320gb drive or go bigger maybe 500gb or 750gb, I dont' think I'll need a 1tb. You can pretty much get a 750gb drive for well under $100.

Not sure what the trade in value will be but worth it nonetheless i...

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Naughty dog will most likely announce their next game at the VGA's. It's worked out well for them so far, its where they first teased us with The Last of Us

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I don't have any room on my 320GB hard drive.

I downloaded Saints Row third but can't install it cuase I have no space.

Damn You Playstation Plus... Damn you to hell...

I need to delete some games and/or upgrade to a 750gb or 1TB drive very soon.

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No thanks, I tried it on both pc and 360. The game is trash. I liked the design and look, it looked like what I wanted from an FFXI successor but again..

No thanks, keep that trash away from the playstation.

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What is embarrassing is how MS likes to nickel and dime everyone.

LMFAO. What I find funny is for years I've been saying this and that once MS felt they won the console wars that their arrogance would surpass any of nintendo, sega or sony. I've been semi anti MS since well before the xbox was ever conceived and got called a hater. Now all those friends who called me a hater want to change the subject when I bring up the xbox.

Only the newer generat...

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1. Buy a vita.
2. Sign up for Playstation Plus.
3. Download games for vita and ps3 and ps4.
4. Enjoy.

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Until this ends up as a release.. and even then maybe..

Try The Last of Us Multiplayer's Survival Mode, best and closes thing to SOCOM this generation.

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Love it, has a nice socom feel.

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I love DayZ. A standalone version with the bugs ironed out on Playstation would be sooooo welcomed.

The game is just amazing. So is the Arma series.

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For them to crash and burn they would have to have taken off first.

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"Microsoft is resulting to all sorts of shady tactics now."

What do you mean now? I always wondered why people never noticed that this is how MS gets down. This has been the case since as far back as I can remember in the days of windows 3.1.1 transition to Windows 95 and currently to date.

This is not a new MS this has always been MS.

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FU EA, Bad Company 3 is the only title I want from you. Sorry, I know many will disagree but I found Battlefield 3 to be meh..

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Reminds me of the promises from Sony Online Entertainment for their ideas for The Agency game.

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PS3 will have continued support.

MS will push you to their 720 and modified discless 360 like device.

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Yep, I like that one too.

It was cool that they added Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain.

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My Body and Wallet are ready.

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FU Firaxis.

It works well you just won't put the time to make them good. I actually liked and still play Civilization Revolution.

Its not like the PC version but that's ok, I'm fine with that.

I used to also love playing Warcraft II on playstation.

I hope another dev makes a good RTS game for consoles and makes Firaxis eat crow.

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I barely played my ps2 games when I got the PS3 outside of ffxi and socom and even then hardly as much.

If your an early adopter, its more than likely for the new games not the old ones.

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