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I hate people on cross game chat.

If your on a multiplayer game, shouldn't you be talking to your teammates and not someone else?

While the feature has its uses, there is nothing to talk about IMO.

I barely use my phone, I talk to my girlfriend every now and then but we see each other everyday and are moving in together soon that that will happen less.

And with my mom who I also see almost every day but reaches out b...

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Hardcore Tinfoil Hat PC Dev's said the same thing at the beginning of this gen.

And here they are, both them and their bosses kissing Console's butts.

If any devs are reading this.. Make your games pc or specific to what you think gaming hardware should be. Then talk, outside of that its just people that should be working and not talking.

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Got my hopes up seeing the title.

So did I, then I remembered that Zipper was shut down.

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I would choose the $399 option, because I already have a PS3.

I would choose the BC $499 model if I could get a trade in deal for my PS3 to offset the cost.

I hate having multiple systems. Its one of the reasons why after buying all three consoles I stayed with the ps3. An all in one device, a cheap device with no media features sans netflix or a 360 that requires hardware add ons (at the time you needed a wifi add on, hd dvd add on, charge and play add on et...

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To add to what jimbobwahey said, staggered updates also helps.

Push out to consoles in increments of 100k/500k units per push. Stagger the downloads to avoid everyone hitting the servers at once.

Also add/rent/buy more servers for this push.

And why are companies not pushing for a torrent like update system?

I have great download and upload speeds on my ps3, appletv, pc, ipad, iphone, nexus 7 etc. I test and tweak all the t...

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Haven't read the article but I agree.

I'd rather a game go full exclusive to a platform/console than have the DLC fragmented.

Its part economics but I think its also part laziness and unwillingness to think outside of the box on how to make more money and squeeze money out of me.

Instead of timed or full dlc exlcusives, I'd rather see platform specific dlc/content.

Xbox had Kinect and XBL features - make a Game/DL...

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Pretty much what Chaos-lockheart said.

But people need not freak out.

Sony has learned their lessons with pricing. (at least we hope so). Rather than just a high spec machine for the sake of making a high spec machine, many internal and external

There is no physical media war this time. Blu Ray is the last physical media format with increased layers as needed.

Their Exclusives war chest is larger than ever.

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Sadly it seems so.

A hurricane just hit but sadly horrible blog sites that should actually be nothing more than a forum posts still have power and are able to write nonsense.

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Well said Blastoise

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So if your pc hard drive dies your supposed to cry and moan to microsoft? Dell? HP? Apple?

Or your own dumb azz for not backing up?

I don't even do file copies on my ps3, I back up the entire system, there is a back up feature included, you can attach an external drive and backup and restore at anytime.

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I must be in bizarro world.

A positive Sony article posted from Forbes? And posted on N4G?


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Rare would be dead as an independent but would thrive under nintendo.

I don't think sony would do any better than microsoft, probably worse, sony would give Rare too much freedom.

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I can see him opening a new studio, remaining exclusive to microsoft as a second party developer and adviser.

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I hope it is move only, catering to the controller crowd may ruin what the game was intended to be.

Just like some kinect only games, let it be what it is meant to be.

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Hey man, vita isnt expensive, the memory is..

I have to agree. I want a 32gb card but I refuse to pay even $80 for it. The new format I think is what hurt the vita the most.

When plus is official for vita it may help but i'll stick with my 8gb card for now until the prices drop more.

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Is it about speed running or how much fun you have with the game?

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It should also be taken into consideration a gamers (complainers) economic status and age.

Age because of what one wants. College and younger may have just wanted a pure gaming console like an NES. An older gamer may have a house/apartment, expenses and already owned an hdtv with hdmi ports.

I thought the ps3 was about $100 too much for me, but I was still playing socom/ffxi on the ps2 along with a huge library of ps2 games.

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Why? Didn't the first one sell poorly and get horrible reviews?

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As long as first party devs like Naughty Dog keep pumping out ps3 games, I'll be fine.

If I want a more powerful version of a multiplatfom game I have a pc.

AMD x-6
and believe it or not, my HD 4890 video card still plays many of the latest games.

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