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the addition of the roll/doge feature is what really impresses me, great add on for console gamers.

Said to work like God of War.

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Chasing that third party success isn't as easy at it seems. Even Bungie may be in trouble.

Some devs are only successful because of their platform love. Go third party and find out that other platforms don't care for your games.
Ask ninja theory, they had one xbox game I think, then heavenly sword for ps3, which had a cult like following, no huge success but could have if they stayed on to work on a sequel.

Instead they said screw sony and i...

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Looks good to me. I don't know about everyone else but as an adult who also lives with his fiance. Having a minimal basic style that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in our media center is great.

The more basic the better.

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Is the pc getting games from Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica?

If not PC Devs need to STFU

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I should hope so, the game is called thief not murderer.

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Isn't this a question you can ask about any game?

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Just cancelled my gamefly account. N4G and review magazines/sites are next...

Reviews are too unreliable.. You have to try it yourself.

You either like a series or like a new IP's offering or don't...

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Pretty much.

I'm buying God of War, The last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls for PS3. That's it. THis is not including my growing backlog thanks to playstation plus.

But I will be upgrading to PS4 on day one. Any major PS3 titles i've missed that are big enough sales and media wise I'm sure will get the porting to PS4 treatment eventually.

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I can't recall the last time I held a CD.

Ok I do, a few weeks ago while packing for a move to my new apartment I found a spindle of blank cd's. I tossed them in the garbage.

As far as BC goes. Meh, I thought I cared with the PS3 for PS2 games and you know what, I can't recall playing that many at all. I'd rather the hd remakes.

Not to mention a lot of old games dont play well compared to new controller schemes. I tried pl...

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Install base...

70+ million (ps3) consoles vs potentially 3-5 million (ps4)consoles

I also like sony vs ms's style of releasing a racer. Release it once, update it constantly. Unlike a yearly or bi yearly release as if it were a call of duty title.

I haven't read all the details but could it be possible that PS3 will get GT6 prologue and PS4 will get the full GT6 release?

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Looking at the title...

Is that a real article title? This is why I need to stop reading sites like n4g and stopped reading kraptaku....

It reads like a forum posts which is usually just some guy with emotions...

How is that an article?

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Translation = Ballmer has been labeled one of the worst CEO's in America for the last decade.

Do your research before you disagree folk. Bringing back the old CEO is never a good sign.

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Its not damage control, its correcting a poorly posted article. I'm tired of people editing articles and quotes for hits or their own agenda.

I applaud the mods for the edit and hope to see more of it. I actually hope for temp bans on posting for people that poorly and purposely edit quotes and titles.

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John Carmack is happy?

End of the world.

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LOL at the mod edit.

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I never liked that guy, always came of as a pretentious snob.

Honestly, outside of his xbox battle cries I never understood the attention he gets.

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We'll see how that works out for them. Its like the dog with a bone in his mouth who looks in a pond and sees his reflection, he thinks its another dog with a bone and wants that dogs bone so he barks at the dog, the bone falls out of his mouth and into the pond. Now the dog has no bone.

Ask how leaving playstation has worked out for other devs.

Its one thing to not see the same level of success of a company like bungie for instance working on halo for ...

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That's a silly comment. The same can be said about any about to be announced device.

playstation, xbox, ipad, iphone, appletv, galaxy note, sports car, shoes, etc..

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Really dumb move by sony.

Vita needs the boost and most of my friends bought a vita for the cross buy mlb the show.

Knowing my friends, they'll just keep playing mlb the show 12 and skip mlb the show 13.

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