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That's the first one that came to my mind

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£500 ps5 £500 series X.
Both will sell out both will sell for a fortune on eBay before Christmas .
I think Microsoft will have more units , they must have had them in production before now judging by the digital foundry video.
Ps5 will make more on eBay.
Both will be great both for a change will have at least one good launch game.
I predict GT7 at launch for ps5.
And a game other than halo will be the stand out game something new...

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It will likely be trailers and gameplay trailers like what ms did last time but with a massive step up in production and game quantity defo more 1st party think e3ish.
Don't expect live gameplay it's not a good look on a webcam unless Sony do the conference from a less restrictive country.

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I'm expecting ms to use this as a clever marketing tool, I,e Forza runs at 30fps Vs 60 with less cars and look at theses exclusive city tracks that can only run on series X and we have a new physics engine that takes advantage of the new processor etc.

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@thatgrammer here is a link to the spec of the one X as you can see it has a much larger bank of memory which is common for a Dev kit

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Of course it's the same when GDC demo was due hardware was nowhere near final for example Devs have only just got the pad.
The chips are not tapped out until as late as possible so games are built on pc architecture as it takes years to make a game they have a projected spec and have a higher spec and scale down when final kits are released.
The best example of this is the Xbox one at E3 just before launch crashing out to a Windows screen running Nvidia GPUs.

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Yep nearly all games demoed for a system that isn't out yet are not on final hardware.
Anyone remember the Xbox one demos at E3 that crashed to a Windows blue screen of death then it all came out they were not on final hardware they were on Nvidia GPUs.

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The higher than 12 tf rumours stemmed from the Dev kit spec which are which are apparently over 12tf.

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It's only the same as everyone saying the epic tech demo was running on a ps5 when it was a ps5 Dev kit, everyone knows Dev kits have a higher spec than a standard console no matter which format.
It will have much more ram and higher clocks and usually built from pc architecture until the final kit is out and even then it's over clocked and contains more ram.

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Reviewers have copies

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Don't get too excited mate just read the whole magazine on twitter

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Mile high club⬆️⬆️⬆️🤣🤣

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@forwarddude there already seems to be people using unreal 5 for games like in the demo for instance will be an early build.
Surely the 2021 date given was the available to the public date in the same way everyone can get ue4 if they want.

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It's a strange comparison considering a large part of Unisoft is in Canada.
Its pretty hard to compare you could say rockstar was European I recon most of take two cash would come from them.
GOG must make so much cash doing things properly.

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I don't get ps plus for the online features, Its supplied me with ever single psplus PS4 and vita game for the last 7 years or so.
And when you get it at a discount there isn't many better bargains in gaming.

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You may be in for a suprise, Microsoft are throwing alot of money at studios gearing up for next generation, reminds me of how the launched the 360 completely abandoned the Xbox and moved all its studios to next gen.
How long will it be before you see a naughty dog next gen title, how long before you see a suckerpunch next gen game.
I think bar one new big studio game that will be it for 3/4 of a year for first party.

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There have already been things shown on the seriesX that are only on serie X / ps5 and pc only .
I don't think anything is being forced just that like last gen they will be cross gen.
An example would be the medium which looks like a launch game and the Devs have said would be impossible on last gen

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You will probably get 1080p upscaled with dlss2 at 60fps, some of the videos I've watched on dlss2 mainly the digital foundry one for control make rendering at 4k seem pointlessly expensive.

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Ive heard all this bar avengers, plus new batman game and resident evil 8 will be shown .

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Don't make me create a jap account like the German one I made last week for knack

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