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Ive heard all this bar avengers, plus new batman game and resident evil 8 will be shown .

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Don't make me create a jap account like the German one I made last week for knack

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This is genuinely the only game I've seen that really needs cloud computing, the game uses 2 petabytes of data streaming from servers good luck fitting all that on any HDD never mind an SSD.
2 petabytes is 2,000,000gb of data for those wanting to know

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Thanks to big advances in scaling(dlss2.0) 1080p will be the new standard and frames will be more the priority so you will probably have both shiny and smooth

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@logicwins are you getting both or like me waiting for more info on each before making a decision

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That's probably the best cell shaded 3D I've ever seen so hard to tell it's not hand drawn.

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Would you ignore all the people that pre-ordered the expensive special edition collecters edition that have already shelled out for preorders and make the wait up to 3 months extra?

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Go on YouTube and search art by rens if you want to see what's possible in real-time

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I have a wierd feeling microsoft are going to do a duel channel access thing with the SSD expansion port a bit like memory and that will give similar performance to the ps5 without the clever 5/6 priority I.O thing Sony have.
You remember the N64 memory expansion and the suprise chip for scaling they had in the 360
If the two rumoured SKU's are the same thing but one with more memory and duel channel SSD mode that negates the ps5 SSD advantage

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And on top of this the Dolby Atmos system I presuming (only guessing) will adjust volumes based on distance where Sony seem to be taking environment and sound reflection into account which will create extra positional sounds and more complexity.

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What an opportunity for Microsoft/Sony with the new console to hype a new console, convince each team to let the drivers compete give them a free console game plus stearing wheel and convince all the sports channels that have lost all sport to broadcast.
I'm sure alot of F1 views haven't even considered playing an F1 game.

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Actually it may do as less information needs to be repeated as it can be accessed quickly when paged correctly and lots of talk of splitting up games into online and campaign etc
But this will likely be offset by bigger texture packs

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@rememberthe357 all modern surround amps support Dolby standards, speakers are irrelevant you can plug what you want in .
It's the source material and the amp that count

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I trust actual information , for example I have a 4k TV with hdmi 2.0 on all the ports, but the audio return channel doesn't have enough bandwidth for 5.1 master audio.
My amp supports master audio but not HDR so I have to choose between picture or audio.
So until we get real information of standards supported bar headphones I would hold off before committing.
On the other side if they do it all though a headphone jack on the pad that would be amazing

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Very true but the new Xbox will use the latest rdna2 with hardware ray tracing so right off the bat it (in theory)should be faster than any amd card currently available so it should be fairly close to what Nvidia is currently offering.

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I actually really liked the story in battlefront 2 and the graphics are some of the best available on the ps4

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Yep it's hard, I've been messing about with the music creator today, I also tried like you to make characters the controls take a while to master.
I found the easiest way to start is making an environment grass / water /rocks etc then find things in the dreamaverse to stamp.
You can get a good area made in no time at all while getting better at the controls

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I think Microsoft may want to push game pass and xcloud to a large as possible audience, let's say it's available to stream on Android and free for half an hour a day with an advert in a similar way to have TV works now would you do it.

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Surely a complete game without microtransactions is a good thing .

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