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The PS4 slim and one s sell more than the pro and the X and they are both 1080p consoles.
They still run fine on a 4k tv.
What Microsoft need to do now is come out and prove it runs at a lower Rez / frame rate to show people the difference.
My guess is they won't do ray tracing and scale from 720p with dlss style upscaling as the series X will use this too and won't want to be seen as having inferior graphics to ps5

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Same as shadowwolf, I had ladybird, smerfs and zaxxon

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@djstotty I don't know about flight SIM but there are quite a few gamepass games only on series X and pc, the medium is one example.

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@where-eagles-dare ms flight SIM looks next gen 2000000gb of textures, horizon 2 although only a trailer looks next gen.
Forza and GT7 look good.
Ratchet looks like a Pixar film.
And bright memory has really good ray tracing.
Edit hellblade 2 and project mara look good too same as horizon 2 just a trailer at the min

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The N64 was the first console to try to use multipass rendering that's what gave it a blurred look with bilinear filtering

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I agree N64 blurred the crap out of every to round everything off the AA.
Honestly though this is genius so funny.

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Detroit is great until the end, then gets a bit silly, all of Kara's story's great though.

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I'm good at the races nearly aways qualify then the team games break me.

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What about games like overcooked that is being remastered for ps5 do you think that a ps4 owner upgrading to a ps5 is going shell out and £150 extra to play couch coop to use all the same buttons.
Its a very lame excuse by Sony to fleece more money out of people and 3rd party controller manufacturers.
How many licenced PS4 controllers are there with missing PS4 features.
I have about 6 controllers , 4 Sony ones and two 3rd party one is a hori with no touch pad ...

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Flip flopping between gens is a great idea, I have had a PS4 this time and loved it, gen before a 360 , this time maybe a series X with gamepass and play a shit load of XBone games(gears Forza etc) I missed plus first party for free.
I don't see what all the fuss is about with these state of play things Sony and ms have done why buy a console based on who can make the prettiest trailer, wait till they are out for review in a few months then decide.
From what I can see on...

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I think gamepass may be enough to convince me, to jump over from PS4 with all the XBone games this gen and first party games for almost free(with a years sub that's almost the price of one game)

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Got a feeling the preshow will be hands on with series X playing a selection of demos from all the demos they have just released.
Main show similar to Sony's (professionally made etc)
Then post show maybe halo gameplay.

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If you scroll down a little bit and carry on reading with compression it's also 100x data through put.

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For a game that's supposed to be grounded in history, it looks like more supernatural version of the Witcher.

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@morganfall the I/O is ideally built into the SSD that's why cerny said you need a faster SSD to upgrade to.
Generally if you have more memory chips it will be naturally faster memory controller (obviously PCI 4 and later for bandwidth the original problem was bandwidth) is made to access all of it at any given time go look at read write speeds of bigger drives Vs small ones of the same family.

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If you going to buy this you won't be gaming lol, you will probably be working at Pixar or a 3d rendering company.

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@rude-ro have you played cod recently the latest has some of the best graphics this gen I was pretty shocked honestly as I thought the same thing as you and wrote it off.

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Over 800 GB would be a big game to use the ps5 to its fullest won't have long to wait till the next call of duty🤣

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Simple solution have loot boxes but not to purchase in FIFA and have to be earned, then have a free to pay model with loot boxes and a battle pass system and an age rating.
Keep the two versions separate to keep it fair.

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Don't use microtransactions simple, I have a few nba2k games and not spent a penny.
Even got two though psplus.
Just grind it like an RPG in career mode.
Compared to FIFA or madden it's night and day, players look almost real , half time shows, mascots, and all the players get there own animations etc.
FIFA for instance they all run the same , tackle the same the just run faster or shoot harder.
I like a proper career mode with a player th...

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