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Why didn't they package the series X controller with a removable battery pack 🤷‍♂️, best if both worlds.

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Three reasons not to cancel,
1 you can sell it and make a profit.
2 it will play the best version of demon's souls.
3 current gen PS4 games will play better.
I'm getting a series X instead of a PS4 because of gamepass and not owning an Xbox last gen there will be loads of things to play for next to nothing but I'm keeping my ps4 for stuff.
But if I was getting a ps5 from a PS4 there would be noway I would cancel just sell the PS4 inste...

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I had one analogue stick brake, had no drift issues but went though quite a few, 3 with broken usbs, rubber came off first one.
Strangely third party ones dispite being crap were never broke

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Honestly one of the worst trailers I've ever seen.
Unless I'm missing something

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Sony bought insomniac, guerilla, media molecule, naughty dog, and sucker punch.

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Reading this seems to suggest one console sharing content between profiles on one machine not necessarily primary console settings.
I suggests you can age lock console for different profiles

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No need to speculate, companies like sega are already telling people cross save won't work between gens for some games , imagine starting a game like cyberpunk on PS4 and cross save won't work.
It's been confirmed cross save won't work with Spiderman.

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Textured thumbsticks look really grippy.

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PS4/Xbox one game used uncompressed audio to take the load off the Jag CPUs so they had a job taken away from them.
Nope ps5/series X have dedicated audio chips and better CPUs audio can be decompressed without the same strain.
I think mm will be across the whole city, would make more sense doing the remaster if they have to remake the whole city anyway.

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Audio files take up the most room in a game believe it or not, maybe the audio compression is better on ps5, the textures I would have thought would take up more room on ps5 as they will be higher quality to fill more main memory and better shader performance.
Compression obviously is much better across the board.

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It's going for a realistic aesthetic, that's why they have Elon musk as an advisor

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Demon's souls will be best launch game on ps5, and I think 12 minutes will be the best xbox game.

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Only 19 people processing payments wouldn't crash Amazon lol

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I queued at game got there 35mins early, reasonable size queue by 8am about 50/60 people, asked the manager how many he and with a panicked face he said only 30 series X thought we would have more, good luck to that poor guy turning the rest away.
Went in day before and his friend at the till (very pro playstation) said I bet we will still have them at 11am sold out of ps5 around 11 no rush we should have around 100.
Incidentally he said they had 60 ps5s. No mention of seri...

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Here's the thing I read, with series S it's not just a scale down of resolution it's also a scale down of the assets used

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Series s games will be smaller than the X , part of the downgrade in resolution also involves resolution of textures.
Will still be too small but at the end of the day a 2tb SSD is crazy money.

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@porkchop, I know what you mean but rather than procedurally generated machine learning textures are a big possiblity , it's been confirmed by Microsoft but not by Sony yet.

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It sounds like you should go looking for a ps5 version (were is it available?)or it's at extra cost.

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Ps5 upgrade available makes it sound like it's at extra cost

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@printerman in UK the series S is cheaper than a base PS4 , and alot cheaper than a pro or a X.
While being faster than all of them.
I looked at PS4 pro on Amazon in US and it's $170 more expensive you can almost get two years of gamepass for the extra cost of a weaker PS4 pro with no games or one pack in game

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